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Gunshops with no loaded weapon signs??

This is a discussion on Gunshops with no loaded weapon signs?? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The owner of the gun shop I use not only alows CCW in the store but actively encourages it. Of course he teaches CCW classes ...

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Thread: Gunshops with no loaded weapon signs??

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    The owner of the gun shop I use not only alows CCW in the store but actively encourages it. Of course he teaches CCW classes as well!
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    I frequent a large gun shop in Charlotte. They also have the notice posted "No Loaded Guns Allowed". I have always emptied the chamber and removed the clip and put it in my pocket (clip). Reholster and go about my business. I spoke to the store owner about this and he said that is fine. He did mention you are supposed to check your gun with the front clerk to show you are not carrying a loaded weapon. Sometimes she is there and sometimes not. Bottom line is that I keep my weapon concealed. I have been there before checking out holsters. The owner of the store was with me. I asked if I could holster my weapon to check it out. I told him the gun was unloaded and that I had removed the magazine. He went on to say go ahead. All the employees in the store are open carrying and they ain't carrying pea-shooters. Most are carrying large caliber revolvers or semi's. I feel rather comfortable there with a unloaded gun. Funny cause when you leave the store and go back in the parking lot and look around in cars you see alot of people loading back up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsMyRight2 View Post
    I have seen them at a number of gun shops in my area. Signs say "no loaded weapons allowed in store"

    Now does that include my CC weapon?? I would think not but figured I would ask as it does seem somewhat confusing and I am sure I am not the only person to scratch their head at those signs.

    And if that is what it means I certainly would not go to a gun shop that is not ok with CC'ing.

    A couple of decades ago, a local gun shop (Westport, MA) employee was accidentally shot and KILLED by a customer. I think that's what your gun shops are trying to avoid.

    Let's face it - if you go into that gun shop with your 'cocked and locked' weapon, the chances are good that you'll be pulling it for whatever reason. So now the gun shop employees and patrons are totally at the mercy of your competence-level, because you've got the weapon OUT of the holster. If you make a mistake and the gun goes off, it's very easy to have DEATH as the result.

    Seems like a very reasonable store policy to me. I would do same if I owned a gun shop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonInNY View Post
    Gander Mountain, here in NY, posts a sign that says "All Firearms Must Be Checked at Counter, except for Valid Permit Holders"

    You might want to check with the manager of the store for clarification.
    Gander Mountain has the same signs in all their stores, probably even in Illinois. They put the signs up here in Kansas even before Kansas passed concealed carry.

    The ISSUE is firearms being handled in a gun store or at a gun show is ADs.Just about every gunsmith, gun store and gun show was a few holes in the roof, counter [hopefully not any people] when somebody says. "I can get this open" or Sumpns wrong with dis gun."

    Leave it in the holster, don't handle it, don't show it. If you're going to sell it, carry something else [your BUG] and take the primary unleaded.
    Local store/ranges here will have you go to teir range to unload your gun before they will allow it to be handled in the store.
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    So far, no such signs at my local gun shop. I know darn well that it wouldn't go over with the Arizona pro-gun community. Still, I hear plenty of wild stories from my friends that work there. Gun shops are often visited by some pretty strange people. I'll have to take a look at the ceiling when I go in today. Besides, I need a fix since I haven't been in there in a few days. I typically have something on lay-away or I see a box ammo with my name on it.
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    The gun store I went to today has a sign that says "Don't take your loaded gun out of the holster in our store".

    I agree with that one.

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    What about OC? can they make me unload and lock it up?
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