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How does your wife/girlfriend carry concealed?

This is a discussion on How does your wife/girlfriend carry concealed? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife currently carries in her purse since she is prego right now. After the baby comes she will use a owb or a smart ...

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Thread: How does your wife/girlfriend carry concealed?

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    My wife currently carries in her purse since she is prego right now. After the baby comes she will use a owb or a smart carry or a bellyband. Depends on the situation and what she is wearing. She is 5'6'' and about 120 lbs when she isn't pregnant and wears form fitting clothes. She wants to try a pair of the compression shorts from master or concealment. So we will see how those work once the baby comes.

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    If you have bad purse discipline without a gun, you'll have bad purse discipline WITH a gun.

    I prefer a curse with a locking zipper, its not a gunsafe but its a start. I also don't like velcro, it's loud. Look for a quality leather strap and steel attachment points.

    Even with a long or heavy denim skirt a Galco thigh holster is faster and its on your body.

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    My other half is 5' 6" and starting to show a little 60's paunch so always wears a loose fitting jacket of some type and slacks or jeans. Sport or dress type jackets are great cover for kidney carry and she carries a full up Randall there.

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    I don't like locking zippers. They're dangerous and tempt people to do stupid things. There's the double danger of locking it but forgetting it's locked (need it but can't get it = bad juju) or unlocking it and forgetting it's unlocked (accessible to others but you're complacent = bad juju). It's frankly safer to keep the gun in a purse without a locking zipper: you know the gun is accessible to others unless you keep positive control over it yourself.

    aric, have you worn a thigh holster? Please drop me a PM if so...

    Kathy Jackson
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    I wish she would, especially considering she is a junior high teacher and after seeing video from inside Columbine HS during the incident there some years ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Biomortis View Post
    A friend of mine's wife carries a .38 spcl of some sort in her purse and she needs to have it taken away from her. She gets drunk all the time and after a certain point she always brings it out and starts talking about how she's gonna take out the trash that's messing up her neighborhood. Needless to say I keep our social interactions to an absolute bare minimum.

    Mine won't carry at all though. It makes me sad.
    OMG!!Take it away...quick!

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    my ex-wife could conceal a Buick under.....................uuum nevermind


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    my wife is 4'0" 87lbs (yes i typed that right)...and carries her kel-tec .380 just behind her hip with no problems

    And, has been know to steal my PF-9 when I'm not looking.
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