Am I dreaming or what?

Am I dreaming or what?

This is a discussion on Am I dreaming or what? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Pardon me if this is a bit off topic but it didn’t really fit anywhere else. I have had a couple experiences recently that were ...

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Thread: Am I dreaming or what?

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    Am I dreaming or what?

    Pardon me if this is a bit off topic but it didn’t really fit anywhere else.
    I have had a couple experiences recently that were both weird and potentially life saving. I don’t often remember my dreams, and I rarely have nightmares but this has happened to me twice now.

    A few months ago I dreamed that I was attacked and had to draw my weapon, but it wouldn’t go off. Just before the bg got me, and I jerked awake, I looked at it and realized that there was a wad of pocket fluff between the hammer and the firing pin. The next morning when I got ready for work, I took a close look at my weapon, and sure enough it was full of lint. (Yeah, yeah, I know, you guys never get lazy about cleaning a sidearm you haven’t fired lately) Out of curiosity I unloaded it, and dry fired it. It made a very muffled “click”. It probably would have fired anyway, but I wouldn’t want to bet my life on it. I gave it a cursory cleaning that morning and a thorough cleaning later that night. I have made it a point to clean it at least once a week since. The funny thing is someone posted something on here a day or so later about making sure your weapon didn’t get fouled with pocket lint. LOL!

    The second experience was Monday night, of this week. I had the exact same dream in every detail, except when I drew my weapon, the pocket holster came with it. This would be very bad, in a real life experience, because the holster shrouds the hammer and the trigger. Well, that morning I removed the rounds from it, and tried drawing it in a hurry. Sure enough, the holster that used to stay in the pocket came right out with it, and took several seconds to dislodge. A few minutes of working with the leather, and it is fine again, although I will probably be trimming off the troublesome bit, and looking for a spare holster.

    I don’t know whether to chock it up to, coincidence, an active subconscious, or divine intervention. At any rate, it has pointed out to me some areas where I had not realized I had become lax. For that I am grateful. Anyone had a similar experience?

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    I read about an officer that was killed when the snubby he drew failed to fire because pocket "lint" got between the hammer and frame and the hammer couldn't cock enough to drop.

    I don't have any experience with a pocket holster; what does keep them from coming out with the gun? Is that common?

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    I call it the subconcious sending you messages 'cause your concious is too busy checking out the "strange grip" of the girl posted in the Off Topic & Humor section.

    Your experience is nothing new or even strange (OK maybe a little). The term "Let me sleep on it" probably comes from people that have come up with solutions to a problem the same way. I remember back in my college days being told about a chemist trying to figure out the structure of some compounds and could not make sense until he saw in a dream a snake bitting its own tail. He woke up and realized that the things he was studing form a circle instead of a line.
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    Not exactly the same, but a couple of months ago I was working on building a playground for my niece, and could not figure out how to attach part of the swings. That night I had a dream about putting a 2x4 in as a spacer, the next day I tried it and it worked perfectly. So ya I've had a dream that turned out to work.

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    Dreams are great practice excersises. Try falling asleep while thinking of different SD situations based on places you may have been that day. Pick a place you went to, be it Wally world, local gas station, or your buddy's house, and create a scenario real quick. Think through the scenario in as many different ways as you can and come up with ways to approach it. It's a great mental excersise that could help you should you ever get in an actual situation. If you've already "been there and done that", you won't be behind the curve when the SHTF.
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    [QUOTE=Miggy]I call it the subconcious sending you messages 'cause your concious is too busy checking out the "strange grip" of the girl posted in the Off Topic & Humor section.QUOTE]

    Well I sure dreamed about her last night!!!!!!!!
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    After the first couple weeks of carrying...I noticed lint between the hammer and firing pin as well...being and IWB setup, I guess I just have to keep an eye on it.

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    Good object lesson. EVERYTIME we put on our carry piece look it over to make sure everything looks good.. those few seconds could save or cost us our lives!!
    One of the most important posts in a long time.

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    I consider dreams as the mind re-ordering stuff and going thru things too. Sometimes also playing on our concerns and fears even.

    Last night I had a repeat (in essence) of one I have had a few times. Of course dreams are often somewhat bizarre in their structure re places and situations but - there I was in a school (not sure what for) and it was hot so I removed my over shirt. I proceeded then to walk to another location, going past a group of folks, very nicely open carrying

    On realization pulled out t-shirt to cover up - but feeling great concern that someone was going to comment and I'd be in deep dodo.

    Similar was when I was (not sure why!) back in UK and carrying just as happily as I do here - only to realize at some point I was a mega law breaker!

    Message? Not sure, other than to keep well aware of those odd times when I should be without the piece - and as they are few and far between maybe I have an inner concern at forgetting - so perhaps this is a useful reminder that I should be that bit more thoughtful about such times.


    Most useful Bryan - I'll bet there are plenty of us who are somewhat desultory in checking our carry piece and set-up - good post.
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    It's amazing how often stuff you remember in dreams gives you one of those "Ah Ha!" moments when you wake up.

    BTW, this is one reason I really like my 442 for pocket carry: no hammer to get snagged on a pocket or all gunked up


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    Let's hope that you don't hafta use it.
    It's nice to know that it will work fine if you do need it now though.
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    Samaritan, am I correct in reading that you use an exposed-hammer revolver, for pocket carry?

    I would bob that baby, pronto, and put in (or have your smith put in) a +P hammer spring, and if this is a S&W frame-mounted FP, get the longer FP installed. God isn't just letting you know how to check the problem- He's telling you not to follow too far behind Moses, walking through that pond!

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    I've had dreams where the trigger is either very hard to pull or very "mushy" and I can't seem to get my finger to pull the trigger all the way back. I've noticed that I had those dreams when I owned a Kel-Tec P3AT and a long time ago when I owned a Grendel. In both cases, the triggers of those guns had very heavy pulls and the guns were not reliable. Since I've owned my Glock 30, I haven't had those dreams. Coincidence? Or can Glock now claim to be useful as a sleep aid!

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    I need to have a Dream about Reba Mcentire

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    I wish I had gun dreams.....I used to have dreams about tax issues and questions I'd struggled with during the day. A few "Ah Hah!" moments, usually I just woke up tired.....and bored.........

    There's no doubt the sleeping times are used by our brains to reorganize, file and catalog information. That's why "cramming" in college usually does not work - the brain needs time to categorize and file data.

    In the course of all that "filing" work though, some disparate data or anomolies "pop out", maybe because the data doesn't "work" (e.g. the lint in the trigger, the loose holster), so rather than just storing the data, the brain spins it out into a dream?

    It's happened to me several times - just not on "cue".....
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