Where do you keep your ammo?

Where do you keep your ammo?

This is a discussion on Where do you keep your ammo? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Where do you keep your ammo? By that I mean how many places do you spread some spare ammo for availability? I keep mine at ...

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Thread: Where do you keep your ammo?

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    Where do you keep your ammo?

    Where do you keep your ammo? By that I mean how many places do you spread some spare ammo for availability? I keep mine at home of course but have recently considered a 100or so rounds in my truck, more at my office desk, tool box in the shop, and travel trailer.
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    Most of my ammo is in the gun safe, but I do have around 50 range ammo rounds of 9mm and .40 cal in the garage tool box in a locked drawer.

    Dunno why I put it there really, it was just convenient the day I came home with the 50 round boxes from Walmart.

    Later I thought, well, not a bad idea to have some rounds there in case of the worst.

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    The majority of my ammo is in my safe...I have a few hundred rounds in a locked box in the garage ready to go, if need be...
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    I got about 1200 rounds of 308 in the garage and my SD pistol rounds in my reloading room,range ammo is made as I need it,with enough components for about 50,000 rounds
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    Here and there in surplus ammo cans. Whatever we are going to use for Steel Challenge or IPSC once or twice a month are on a shelf in the closet in original boxes. That way I can see how much we have, and how much is needed. We buy ammo on a weekly basis. Only guns, parts, and magazines go in my gun safe.

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    Gun safe, ammo cans in a couple of different rooms and then some (only a couple hundred rounds) in a drawer in the bedroom.
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    In two safes...
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    I have some plastic dry boxes and I separate large bore stuff by purpose (range or SD) and caliber.

    .380 and 9mm I keep together but separate range ammo from SD and .22 ammo is all kept together.

    For shotguns I keep slugs, buckshot and birdshot separate but not the point where #7 shot is in a different place than say #4 shot.

    I only have 1 rifle so it's all kept together.

    Physical location is like most others, here and there. I pray that if my house ever catches fire I am not in the bed sleeping because if the smoke or fire don't get me the cooked off rounds sure might!

    I don't store anything outdoors (camper, out building, garage etc.) out of concern that it may draw damp. I always travel with my go bag and in there I have a couple hundred rounds of the caliber I am carrying at the time unless I am headed to the store and just have my P232 with me and then I am pretty much hosed.

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    All on a shelf in my closet. But after reading this post, I think I'll start organizing it and probably get some surplus ammo cans to help in that.

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    MOst of it is stored in my sheds. Some is in the garage. The stuff I use for my EDC is in the bedroom drawer or in the spare mags.

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    Majority in ammo cans on the master bedroom closet shelves, some in the bedroom nightstands.

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    a consideration on where and how you store the ammo is a fire. the fire department needs to know if there is live ammo stored in the house, where it is and whether it is in metal containers where it can do the least harm. nobody is going to be in a big hurry to rush into a burning room with 3000 rounds of live ammo on shelves in a closet unprotected.

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    Most of mine is in ammo cans. I keep two speed strips in my truck for my .38 special, and when traveling carry and extra 50 rounds of .40 for my auto.

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    I keep virtually all of mine in the top shelf of the closet. I do carry a box of .380, .38, and .40 in a bag with me along with my cleaning kit in case someone wants to waste a little lead after work.
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    In the closet, under the bed and on the gun safe is where the majority is. I have 5 rounds for my J-Frame in my car glove box and 5 in my office desk.
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