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Would you notify LE?

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Thread: Would you notify LE?

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    Well, that just bites. :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by srfl
    The negative thing about "not giving the LEO" the whole story is that if the investigating LEO were to find out somehow (the creep files a complaint, there was an eyeball witness or the area had video cameras and captures the entire event) that you drew your weapon and you didn't state that and/or all of the facts, then the LEOs may not be too happy and may try to go as far as accusing you of making a material false statement, even though you didn't lie; you just concealed all of the facts.
    I would also add that the police already have you on record as having a permit to carry, since they're the ones who hand them out. You have nothing to lose by reporting that you had to pull your gun.

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    Depends on the situation.

    If bg never saw the gun as happened to me a while back, hell no.

    1. Keep mouth shut

    2. Have good attorney available

    3. Keep mouth shut

    4. Keep mouth shut
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    Quote Originally Posted by soflasmg
    Depends on the situation.

    If bg never saw the gun as happened to me a while back, hell no.

    1. Keep mouth shut

    2. Have good attorney available

    3. Keep mouth shut

    4. Keep mouth shut
    Those sound like instructions when dealing with Broward's Sheriffs Office!
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    I would give LEO a call. I doubt the bad guy will report anything anyway.
    The report will cover you if someone unseen to you were to call the cops and say that there was a man with a gun in the parking lot. This may also help you if, the following night this stalker decides to try this again and jump you, and you do end up drawing your gun and blowing his head off. You would have documentation on file of the previous incident.

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    Absolutely call LE. Usually they treat the first caller as the victim.
    "yeah, some crazy lunatic pulled a gun on me. He looks like .... He drove off and his car is .... with LP#...."


    "Some guy tried to mug me with a bat. I drew my pistol to defend myself and he ran off. I am licensed to carry a firearm. He looks like..... I saw him run off in ..... direction. Can you send an officer over to my location right away?"

    Betcha LE would like the second senario.

    They will also appreciate your honesty.
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    Exclamation Would I draw my weapon...

    Sure is a scary and realistic scenario. This could happen at the local Stuff MART. There is one important thing to remember...as a legaly armed citizen, you have three things that you must do and in this order;

    1. flee and call LE. Yes, even though your .357 is tucked in your belt! You are not LE and are not trained (in the judges eyes) to handle this situation.
    2. if you cannot flee, take cover and wait until LE arrives (cell phones could come in handy here)
    3. only under threat of death to you, a loved one or a hostage do you draw a weapon

    This is not imagination. This is what a good firearms instruction manual will tell you. If you shoot, there may be some states that will ask your name and simply clean up the mess. Not in mine, unfortunately.

    Now, if this person tries to evade and the bg insists on following, you have done step one. Perhaps returning to the store is possible to call LE...meeting step two requirement. If not, facing off the bg may be the only option because getting into your car keeps your hands busy while he has a chance to draw. Car fenders are good for hiding behind but not stopping bullets.

    I would make my weapon visible, release the thumbreak and look for a good position (from cover if possible) to shot from (thinking of innocents around the area).

    At this point I would make sure he can hear me warn him in some very loud, rude and fowl way that I will draw my weapon if he continues.
    Standing firm and being loud and rude is very distracting to a bg. It says you are not afraid, are not going be pushed around and attracks a lot of attention from other people in the area. This may be enough to make him come to his scenses. (If he has any to begin with.)

    Statistics (proven, police under fire type) show that 9 out of 10 times that you get to this point and display your handgun, the bg will show his true colors and run. Don't base the final outcome on final statistics, however. At this point you must be prepared to shot defensively and quickly.

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    Hello All
    I work in law enforcement and would always call. I will place my record up aginist any bad guys anytime. The reason I decided to carry in the first place was a parking lot incident at 2 am where a person got behind me and as I turned around from loading the trunk I was looking at a mex male about 3 feet away with his hand in his pocket and he said "give me money". I had my keys and pepper spray in my hand and I gave it a shake and pointed it at him and told him to get back. He stood his ground and I made a motion in his direction and for some reason he turned and fled. I am a big guy but was sure I would not be in this position again and be unarmed. I was in "My" city and felt safe and let my guard down. That also will never happen again. Always call if you display your weapon, that puts you in control of whats being reported.
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    we tell the police where to go and they have
    to do it. Policy manual says so.

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    As a former LEO, I vote to call. I would hope that in your area, as in mine, you would be looked upon as taking lawful action to protect yourself. If you live in an area with different attitudes I might consider moving.
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    One of the main reasons I carry is to be proactive, not reactive. For the same reason, I would call the police and notify them---being proactive. I would hate to have a knock on my door for something like this, when it could have been prevented.

    --people ask why I carry, and I show them this picture. I think it says it all.--

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    i'd call to let them know what happened. not only to cover my butt, but to let them know another misunderstood, abused by society, misguided soul is out there looking for help.

    i tried not to laugh at the last part, it didn't work.

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    2 different back guys were caught by 2 different ccw holders or they helped catch the bad guys when they reported to the cops they had pulled there gun ...

    In both cases with in 45 mins of the ccw holder reporting the attempted jacking the bad guy showed up at the police station and reported they were mugged by the ccw holders after a hour or so back ground check etc and finding the car jackers came up with sheets and getting stop light camera footage both jackers were arrested

    SO yep ill let the fuzz know

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    First, call a criminal lawyer that you trust

    Then call the cops if he so recommends.

    You might also consider making yourself scarce in the event the some bureaucrat decides to make you the bad guy and arrest you in front of your family for defending yourself.

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    call so you'll be on record to CYA, you never know who or what is watching you, as stated above...better for you to report and maybe catch this scumbag and prevent him from hurting someone else

    ....and it makes another report for the good guy's stats
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    As a prosecutor, I can say that often the first report, as has been indicated, puts the first perspective on an incident. Calling and reporting is not only a good idea, it can also document what this guy did to you. He may have completed a criminal act on someone else using the same mode of operation. Additional evidence that he tried to do it to someone else can help LE figure who may this guy is and what he is up to.

    Also, LE is probably going to run criminal records on both you and the bad guy who is dumb enough to call in. Criminals that have advanced to that kind of crime 99 times out of hundred of a record of some sort that usually tells LE who is more likely to be telling the truth.

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