Concealed Carry Options

Concealed Carry Options

This is a discussion on Concealed Carry Options within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; SO I just ordered a Kimber Pro Carry II from my local shop and put some money down on it, but now I'm wondering whether ...

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Thread: Concealed Carry Options

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    Concealed Carry Options

    SO I just ordered a Kimber Pro Carry II from my local shop and put some money down on it, but now I'm wondering whether or not it would be better spent on something else.

    I'm thinking about the money, number one. For the $900 I'd spend on the kimber, I could get a small glock and a revolver of sorts. Or I could get an AK for fun and a glock or revolver.

    What are your thoughts on my process here? I do really want the kimber, but I'm just wondering if that amount of money may be better spent in a different capacity.


    Edit: I have a Taurus 24/7, an SKS, and a Mossberg 500 right now. This new gun would be for concealed carry.

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    very personal decision, with your current listed inventory the 1911 seems a good way to go, but since you asked opinions I would go for a pocket/ankle pistol for back up and a thin micro pistol for deep concealment IWB. Then I would add the higher end items...

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    If the new gun will be an EDC gun, get what you know you will actually carry. There are many guns in my safe I love, but through much trial and error, I know I won't/can't carry due to size or weight considerations. I finally settled on a Walther PPS 9mm. I truly like the gun, I shoot it well, and it carries like a much smaller gun.

    If you have your mind set on a 1911 for EDC, then proceed as planned. If you want a 1911 and think you MIGHT carry it.... then maybe some more thought should be given to the purchase.

    Set aside $100+ for a quality holster as well. My $.02.
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    I have a Kimber Pro Carry HD-II. IMO it is one of the finest guns I've ever owned. The craftsmanship is top notch and it is reliable 100% of the time. It is my carry piece and was well worth the price. The only mods I have performed was to add night sights and smooth walnut grips.
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    I have two Kimbers and both are great guns. I have, however, made my Glock-36 my EDC...I have chosen to learn to point shoot with ONE EDC, my Glock.
    If I were to do it all over again, I would have started with my Glock, but then all of our choices of guns is because of our own shooting and carrying experiences. What works for one, may not work for another.

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    I was gonna drop a thousand on a new Kimber a couple weeks back and after some serious thinking and a few trips to the gun store, I made a similar decision. I opted for a Glock 36 and decided that I'm gonna pick up another Glock maybe a G26, but I'm wanting to check out the Sig 9mm lineup before making up my mind. My thoughts were along the same line as yours, two quality pistols for the price of one High end Kimber. I like options in my CC so that's that. I'll add a Kimber down the road anyway, so no big deal.

    Good luck with your decision.


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    Kimber is a fine weapon but I can buy a Glock 19 and a 23 for $484 each. They are not as attractive as the Kimber. Matter of fact, Glocks are plain as hell. But they are just as dependable as the Kimber, shoot just as straight and probably recoil a bit less.

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    It is strictly a personal decision. IMHO, I'd go with the Kimber. See my signature line. But, it is purely a personal choice.
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    I carry a variety of guns, one of which is a Kimber Ultra II CDP. It fits a particular carrying niche for me, but I only carry it on certain occasions. Consider having several guns to choose from, depending on activity, method of conceal and weight of the weapon. You can get other less expensive guns that are just as accurate and dependable but get the gun that you will truly enjoy carrying and shooting. Buy the Kimber, you won't be sorry.

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    Think about the total budget for concealed carry, and make your pistol purchase decision with the bigger picture in mind.

    GOOD belt: $50-100
    GOOD holster: $50-200
    ammo & range fees to familiarize yourself w. the new everyday carry: $______
    CHL permit fee, class fee, etc: $______

    If you can afford the Kimber & all the other items, knock yourself out. Otherwise, subtract all these other items from your budget, and see what you have left to work with.

    I paid $565 for a Walter PPS, plus $100 for two extra 8 rd magazines, $100 for a beltman belt, ~$65 for a holster, $140 to the Texas DPS for the CHL fee, another $140 for the class, fingerprints, and pictures, plus god knows how much on ammo & range fees. It's not cheap!

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    truly is a personal choice

    The kimber is a fine weapon. I understand where the I could get two for this price is coming from. If you didn't already have a Taurus and a shotgun I would say you had a reason to spread the budget but If you have the money and want the weapon spend the money. Just remember to enjoy whatever you purchase.

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    I learned a long time ago that going with less than what I wanted was never satisfying and eventually a waste of money.

    If the Kimber is what you want then it is what you should get.
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    Two weeks ago I bought the Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II with a 4" barrel. It's by far the most accurate handgun I've ever fired. Don't 2nd guess yourself, you made the proper decision. Besides you've got a couple others to work with.
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    Sounds like some buyers remorse to me. Perfectly natural. Go with your first instinct and don't second guess. You'll love it. If you want more or different, get more or different later.

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    Hi, look at Dan Wessons Bobtail classic commander. Absolutely wonderful, easy to conceal and is in .45 acp. I have a Kimber pro crimson grip in .45 and a DW bobtail. Both are very fine and will each serve you well. I do think that the DW is a better made firearm and has a better trigger. She is also chock full of Ed Brown parts and is very tight. Do yourself a favor and handle one. You might find someone here who will meet you and let you try her. Both her and at the 1911 forum are GREAT and will help you in what ever way they can. Santa01

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