A guide to carrying while dancing! (slightly tongue in cheek)

A guide to carrying while dancing! (slightly tongue in cheek)

This is a discussion on A guide to carrying while dancing! (slightly tongue in cheek) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I recently attended a salsa dance party in my city and I dressed for the occasion. There's probably a ton of guides out there on ...

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Thread: A guide to carrying while dancing! (slightly tongue in cheek)

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    A guide to carrying while dancing! (slightly tongue in cheek)

    I recently attended a salsa dance party in my city and I dressed for the occasion. There's probably a ton of guides out there on doing activities while carrying but I hope I can add some knowledge to the mix. Some of the info is geared towards the younger folk like me (21 yo) but I think people of all ages should be able to apply this.

    1 - OWB + pocket, unless you're a Marine or bodybuilder with giant friking lats or a Barret sized chest, then you can get away with IWB. Quite a few people in the dancing community are fashion experts who can probably make you if you're not careful. OWB is the best way to go because...

    2 - your formal jacket/trendy businessman style jacket can cover it up! Although you might want to get this modified so that you can easily pull it up or have just the right amount of material to grab on to. Or you like wearing those club style shirts (you know the flashy dress shirts with graphics all over them that us young people wear these days), or don't like wearing tucked in shirts, you can ignore the jacket part.

    (a shoulder holster might be a good idea as well but I don't want to sweep everything to the left of me, not on the dance floor, but anywhere else, plus I like my brachial artery.)

    Now on to dancing.

    3 - don't be afraid to have your arms in the air/vertical (at least not constantly) while you're dancing. Unless you have a pink Taurus Raging Bull in a Hello Kitty holster, you'll be moving fast enough that no one will really pay much attention to the HK45C on your hip (well that's my carry gun), even if it (or just the barrel) flashes for a tiny second.

    4 - dancing with your jacket on can be a little awkward at first but over time you'll get used to it. Just remember to stay buttoned up if you want extra concealment. Or...

    5 - you can leave it unbuttoned to give you more freedom but if you do a spin (guys can spin for styling purposes or as part of a move) the jacket can fly up sometimes and expose your piece, if only for a brief second or two. In this case...

    6 - outfit coordination needs to be key. Wear a black gun with a dark blue or red dress shirt, with black pants and a black holster. Silver gun needs to have a silver-ish shirt, lighter colored holster, and lighter colored pants. Less color contrast, the better.

    7 - allow yourself to get close to your lady, to body contact (unless you're appendix carrying then I'm not sure what to do for you), but don't do it too often. At least for salsa dancing her arms will never ever ever get even near your strong side when you are dancing closely. Talk to her and shoot the breeze, too, this keeps her mind off of any other thoughts (at least I think so...) And if you bump her on accident, you need to say "blackberry" or "hospital pager" as fast as you can and pray she doesn't work for sprint or for the local hospital. But be careful and don't bump her.

    8 - Vary your dance moves! Well you probably should IMO. if you keep doing one thing or stay in the basic move position or do the young person bump and grind the girl's hand might wander if you're not careful. Plus the more cool moves you do, people will be focusing more on your body as a whole rather than one specific area, giving them less chances to make you.

    9 - Careful about dipping the girl or any move that requires you to flex your spine for more than 1-3 seconds. You're bent over and your jacket/dress shirt could probably bulge, at least I think that's what my HK45C does on my 5'9" 150 lb skinny arse. But in this case it shouldn't be too worrisome because dipping a girl is a hollywood style move that will have attention on both of you rather than you alone.

    10 - go with a group of friends and have one stand to your strong side. Or you can go it alone but be careful.

    Ladies' guide - well, I'm not a girl so I don't know how this would pan out...but I can say things from what I've seen.

    1 - your best bet is to wear one of those billowy dresses/skirts but probably have some sort of padding in your thigh area because the leg holster is your best holster for this situation. Not the form-fitting ones as those scream "print."

    2 - so...you might want to get used to a small-ish gun unless if you can fit a USP Compact under your skirt. The leg holster looks like the best option because guys' hands will rarely go to your leg, it will be either your hips, abdomen, arms, back, or hair. One exception though...if you're dancing close, if you're right handed, some dances like salsa and bachata or that bump and grind crap have moves where you end up with your right thigh between his legs. Don't ask, just blame the people who invented these dances. The padding in the thigh area should help, at least it allows you to say "Iphone" with confidence if he asks.) Chat him up to to distract him (whatever you say is up to you), and move your body in whatever way you wish to distract others.

    3 - this time don't worry about dips. He's probably concentrating more on not dropping you than anything else.

    If you're dancing with a whole group of people...then don't take yourself too seriously. Go nuts, make a fool out of yourself, or even just imitate others - no one's going to suspect anything unless you are bumping someone actively. Then you have a problem. Plus it shows you are a really laid back person and not a trained killer - which unfortunately I nearly experienced the other way around a few months ago.

    And that's that!

    (for anyone that asks, this event took place in a facility with an ABC license that was not classified as a restaurant or club.)
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    I'm no salsa dancer (closest I can come is a the two-step), But I would suggest a good tuckable IWB (Supertuck). Tuck your dress shirt and wear the jacket over that. You wont have to worry about briefly flashing your gun.
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    Salsa! I'm gonna need some chips and a beer.

    Sounds like a good time was had by all...

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    What about a small pistol in a pocket holster? Or are you afraid of the old Mae West line "is that a pistol in your pocket........."?

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    I've noticed that anytime I'm carrying IWB that I may print wearing just a button down, but If I wear a sport coat over that, I'm golden. So that would be my recommendation for any kind of nicer casual dress, wear a button down and a sport coat and go IWB. You should be all set.

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