A Different Problem

A Different Problem

This is a discussion on A Different Problem within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Now that I do not have to carry for employment I'm more into the concealment problems. I use a 45 whether 1911, commander and even ...

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Thread: A Different Problem

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    A Different Problem

    Now that I do not have to carry for employment I'm more into the concealment problems. I use a 45 whether 1911, commander and even a new Taurus 24/7.
    Since I'm 6 ft tall 300 pd and into my 70's I have a BODY problem.
    I must wear suspenders or else I'm running around like a gangbanger or worse. The suspenders are a real pain. I've tried a shoulder holster with pretty good results (got to weave the straps through suspenders or run suspenders under my shirt with holster over them. I do not even worry to much about printing..
    The suspenders mess me up for IWB- OWB. Now with the suspenders under my shirt and nature calls for #2 I have to almost strip to take care of business and it can be quite exasperating.
    SOB works pretty well except for sitting and I like to sit.
    Are there any constructive ideas?
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    Suspenders and a belt
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    I'm not understanding your problem Peaceful. I wear suspenders for comfort when carrying. I don't like cinching my belt up tight and the suspenders distribute the weight of the gun so that I don't have to. I'm not finding the inconvenience you describe. I'm not far from your age but I'm smaller than you are. I usually use Perry suspenders for carrying. Seems quite comfortable to me.
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    Well, in all honesty, weight loss is never a bad idea at any age, I'm down 30 pounds myself over these last few months.

    But to get on track. What's wrong with your shoulder holster? You said it works pretty well for you, and that you're not worried about printing, so why look for a new carry method?

    The only other thing I could recommend is the same as chenemf, suspenders and a belt.
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    My dad has a similar problem...you might want to try a shoulder holster under suspenders clipped to a belt (if you want one).
    You can slip the suspenders off over the holster and use the restroom with out messing with you gun.
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    I wear suspenders and a belt as kind of an LBE when I carry and I find it works quite well. Dickies makes a work suspender that hooks to your belt (so it doesn't eat up your pants W/ the teeth) that you can actually unclip from your belt should the need to drop your britches arise. I think WM sells them for 10 bucks
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    I'd go for suspenders and a belt too or, since you can wear your trousers looser with suspenders, go to a SmartCarry!
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    I use an IWB/SOB holster quite often (palm out draw)...get used to sitting and work around it.
    You already stated you use it, why not work out the problems?
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    suspenders and belt. Always, even at 100 degrees with a light cover shirt.IWB, mags on suspenders, no problem. Even with shorts, suspenders and belt and cover shirt outside

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    Well, as I type this...**Warning**(If bathroom topics discust you don't read)...

    I am sitting on the John after eating to much at the not so local but worth the drive Golden Coral and my FS1911 is setting beside me with my suspenders uncliped from my belt.

    This is a set up that I often use- Galco gunbelt, SuperTuck (horsehide), suspenders with cover button up over it all (T-Shirt underneath). Works for me and although I am not your exact body type...I can relate.

    ALSO, you say you are not worried about printing. Is this because you do not car or because you are not noticably printing? I find it hard to believe that a man your size would not noticably print with a shoulder holster in anything short of a parka...then again...what do I know?

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    Suspenders and belt would add the option of going back to IWB or OWB, if you chose... Retsupt's kidney carry option is a good one, I use it often...
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    S&W J-frame: Check.
    Speed strips (2) with extra ammo: Check.
    Perry Suspenders: Check.

    Never leave home without them.
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    You could wear a belt in addition to your suspenders...or possibly pocket carry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    I'd go for suspenders and a belt too or, since you can wear your trousers looser with suspenders, go to a SmartCarry!
    The SmartCarry seems to be a good alternative for your situation.
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    I understand your problem. When I hunt I wear suspenders and a belt.
    On that belt I have a .44 mag and a large hunting knife. I also have ammo and other stuff in my pockets. If i wear a shirt over everything I have to take off the shirt. If the shirt is tucked in I only have to drop the suspenders. My suggestion is to wear a tuckable iwb holster. Tuck your shirt in. Suspenders on the outside and you are good to go. No pun intended.

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