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Biker either badly OCing or very badly CCing

This is a discussion on Biker either badly OCing or very badly CCing within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Backnblack I see this alot in VA.. aslong as OC is legal where you are, is this acceptable?...

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Thread: Biker either badly OCing or very badly CCing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Backnblack View Post
    I see this alot in VA..

    aslong as OC is legal where you are, is this acceptable?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Backnblack View Post
    I see this alot in VA..

    See this is a lot like what I saw, except his shirt and jacket were snagged up around the hammer of his gun. I figure it needs to be one or the other for a smooth draw.

    I'd never seen this before in Phoenix. Most bikers seem to either conceal well or OC at 3.

    My winter riding jacket has a holster sewn in at the bottom left of my rib cage (I'd rather have a cracked rib than a severed spine i guess). Otherwise I just carry at 3 during the summer (well spring actually... to hot to ride much in the summer). When I get my CC permit I think I might try for a shoulder holster.
    Sorry 'bout that... He's trained to attack shopping carts for some reason.

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    Never saw a biker printing in Florida, but I really don't look either...

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    Quote Originally Posted by V10 View Post
    I was driving today when I noticed that the biker in front of me a ways was carrying. I changed lanes and got beside and slightly behind him just to see if I could identify what his firearm of choice was....
    OC state? If so why the concern? Sometimes I just pull a shirt over my gun if I am open carrying - then decide to conceal somewhat. Don't usually go to great measures at that point to hide it - just cover up a bit. Most likely if the state is a OC state - he didn't care one way or the other if it was seen.

    I hope no one ever rolls down the window to point out something like that to me - I might think they are a Obama supporter.

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    I don't ride a motorcycle but I often carry on my bicycle. I usually carry a .380 Walther on my right hip and it stays concealed. One time I noticed traffic finally giving me a wide berth instead of whizzing by me at 6". Only then did I realize my shirt had come untucked and my Walther was showing. Best ride I've had all summer.

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    I carry at 4 o'clock when I ride, with an IWB. I normally wear a long shirt and tuck it in to my pants, and always wear a jacket. I've never had it show that I know of.

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