You never said you ditched the .32 but you should. If it's not reliable then it's really not worth carrying in my opinion.

On the holster front most people have a holster drawer full of failures for them. I think the problem is that we are all a little different and what works for me may not for you. Also climate makes a big difference and where you are carrying. For instance at home in Michigan in winter(in DA UP, near Canada) I can carry anything I want under my Carhart and no one would be the wiser, but when I get into to town and have to go into Walmart that jacket is coming off because I will be dying inside. So plan for how you dress and where your going.

Now the good news, most people given enough time seem to find what works for them and is comfortable. It's taken me around 7 years now to find new methods to carry that I really like. Others find it much quicker, it should be noted that my gun budget has been nill(including holsters) for quite some time and as a result I couldn't try many of the *good* holster solutions out there. I do have a streak of DIY, and I've been making my own holsters the last year or so with great results. It takes time and a little know how but I find it's a fun hobby and I like getting to try new holsters without the $60-100 testing fee.

Also two types that I'm playing with that I love, I made a copy of a supertuck but full leather rather than kydex and it's a great holster. Also made a copy of a smart carry and that is also great holster. I carry a full frame 1911 in the supertuck and a PT145 in the smart carry.

Good luck