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Gunshops with no loaded weapon signs??

This is a discussion on Gunshops with no loaded weapon signs?? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; my local shop says CC holders welcome as long as guns remain in holster...

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Thread: Gunshops with no loaded weapon signs??

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    my local shop says CC holders welcome as long as guns remain in holster
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    I think its a safety thing because there's so much handling of guns in gun stores. Even though everytime a Gun touches your hand you should press check anyway.
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    My Gun Shop has a sign that says, "Warning: Employees and Customers are armed." On the top of the sign is a Pistol in a red circle, but of course no cross bar through it.
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    I would imagine in most of those cases its a liability issue just like the sign at a mechanic's shop that says, "No Customers Beyond This Point" and yet they always take you in to show you the problems (or what they want you to think is the problem)

    My range is like that too with the "Please unload and lock all slides open" sign on the door. I did that the first couple times until seeing that they didn't have a problem with anyone coming in holstered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JonInNY View Post
    Gander Mountain, here in NY, posts a sign that says "All Firearms Must Be Checked at Counter, except for Valid Permit Holders
    Quote Originally Posted by ItsMyRight2 View Post
    Wow check your firearm?? Sounds like a lot of handling too me. I would feel very very uncomfortable pulling out my firearm in public checking it in and then rearming before I leave. And all under the eye of any misfit in the store or outside looking through the window.
    The intent of the sign at Gander isn't for those who are carrying for SD purposes, it's for those bringing in a gun to sell or for their smith to work on. That being the case, no one is "pulling out a firearm" it's being carried in to the shop in a case and the "check" is to make sure it wasn't left loaded prior to going back to the firearms dept.

    One of the local shops I go to on occasion (mainly to window shop as they have a good selection but are wayyy overpriced) has a "no loaded guns period" sign and I did ask the owner about it.....His response is the sign went up after one too many idiots pulled out a loaded gun to:
    a) try and sell
    b) try to fit to a particular holster
    c) ask about having work done on it
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    itsmyright2 was refering to what I had said. A local gun shop here asked that if you bring in a CW they want you to check it at the desk. No one does, actually no one even shops there because hes a jackass and it's over priced
    Vermont does not issue Permit/Licenses to Carry a Concealed firearm. Vermont allows anyone
    who can legally own a firearm to carry it concealed without a permit of any kind.

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    I follow the modus operandi posted. If the sign says -No Loaded Guns- then I have two choices; Return to my vehicle and take approperiate measures, or, shop elsewhere. No need in upseting the apple cart.

    I had a local dealer with a -No Loaded Guns- sign on the door. I abliged, followed the rules and as luck would have it, got a killer deal on a S&W 637.

    For me, I have no axe to grind. Being a good steward of the rules makes for being a responsible gun onwer.

    Opinions can, and certainly do, vary..

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    Drove to my first gun show on Nov 28, 2009. When I got there it was a big building with lots of cars parked outside. I was pumped. Being optimistic, I drove toward the entrance hoping for a lucky parking spot. The front door had a big sign with big red letters. "No concealed or loaded guns allowed." I just kept on going and had a nice ride home. I won't be back there for a gun show.

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    Notice that all gun shop employees are packing and looking at customers. At a holster shop, the owner/associate discreetly took my pistol and racked back the slide to look inside, as I did when he did it. No problem. No offense. Mistakes are made but avoided this way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsMyRight2 View Post
    I have seen them at a number of gun shops in my area. Signs say "no loaded weapons allowed in store"

    Now does that include my CC weapon?? I would think not but figured I would ask as it does seem somewhat confusing and I am sure I am not the only person to scratch their head at those signs.

    And if that is what it means I certainly would not go to a gun shop that is not ok with CC'ing.
    You really should ask the individuual shop... I did at one of our local sporting goods stores and was told it did not mean CCW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Divebum47 View Post
    I like the sign in the window of the shop I frequent: "Those who choose to exercise their Second Amendment right here are more than welcome. The owner does."
    This sign I like...
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    I've ask two gun shops here in Colorado that had signs posted, both said they had no problem with me CCW. They just ask that I don't go from CCW to trying holsters with a loaded gun. One had a range as part of the store, the weapon which you are going to fire needs to come in action open and unloaded.

    In the second store, I know the owner very well and the sign says to check in with the counter staff if you wish to CCW. They said they have people waving guns and asking what ammo fits it and which holster as they get flashed. Make the employees a little nervous.

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    In Texas, it is quite clear that those signs are for other people. If a gun shop really wanted licensed concealed weapons carriers to disarm, they would post a valid 30.06 sign, but none of them do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsMyRight2 View Post
    I have seen them at a number of gun shops in my area. Signs say "no loaded weapons allowed in store"

    Now does that include my CC weapon?? I would think not but figured I would ask as it does seem somewhat confusing and I am sure I am not the only person to scratch their head at those signs.

    And if that is what it means I certainly would not go to a gun shop that is not ok with CC'ing.
    I shoot and have memberships to shoot at 2 local indoor ranges. One has an okay inventory the other has a very large inventory and a great facility. One is in the city and the other is in the county. Each are on private property. Neither post signs but the one in the city prefers that you keep your gun concealed and preferably in a locked gun case until you are on the range in a shooting booth.

    Their reasoning for this goes like this. Two guys at the gun counter are talking about guns. One guy pulls out his and says "Hay have a look at this" The other guy says, " Have a look at mine" but his gun discharges as he is pulling it from his holster and he potentially harms himself or another customer standing close by. Then the store owner has to put up with police and potential liability that can be avoided by saying NO guns drawn until you are on the range.

    Both ranges employ sales people who are always packing 3-4 guns themselves. They are mostly off duty or ex Leo's.

    The larger more equipped range I shoot at says, as soon as you set foot on our property you are free to carry openly anything legal.

    Each range/gun shop has their own rules. As a member, I think of it like, "well it is their football and their rules". So in order to play and continue to be a member, I need to play by their rules, regardless of any signs.

    It is only a matter of policy regarding how any business owner conducts business, any business, not just gun shops or shooting ranges.
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    I have a small shop out in the country that is on my property. The property is fenced, two German Shepards are in the yard and my customers have to enter the property through a gate that has a sensor that rings a chime in the shop to alert me someone has come through the pedestrian gate. I always look to see who is coming.

    When a customer enters the shop with a firearm I ask him to show me its unloaded and if semi-auto that the mag is out and the slide or action is locked open. I can't tell you how often a customer has tried to hand me a fire arm that has rounds in the mag or in the chamber.

    When I first started smithing I had several shot guns handed to me with a round in the chamber, that was an unsettling experience. I have toyed with the idea of unloaded gun signs but I don't have problems with my CHL customers they seem to be better trained and more safety conscience.

    I have cameras outside and inside the building and I open carry a .45 in the shop and on my property. I'm always leary of experiencing an armed robbery especially with the number of unemployed in Central Texas and the fact that I'm alone much of the time. With Christmas coming soon I'm especially in code orange.

    Fellas, in defense of other shop owners they have most likely had a bad experience that drove them to posting signs. In my opinion for every 50 good guys out their that legally carry there is one psychopath that is looking for a victim. I don't wish to be his next victim just because I may have a little cash in the safe. I'm one of those shops that just loves credit or debit cards.

    Before you criticize the shop owner put your self in his shoes and just imagine the stupidity he has to deal with. In most cases you will find that the "no loaded firearms sign" is for the firearm the customer in bringing in for repair, trade or appraisal.

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