$1,000+ for my PA LTCF

$1,000+ for my PA LTCF

This is a discussion on $1,000+ for my PA LTCF within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A few months ago I applied for a PA LTCF. It seems the PA State Police considered me a poor risk and therefore failed me ...

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Thread: $1,000+ for my PA LTCF

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    $1,000+ for my PA LTCF

    A few months ago I applied for a PA LTCF. It seems the PA State Police considered me a poor risk and therefore failed me on the background check. I have never been to PA before (well, maybe changed planes in Philly 25 years ago but if so, I'm certain I didn't mug anyone in the terminal that day), so I was really perplexed as to why I was considered a persona non grata felonious crackhead to those in the City of Brotherly Love.

    It seems there was an ancient charge on my record, a bogus charge for which I was cleared--no probation, no parole, no conviction, no nothing on my record. However, as Murphy would have it, the charge still appeared somewhere out there wherever those in PA search. (Ironic that it wasn't an issue in MO where I live and have obtained my MO CCW.)

    So I trot on down to my lawyer and ask him to write a letter to the powers-that-be in the PA State Police, explained in lawyer gobbledygook words that would carry more weight than my perplexed writings. Oh yeh, I just remembered I did write the PA state police first... lotta good that did.

    So my lawyer crafts a wonderful letter, explaining how I have no criminal record whatsoever other than a speeding ticket, and goes into some detail about the Missouri court system. It was a fine letter, wonderfully written. Apparently he or his secretary paid close attention in English class.

    I send the letter off, follow the other instructions from PA and apply again, and in a couple weeks I have a PA LTCF in my hands. (Ironic again in that someone in a far-off state, whom I have never met, has now given me permission to carry in MY OWN STATE. )

    All is well. For the time being.

    The lawyer bill is delayed due to a mistake in my address, but it finally comes. I'm expecting $250-$450... but I consider it worth it because I need an explanation for any future background checks. I plan to get another permit next year, and who knows if I'll need a background check in the future for some job...

    So I open my lawyer's bill... it's over $1,000 and I feel like I've been punched in the gut. This isn't the new lawyer I found recently; this is the one who originally represented me years ago. He's good, but not cheap. Obviously. Now I remember.

    Ouch. All I could think of was "two handguns". Once I recovered a bit, I thought more accurately "one expensive handgun (to me, that is), new leather, extra mags, and ammo".

    On the bright side, Sheriff Nau of Centre County, PA, and his staff were very polite and quick with their paperwork. I emailed Sheriff Nau several times, and he responded quickly and cordially, once late at night, so he was either working late or emailing from home. That's dedication: putting in extra time to help a gun owner in a far-away state, for only a measly $26. At least he doesn't think I'm a crackhead.

    Unfortunate events in our past concerning vindictive people, lawyers, and the police: the gift that keeps on giving.

    $1,000+ for a permit that's priced at $26? I think I messed up somewhere along the way. Maybe I should have got an estimate first... written in blood, preferably not my own.

    Happy Thanksgiving to me.
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    And to think the other day I was miffed that the girlfriend's lawyer charged her $75 to write a letter of "Contempt of Court" to her ex-hubby.

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    Did he give you any Vasoline, or did you take it dry

    Maybe a phone call before you pay the bill to verify it is correct.

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    Sounds a little steep to me, and I'm a lawyer, but then again, I don't know what he did and how long it took. He might have had to do some research to find the "magic language." Did the bill show an hourly rate and amount of time spent? I recommend you give the atty a call and inquire. Just let him know that you were a little surprised by the amount. I have to say, you are taking all this rather well.

    Glad things got straightend out for you.

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    Wow. I thought I got it hard when I paid $46 for my resident PA LTCF in Delaware County. Seems that every county has their own price.

    Side note. From looking through other forum threads in the past, my understanding is that Sheriff Nau has one of those fancy-shmancy Blackberry phones so he can check his email. I have been trying to convince my buddy from Ill to apply through him so he can carry when he goes to St. Louis.
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    I would definitely question the bill, before I paid it...Seems like he is billing you for quite a few hours for a simple letter his secretary probably wrote... As a matter of ethics, he should have discussed his billing rate, or at least a minimum charge for this service...
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    You could ask for an itemized bill showing number of lawyer hours times his/her hourly rate plus number of paralegal hours times his/her hourly rate. I would not be surprised at a lawyer rate of $300-$500 per hour for a high priced one.

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    holy crap
    did he fly from MO to PA and talk to them all personally?!?!?!?
    definitely call them to discuss that
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    Thats crazy... My PA CCW took about 6 days total.... I feel for ya man!
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    Dang Grady,sounds like he's trying to recoup losses he might of invested with Madoff
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    Ugh. 'Reminds me of a lawyer that I met in my Sunday school. We had asked each other about what we did for a living, and shop-talked for a few minutes.

    Later that week, I got a bill for $80.00 from him for the conversation .

    Being who I am, I paid the bill. However that bill cost him a fortune, as I use attorneys all the time in my profession (buying, developing, selling land) and he'll never get another dime out of me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grady View Post
    $1,000+ for a permit that's priced at $26?
    Ridiculous. Especially so considering the fact that there is a (free) procedure in place for challenging a PICS denial. Did you receive a letter stating the reason for denial? You should have. There also should have been a challenge form included with that letter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dany View Post
    Thats crazy... My PA CCW took about 6 days total.... I feel for ya man!
    Six days only wow! I've been thinking of getting one myself so I'll be able to carry in Georgia.

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    Well...buyer beware...you ask for it.

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    How much does this guy charge per hour. It can't take more than a couple hours to write up a letter.

    You got boned. DAAANNNNGGGG.
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