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Busted: Someone finally noticed my carry gear

This is a discussion on Busted: Someone finally noticed my carry gear within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by old south I don't care if people know I am carrying a pistol. It is not against the law.People that are not ...

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Thread: Busted: Someone finally noticed my carry gear

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    Quote Originally Posted by old south View Post
    I don't care if people know I am carrying a pistol. It is not against the law.People that are not afraid of guns don't care and if people are afraid of guns and don't want to be around me I don't care. Life is too short to be around people that don't approve of things that I do. My right to defend myself and whats mine is not up for debate or a vote. Larry

    I just don't run into problems with people that get all worked up about a gun being worn. Maybe it's locatioin, being small towns, hunting communities all around me. Most people that know me have at some time or another learned that I carry, lol most because of taking defensive carry classes, or sharing the hunt for ammo or whatever. I do kinda mirror your sentiment about not caring. if they have a problem with it then it's their problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Davies View Post
    I laughed for 5 minutes picturing that--all the grandkids wondered what grandpa thought was so funny--told them they wouldn't undersand--yet
    Glad it brought a chuckle...I laughed after the fact but at the time...really did not find it funny. Just wanted to get my GUN holster loose from the stupid shirt.

    Quote Originally Posted by ntg View Post
    I too can't stop chuckling...the lady's expression on her face would have been priceless.

    Oh, I assure you it was! She turned quite red and I am not so sure she will ever ask a stranger anything ever again. My cousins husband had a colostamy bag while his "J" pouch was healing and it is NOT a funny thing to have, yet funny to pretend to a stranger!

    I too appreciate your posts. It's nice to have some folks thinking things through and serious about CC verses those who do it " 'cuz its cool"...and don't really understand what it is they're doing/saying with a gun strapped on.
    Thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by paramedic70002 View Post
    Having your rig mistaken for a back brace is one thing. Having your wife not be able to explain the thing leads to all sorts of speculation. Just sayin'.
    I would agree. This is why it is so important to train our families, especially the kids!
    Pray for our nations leaders!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jofrdo View Post
    I've had people ask what was on my belt when they've seen the kydex clips for my tuckable IWB holster. I tell them its an emergency medical device, a standby heart pump. It's not a lie; I intend to use it to inject several doses of heart stopping hot lead medicine into the heart of anyone who attacks me, delivered in .40 caliber doses.
    I've had it happen a few times and I simply ignore the question. It's none of their business and I am under no obligation to explain what I am wearing. One lady I knew casually, insisted and I simply looked her in the eye and asked why she needed to know, and walked away.

    Many years ago, when my wife was pregnant with our second child, a lady looked at her and asked if she were pregnant. Without missing a beat, my wife responded, "No, the baby's my neighbor's and I'm just carrying it for her while she's on vacation."
    An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life. - Robert A. Heinlein

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    I was made a couple of times. It happens, especially in places where you can get a pat or a hug. After the posts on my Smartcarry thread (especially yours) I bought one and couldn't be happier.
    I think my secret will always be safe when wearing the SC. I use the SC everytime I expect close contacts or crowded rooms. I am carrying my G30 as I type and I am surprised to see that not only it is possible, but can also be comfortable enough for all day carry while my gun is undetectable. The draw is pretty fast too....
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    My wife would have more of a problem with another woman hugging me than the fact I carry. (After 40 yrs of marrage, they get a bit posessive).
    I carry IWB just aft of the right hip. I have my cell imediately in front of it. So, if someone bumped into it and questioned the buldge, I would reach under my shirt and pull out the cell. End of question.
    That's why I carry a small .380. I'm 5'7" and a bit portly. The gun is deeply concealed.

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    I enjoyed reading all the responses. I got some good laughs out of some, some good tips out of others, and found myself knodding my head in agreement with many others.

    Truly it is a process: what works the best one day will not likely work the best permanently.

    Yes, I had some good laughs. And I'm going to permanently install a car holster with a snap-top to secure my weapon when in the vehicle. I've got such a holster already, and maybe even the strap to install it. Time to stop ignoring the issue of a potentially unsecured gun in the event of an accident.

    The journey continues.

    Thanks for your responses.

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    Hugs as noted are easy to diffuse.

    I have learned to immediately react to the "sneak attacks" of someone coming up next to or behind me and patting/putting their arm around me by turning towards them, using the arm closest to them to guide their arm away from me in the same movement. Smooth and gentle like, so as to mot be interpreted as a anything but my turning towards them to give them my full attention.

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    A great post! You are much wiser than you believe. A wise man questions everything and assumes nothing.

    It is a learning experience and as long as you have awareness, you will never go wrong. Although I am truely a newb at concealed carry, I am always amazed that no one notices!

    Please keep sharing your observations and experiences. I for one really appreciate them!

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    After I had a pistol stolen out of my truck at work, I had lots of questions from family and people at work... so now just about everyone in my life knows I have my permit.

    I was pretty happy that the only other person that knew in my life was my wife up to that point.

    And I think I have only gotten made once, when I first had my permit I had a bad holster for my 1911, that and I felt like I had a glowing red sign on my chest that said GUN with an arrow to the lump.

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