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How does your wife/girlfriend carry concealed?

This is a discussion on How does your wife/girlfriend carry concealed? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The wife carries SOB kel-tec pf-9, Oddly enuf she picked a left handed IWB to carry that way....

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Thread: How does your wife/girlfriend carry concealed?

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    The wife carries SOB kel-tec pf-9,

    Oddly enuf she picked a left handed IWB to carry that way.

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    My wife carries in her Purse, it's a small handbag/clutch type with a side compartment for her 38Spl Airweight. She is petite also, and does not like to carry on her body at all, but she always carries her purse and therefore her gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daveyj View Post
    I'm trying to slowly ease my wife into the idea of carrying concealed, but i can already see a potential problem. She only weights a 120 lbs. She is very thin and likes to wear form fitting clothes. I know a purse is always an option, but I don't like the idea of carrying off body. So this question if for you ladies who are here and for the men whose better half carry, how do you/they carry?
    If there's a will, there's a way.

    It all depends on what I'm wearing and what I feel like carrying.

    OWB with a cover garment
    Shoulder holster when wearing a jacket
    Thigh holster when wearing a dress
    Belly band when run
    IWB in the summer when wearing jeans

    Carrying in a purse is always my last option when nothing else will work.

    There are a lot of different options that your wife should check out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Devone6 View Post
    My wife carries in her Purse, it's a small handbag/clutch type with a side compartment for her 38Spl Airweight. She is petite also, and does not like to carry on her body at all, but she always carries her purse and therefore her gun.

    My wife carries her BERSA T380 the same way. She bought it online, sight unseen due to the limited availability of CC purses locally.
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    My wife purse carries but is looking into a belly band. She is cloths conscience and does not want to be made with CC.
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    Right now she carries either in a front jeans pocket, and in an inside jacket pocket.

    She likes the idea of IWB, but she refuses to wear loose fitting denim so that cancels that out. She very rarely carries a purse due to the tom boy gene in her genetics. As long as she is armed, safe, and happy - Im happy.
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    A friend of mine's wife carries a .38 spcl of some sort in her purse and she needs to have it taken away from her. She gets drunk all the time and after a certain point she always brings it out and starts talking about how she's gonna take out the trash that's messing up her neighborhood. Needless to say I keep our social interactions to an absolute bare minimum.

    Mine won't carry at all though. It makes me sad.
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    I carry a Glock 26 in a Ted Blocker IWB single-tab velcro-attached tuckable, appendix carried, with a contour cut belt. And if my clothes are on, I'm armed.

    Took me a few years to find the absolutely perfect setup for me, but this is it. I'm an hourglass, so carry on or behind the hip was out of the question. I'm a pragmatist, so most of the other funky solutions were not an option although I'll use some of the better ones occasionally. And I'm a realist (not to mention a scatterbrain), so purse carry wouldn't have been safe for me as a daily solution.

    When I can't carry on the belt, the other options in my closet include a carry purse, a fanny pack, a belly band, and (shhhhh) a secret homemade device that holds a KelTec P380.

    For a whirlwind tour of carry options for women, see Cornered Cat - How Do I Hide This Thing? -- it should help some. Also follow the links at the bottom of the page, which lead to the other holster articles on the site.

    Right now I'm working on a fairly extensive series of purse reviews. Going to wow the internet ( ) or at least help women figure out exactly how to comparison-shop a carry purse -- and how those things differ from regular purses.

    Hope it helps.

    Kathy Jackson
    My website: Cornered Cat

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveinNEPA View Post
    LOOK for the post by a lady named 357mag - petite and concealing a full size 1911 5th post from top
    Those would be pictures of Lima....quoted by 357mag...
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    Are you kidding? My wife won't even carry her cellphone!

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    Can't even get my wife to touch a gun. Wish I could get her to go to the range with me.

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    Sorry sig guy, I didnt know, I just remember seeing those pictures when I first joined DC, guess I didnt look close enough to realize they were quoted. My apologies for the name/picture confusion.
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    By the way, a lot of beginners to carry don't understand that carry is about the total system -- not just the gun and not just the holster. That's why some people go through gun after gun, or holster after holster, and just can't seem to find anything that will work for them.

    1) Good gun of an appropriate size for carry
    2) Good holster designed for concealed carry
    3) Good belt which is sturdy enough to distribute the weight of the gun evenly around the waist
    4) Good wardrobe designed to function around the concealed carry lifestyle.

    If you're not willing to work with #4, and won't spend the money on #3, then fiddling with the first two variables won't help much. On the other hand, if you don't start with an appropriately-sized firearm, none of the other variables will matter at all. And a poor holster design is torture to wear, difficult to conceal, and a safety problem waiting to happen.

    There's an article on Cornered Cat titled, "Concealed Carry for the Fashionable Woman." Not sure which chapter I hid it in, but it's worth seeking out on wardrobe issues (well, I hope it is anyway). The upshot of the article is that a lot of women don't even try concealed carry on body simply because they can't imagine how it might work for them with the clothing they want to wear. Fortunately, women's wardrobes are more flexible than men's, and a little creativity really helps. Once you get in the right mindset, it's my contention that women actually have it far easier than men when it comes to dressing around the firearm.

    You do have to start with the realization that you will have to make clothing decisions based around concealed carry -- and for some folks, that's such a deal killer that they never realize that the most crucial wardrobe changes are extremely minor. Chances are that 95% of the clothing in her closet right now will work for her for concealed carry, though in future she'll probably want to replace a few pieces with pieces that are more carry-friendly.

    Kathy Jackson
    My website: Cornered Cat

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    My wife is just starting to figure it out. She is a real little girl and is working on finding her “right” way. Here is a cheap IWB and some not real baggy clothes. First is a Glock 19 and then a S&W 357 snubie.
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    I am female and I find I need several methods in order to be able to carry whenever legal. Women's clothing si different and only having one method will not work for most women. I carry IWB primarily, with several Sidegurd holsters (site sponsor, check ad buttons at top), I like the Double Snap with a 20 degree cant for my bigger guns, but also have a Quick Snap for my PPK and it is perfect for it. I also have a Don Hume small of back that I use from time to time. Lastly I have a belly band that I use a lot, especially when just lounging at home, as no belt is needed and I can wear yoga pants, etc. It also works well for skirts and 'difficult' clothes as you can position it anywhere on the torso/wasit/abdomen and are not constrained to the belt area. I carry all day every day until I go to bed.
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