Carry in MA

Carry in MA

This is a discussion on Carry in MA within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Massachusetts is a 'May Issue' state, yet it seems a lot of members from that state have their permits to carry. My understanding is that ...

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Thread: Carry in MA

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    Carry in MA

    Massachusetts is a 'May Issue' state, yet it seems a lot of members from that state have their permits to carry. My understanding is that it was difficult to get a permit in MA... Does it matter where you are in the state? If you are from MA, how did you get your carry permit?

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    It is expensive and difficult to literally impossible in some towns and cities to get a permit here as a resident.

    Numerous articles speaking to as much have been featured in state news here and that I've carried over here through the years that I have been in this state (3+).

    I'm busy bathing kids right now but tonight or tomorrow will come back with state news articles that show the exact number of residents with permits and detail how the numbers are dwindling year to year, and have been.
    On the whole not many MA residents have any degree of permit (there are technically four levels) and of those who do the numbers get lower each year.

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    Carry in MA

    I lived in Lowell a few years ago. It was next to impossible to get a LTC. All lawful purposes. Target and hunting was about all one could get
    I moved and applied in my new town and got a LTC all lawful purposes. No problems.
    It all depends on the town you live in.

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    Here is the hyperlink to Massachusett's State Police Licensing:Firearms Forms and Applications

    Cost for out of state license to carry is $100.00 a year with discretion of commissioner to renew at his discretion.
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    I lived in Greenfield, MA for 20 years. My wife and I decided to have some pepper spray in the house, since the Chief of Police said, "NO HANDGUNS HERE!" So we got fingerprinted, photographed and generally treated like criminals, all for a pepper spray. We are now both retired and, thankfully, live in Florida, where these things are treated in a sane and reasonable manner. I've had my CCW 4 years now, carry every day, and very glad to be living here. I would never go back to MA!
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    I have an LTC in Mass.

    Not too much hassle to get it. Needed to be interviewed by police chief. He tried talking me out of it but I kept on saying I don't want any restrictions. Finally after about 20 minutes of back and forth he said ok. I had it about three weeks later. It all depends on which town you live in.

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    In MA it really depends on what town/city you reside in. In some places getting a CCW (License To Carry) is fairly straightforward to obtain, in others it's like pulling teeth through the nose, and in yet others it's just plain impossible (unless you're the mayor itself :)).

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