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Does your local Wally World sell firearms?

This is a discussion on Does your local Wally World sell firearms? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; South central Missouri. Yes to long guns. It looks like to me they move quite a few guns. Ammo goes quick. Mostly always out of ...

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Thread: Does your local Wally World sell firearms?

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    South central Missouri. Yes to long guns. It looks like to me they move quite a few guns. Ammo goes quick. Mostly always out of stock of pistol ammo.

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    N. Kentucky Area
    I think it is amazing that they can barely keep any ammo in stock due to the in-and-out sales on the stuff...

    ...then decide to start getting out of the business of selling firearms.

    Capitalists, they are not.

    No sales of firearms in my NKY location...
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    S. Oregon (aka Paradise)
    Ours sells long guns and all ammo.

    If you can catch it while it lasts, mine gets shipments of 100 rd loose pack WWB for really inexpensive 9mm range ammo. Sometimes even Blazer Brass for less.

    Sporting Goods is right by the "automotive door" in ours, so easy to swing in and check availability.

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    Aug 2008
    Nope not for the last couple of years since the incident during Katrina,in LA. when all of the looting happened there in Wal mart I heard that wally world stopped selling firearms in there stores here in NYS go figure NYS is no where near LA.

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    In NYS ? No way.

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    Oct 2009
    central NH
    The Wally World in Concord, NH has long guns and -- when available (seldom....!) -- ammo.....
    But at the check-out in Sporting Goods, there's a sign: "We support the safe use of firearms...Ask how we can help...."
    I haven't asked.....but I think it's assistance in enrolling in an NRA or NH
    Hunter Safety Course.....nice touch, anyway, IMHO....
    They even have a map showing the status of Carry in various states ....
    ie., which states honor NH CCW, which states ARE honored in NH, etc...
    Now...if they could just stock enough .45 and 9mm stuff so they don't run out in 2 hours......!!

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    Rifles and Shotguns in both of my local Walmarts. Pretty decently priced too.
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    Small town USA in NW Louisiana:

    Our WM Supercenter sells long guns (looked at them last night) and they have a good range of ammo (rifle, shotgun, and handgun).

    A couple of months ago, in our WM, about 10 boxes of .380 suddenly appeared , I bought a couple of boxes and the rest are long gone.

    I think there is a six box limit currently in place on some ammo (not all).
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    Provo, Utah
    Utah Valley Here...

    New WallyWorld in Saratoga Springs - Yes, long arms only
    Lindon/Pleasant Grove Wally World - NO
    Orem Wally World - NO
    Springville Wally World - NO
    Payson Wally World - Yes, Long arms only

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    Mt Airy, NC
    LONG guns only but carry ammo for long guns and hand guns and a decent reloading section.

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    Wal-Mart stopped selling firearms about a year ago in Brownsville TX. They do sell ammo but even then it appears that they are slowly doing away with selling any. I heard that eventually they would stop selling ammo....part of a conspiracy theory that supposedly is the beginning of the end of our amendment of the right bear arms.

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    The one 6 miles from me is ammo only. There are 3 others about 35 miles away that sell long guns and ammo. My local store is starting to get some ammo in. They even has a couple of boxes of .380 a few weeks ago, did not last the day.

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    McKinney, Texas
    The Wal-marts in McKinney and (I think) Sherman, Texas still sell long guns and ammo.

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    We have three sort of close to us. 2 sell firearms (long guns only), 1 doesn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biloxi Bersa View Post
    No kidding?

    Anything in a 30.06 lever?
    No 30-06 lever guns. All their lever guns are tube feed. But they usually have a good selection. Gander and Big Bucks usually have magizine feed lever guns.
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