Newbie question

Newbie question

This is a discussion on Newbie question within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am currently waiting for wonderful Wayne country to approve and mail me my permit. In the meantime I have been trying out a few ...

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Thread: Newbie question

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    Newbie question

    I am currently waiting for wonderful Wayne country to approve and mail me my permit. In the meantime I have been trying out a few different carry options around the house. I plan to carry a G19. With the winter months right upon us I am thinking OWB. I have been threw three holsters already and think I like the Bianchi the most so far. The problem is I cant decide when to carry ( 3 o’clock 4 o’clock ……) I keep changing it around for comfort and ability to conceal. So now for the question. How long did it take for you to find your “best”- favorite carry position?

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    So far...9 years, and I'm still working on you have a lot of time.
    Actually, I carried IWB at 3:30 or IWB/SOB at 5:30 for years. This summer I started carrying OWB at 3:30 and it is now my favorite carry mode. Who knows, it may change in the future again.

    YOU have to decide what is most comfortable and works well for you.
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    Welcome aboard.

    I think you're going to get some answers that vary widely. Some folks find their ideal right away and never depart from it, while others wind up with a large "holster drawer."

    Personally, I go IWB any time I carry, regardless of the season. It'll be in either a Crossbreed SuperTuck or a High Noon Public Secret.
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    It took me a few weeks. My advice is to try a spot that you feel is best for starters and leave it there (unless its driving you crazy) for at least a week so that you can get used to it. Then try something else that you think will make things more comfortable. After having it in one spot for a while, you will likely notice a difference better or worse pretty quickly after you adjust from that first spot. Adjust its height and tilt too if you can. I originally carried mine straight up and even with my belt. I began giving it more tilt and carrying it lower relative to my belt over time to see if it would be tighter to my body. Eventually I got my holster to the greatest tilt but it wasn't comfortable as it was poking me in the side. I backed it up a notch and now I barely know its there. Sometimes I will change its position just to check again - that lasts about 30 seconds. I put it back pretty quickly.

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    Part of the experience is to try different ways to carry. I usually carry appendix, which I find most comfortabe when carrying concealed. For OCing, I prefer 3:30.
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    It really all depends on your body style. I personally carry iwb appendix with my .38 revolver. If I had a full size auto that would be a different story. I tried owb 5 oclock and I felt like it was too exposed.

    An older ccw at a local gun shop told me to when you find the perfect holster and position you shouldn't change otherwise when you go back and forth with different holsters and positions that certain part of your body that your pistol is hugging will never get "broken in"

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    First off, Welcome to the forum...

    I've been carrying for 20+ years and I still change carry guns and positions around quite often... But, the majority of the time my carry positions either IWB or OWB are between 3:00-5:30...
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    The way I always set my G19/OWB is... I push my elbow all the way back, then I reach straight down (fingers pointing down/running thumb down side of chest) and then set the gun so the web of my index/thumb goes to right the highest point on the back-strap.

    I currently use a Raven Concealment Phantom (use to use a Don Hume H721 OT) and has always been comfortable and easy to conceal at that position.

    But the main reason I do it that way is because that's how I draw. I know that if I shove my elbow all the way back and then reach straight down, running my thumb down the side of my chest, my hand will meet up with the gun perfectly (near perfectly) every time.

    Give it a try...cant hurt.

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    I think you'll find that you will progress through a series of "evolutions". At least that is what I am discovering.

    At first, you will try one way due to its high level of practicality, then switch to something else that doesn't crimp your style (or hips) so much, then go on get the picture.

    Also, don't forget the human trait of "try something new". You get to the point where you will try out a new method just for some variety or as an experiment. Sometimes they are great, and others, well, suck.

    However, you should remember the fine point many would make in regards to practice and muscle memory; you should practice drawing from your preferred method of carry quite a bit, and not change too much or you will draw from an empty space if the fecal material strikes the oscillating household appliance...

    Just an opinion...
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    34 years and working on it...

    Carried snubbie at SOB in a pancake for 20 years, then cross-draw for a while...then went to a Ruger OWB at 4:00 and snubbie on the ankle. Past 6 mos has been a quest for comfort with a G19 IWB...just got what appears it might be the answer today in the form of a Crossbreed Supertuck at 4:30 with a lot of cant.

    My point is I am still looking for "perfect"...

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    The most comfortable spot for me is 4:00 or 4:30. But I always carry at 3:30. I want the gun to be in the easiest place to draw - which for me is as directly under my rt. hand as can get it, straight up out of the holster, no reach behind. It's not really uncomfortable at 3:30, just presses more into my body than 4:30. But I choose ease of readiness over the most comfortable spot.

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    I carry only IWB at about 3:30 and have for years and never had any discomfort with it. But you'll find your own way naturally.Just try a few different way that seen good to you and let your comfort / readiness show you the best.Good luck!!!!
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    For me its virtually always 3:00-3:30 IWB, both for the XD40 and CW9... occasional off-body carry in a day planner (not recommended, left the XD in a bathroom stall at work once ).

    I've become a huge fan of my Tagua leather IWB holster for the Kahr... it's excellent comfort & concealment, and I recommend you consider trying one in your quest for CC solutions:

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    I'll probably just echo what most the others have said so far.... it's a personal thing and you just have to try different methods until you find one that works. Your body shape and activity will play a big part in it. And if you have more than one sidearm that you carry that plays into it also.

    For me personally, it's always OWB carry. I tried IWB but I just can't stand it. And I have no problems concealing with OWB. Where on your belt you carry is a matter of body shape and gun. I can comfortably carry my CW9 further forward than my 1911's. After losing 40 pounds, I've found I now have a lot more range in where I can comfortably carry a gun (even though I have less belt to use now!).

    Listen to ideas from people, see what and how they carry. But ultimately you just have to try them for yourself and settle on what works for you.

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    Been working on it since I got my permit and probably will be for life. I carry in different positions. Depends on the clothes, weather and handgun. usually its OWB between 3 and 330, IWB at 3 or 330 usally 530 near SOB though or a shoulder rig. Tried cross-draw, but didnt like it as much as my other methods.
    As others have said, experiment and you will find what works for ya.
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