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Confronted in the Parking lot

This is a discussion on Confronted in the Parking lot within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm a little surprised it hasn't happened at work. There are at least three Indigo blue Chevy S-10 pickups, identical except for one thing on ...

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Thread: Confronted in the Parking lot

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    I'm a little surprised it hasn't happened at work. There are at least three Indigo blue Chevy S-10 pickups, identical except for one thing on each. One has aftermarket wheels, one has an amber light and CB antenna on the roof, the other is stock. There are several other vehicles in the lot that seem to be duplicates of another.

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    God bless the USA!
    Drive this and there is NO mistaking it...of course it may be a tad difficult with the cane and all!

    Not all my vehicles are so distinctive...but sure is easy to locate in a parking lot when it does see road use.
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    Pray for our nations leaders!

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    Remote locks are a life saver !

    Semper Fi

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMac View Post
    Good object lesson here. You're statistically more likely to meet someone with the same exact vehicle in the same parking lot with a handicapped tag like you than you are to meet someone you'll need to perforate.

    Live accordingly.
    True statement and very observant.

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    Ever wonder if the other guy was CC'ing too?

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    This is a silly story but what the heck. When I was in the Navy I lived in a rough Mexican gang neighborhood in San Diego. It was all my roommates and I could afford (and it was way better than living in the barracks). One of my roommates and I had the same schedule so we would car pool.

    One morning when it was my turn to drive I went out to my car to get it running while my buddy finished locking up the house. I pulled out of my spot (parallel parked) and backed up to where my buddy was locking up. Unknown to me as I backed up there was a hooker walking up the sidewalk behind me. My friend finished locking up and turned toward my car just as the hooker walked past. She saw me back up and as I reached over and unlocked the passenger door she just opened the door and got in. I said to her "Excuse me!" in a not so nice tone. She said that she thought I wanted her to get in (the whole backing up, unlocking thing). I had to point out my roommate to her (who by this time was standing right outside the door) and explain to her that he was why I was unlocking the door. She realized her mistake and while getting out she said "better luck next time" flashed her hideous boobs and left. She was the nastiest skankiest woman I had ever seen and my friend wasn't sure he even wanted to sit in the seat where she had been.

    She did make good with her life though, I have since seen her on C-span. She is now the Speaker of the House. :)
    My name is Frogman46 and I'm tougher than you.

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    These situations are even more prevalent in the winter, when a snow-covered Civic (mine) looks identical to a snow-covered Corolla (belonging to the guy trying his key in the door of my Civic).

    These things happen

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    I used to have a red Jeep Cherokee. At my local grocery store, they have sodium vapor lights. Come nighttime, my Jeep would appear an ugly shade of brown. One night, I spoke with a city cop about the light's coloring. He related a report he got of a stolen car. Late one afternoon, a lady driver had parked her car at the store and gone inside for her weekly shopping. By the time she came out, it was dark. She walked right over to where she thought she had parked but didn't see her car. Assuming it was stolen, she called SDPD. They responded and she gave them her info, including the car's license number. One cop turned around, walked over to where she said she had parked and read off the license of a similar model car that was now parked there. It was her car. Gotta love that lighting! Cops had a really good laugh and I expect that she was very impressed with their detective skills. Oh yeah, she had a red car.

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    Funny story. I actually had my key in the door of another jeep once and was trying to figure out why I couldn't open the door before I looked inside and realized "wrong jeep". Was glad no one was watching.
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    Quote Originally Posted by searcher 45 View Post

    What make of Colt were you packing?
    Colt Combat Commander XSE
    Actually my SA is pretty good,but I couldn't see the entrance to the store from drivers side of Jeep,The owner probably figured my disabled butt had the wrong vehicle since he saw me trying to stick a key in the door and the "Can I Help You".Mistakes happen everyday and not everything you see may be as it seems at first look.This close to Mexico has a lot of vehicle thefts and other crimes,It all turned out for the best and I will be getting a new key fob to unlock my jeep since I lost my other one over a year ago
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    Glad it worked out for a safe out come...

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    The wife had trouble finding a new SUV that I got her. "Just press the red button." I told her. Boy was she mad.
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    I was locked out and I climbed up on the wrong balcony once and entered the wrong apartment. The couch in the wrong place didn't seem to register right away (rattle, rattle). I backed out of there really slowly. I don't think anyone was home - somehow I have been able to survive to adulthood.

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    He was probably going, "Damn, I'm gonna have to whip out MY colt to keep this dude from stealing my jeep!"

    Seriously, I'm glad it was a simple case of mistaken identity... of the jeeps that is!

    Glad it all worked out without incident! No harm, No foul.
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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