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Apartment complex No CC signs

This is a discussion on Apartment complex No CC signs within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Looks like I will probably have to disarm, lock up my pistol in the car and leave it so I can enter my buddie's apartment ...

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Thread: Apartment complex No CC signs

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    Looks like I will probably have to disarm, lock up my pistol in the car and leave it so I can enter my buddie's apartment legally.

    Like most CC'rs I respect the law so I am not looking to get into trouble by breaking the law in order to walk through a parking lot armed and hang out at my friend's to watch football.

    I have a good lock box in my car, but I don't like the idea of leaving my pistol in a car that is more likely to be broken into and have a gun stolen, than it is likely for me to be assaulted.

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    1. Concealed means Concealed.
    2. What happens if you don't see the No Gun sign? They ask you to leave and you leave?

    "...or by making a request, directly or through an authorized representative or management personnel, that the permit holder remove the concealed handgun from the place or premises..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by goab View Post

    "(2) Provided, no sign shall be required for private homes, and any licensee entering a private home shall
    notify the occupants that he is carrying a concealed handgun."

    So, I'm suppose to tell everyone in the place that I'm visiting, "hey, bud, I'm a CHP Holder and I'm packing"

    Stupid. I'm loving Missouri.

    Come join us!
    Hey, private property laws HAVE to supersede CHL laws. If you're entering MY home with a gun, it is MY right to know so. This is different from 'verbally printing' to the local convenience store manager. Personal private property has much more limited access, the odds of criminal mischief are much lower (and if the odds aren't, maybe you shouldn't be entering the premises in the first place). I may not care, I may suggest you open carry. But, since it is grounds for 'criminal trespassing' if I choose it to be, I MUST know. Some things are just a bit more sacred to me (like control over my property) than your CHL. That being said, if you were invited on my property, conceal carry if you wish, I welcome it. Hey, if I were the local convenience store manager, I would still welcome it. I do concede that it seems ridiculous that there is a need to tell all occupants, I think the owner or 'one whom the owner has given jurisdiction over the property' is the only one who needs to know so he/she may tell you what is customary on that property. And 'occupant' may have a legal definition other than 'everybody on the property'.

    As to the original topic, what does the lease agreement have to say about firearms inside tenant buildings? Or, for example, in Texas, there is a difference between CC (walking about aimlessly with a weapon) and 'transporting' (generally, moving from your private property to your vehicle then onto a property for official use such as hunting, target shooting, etc., and back to your vehicle and then your private property). Does Nebraska have such a differentiation? If it's similar to Texas, you can claim you're not CC'ing, you are 'transporting'... That is, if you get caught, because, it's concealed after all...

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