Does your local Wally World sell firearms?

Does your local Wally World sell firearms?

This is a discussion on Does your local Wally World sell firearms? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If so, where and primarily what do they stock. Ps I heard Walmarts in Alaska still sell handguns?...

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Thread: Does your local Wally World sell firearms?

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    Does your local Wally World sell firearms?

    If so, where and primarily what do they stock. Ps I heard Walmarts in Alaska still sell handguns?

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    Utah - PC
    Nope... they barely sell ammo here. Not sure about the rest of Utah though.

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    2 do, 1 doesn't. Rifles and shotguns. Both in the sporting goods departments.

    Funny thing though, if you call the one that doesn't sell them and ask about the rifles, or to get transferred to firearms, they will tell you it is against company policy and no Wall Mart in the nation sells firearms anymore.

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    Yep, all three of them local to me sell rifles and shotguns, but only sporting purpose type (28" barrels on all shotguns, no mini 14's or 30's, etc...)
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    As I understand it, Wal Mart is getting out of the firearms business, and will only be selling ammunition.

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    Jefferson City, MO
    Both sell rifles and shotguns and assorted ammo for all including handgun ammo when you can find it in stock.

    Lately .40 is easy to find. 9mm & .45 not so much.
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    Nope, just Co2 and paintball guns. They're almost always out of any ammo except Shotgun slugs and birdshot

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    None in South Mississippi sell firearms and haven't for maybe 4-5 years. Most barely have any ammo except .22 and shotgun shells.

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    englewood, fl
    4 walmarts in daily travel...
    1 sells firearms and ammo...sporting rifles and shotguns...
    3 sell ammo only...
    1 of the 3 ammo stores is the best stocked ammo store ive ever seen...the manager orders in massive quantities and takes what he can has been a lifesaver this year and the spurts of large shipments have allowed me to stock up when available to get through the order of 100 cases of any popular caliber will usually be gone by noon the day it arrives...

    the others have had the same 3 boxes of ammo on the shelves for 6 months...

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    Havertown, PA
    Jacksonville, NC they sell long arms. I have never looked for ammo there though.

    I remember over a decade ago when a person could still buy a rifle or shotgun from K-Mart in PA, but I am not sure about the local Wally World up there.
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    All the ones in my area do. Rifles and shotguns - no handguns. They do sell all kinds of ammo - but since the election stay out of the common handgun calibers.
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    They discontinued carrying firearms after the remodel a few years back... they have an ammo counter but rarely have handgun ammo. (Well, they always have 22 and .40S&W for some reason)

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    Victoria, B.C.
    All the ones I've seen this side of the border sell rifle and shotgun ammo only, and .22 of course.

    The Port Angeles WA store sells all calibres of ammo and standard long guns.
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    North Georgia
    The ones in my local city/town sell long guns and ammo but no hand guns. Lately though very limited amounts and calibers of ammo.

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    Upstate New York
    The two near me sell ammo only.
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