Is this a win or loss?

Is this a win or loss?

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Thread: Is this a win or loss?

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    Is this a win or loss?

    Raymore Faces Concealed Carry Showdown - Kansas City News Story - KCTV Kansas City

    Raymore MO city council wants to CC at their meetings BUT they don't mention the average permit holder just council members. IIRC there was a shooting at a meeting in southern MO, but I belive state law prohibits CC in all government buildings.
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    Missouri law says elected officials can carry guns in meetings, but most cities have laws that restrict firearms
    It appears that they already have what they need to carry guns in their meetings.

    In this case, I would call it a win. When city council members feel the need to tote, others will see it and become aware of it. The more people that are made aware the better off we'll all be.

    It could be the first step to amending a law that would ultimatley make it legal for concealed weapons holders to tote in city meetings.

    As most of you are aware, I do not beleive in having target rich environments. Any where it is illegal to protect yourself is just asking for bad things to happen.

    "I can't see how being known as a gun-toting town is going to improve our image," said Councilwoman Charlene Hubach.

    Hubach is against the ordinance. She said it will open the city up to possible legal problems.

    "We don't have too many people show up at meetings," she said. "It's either Boy Scouts or the Girl Scouts. I can't see why the Council would need to carry weapons against Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts."
    Charlene needs to get a clue. Attitudes like her's get people killed. The one irate person that does show up with a gun and points it at her may changed her attitude if she lives through it.
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    It can't hurt...probably better for the CCW'er...we'll see.
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    Back when it was left up to the Sherriff to issue CCL’s and it was a “may issue”, CCL holders had the same privileges to carry as an off duty LEO. I had been an auxiliary LEO in Florida but my day job transferred me to Alabama. The Sherriff I had worked for called the Sherriff in Alabama to introduce me and as soon as I settled in I meet the Sherriff for breakfast, and he gave me my Alabama CCL.

    I recall that back then we could carry just about everywhere. City and county meetings, Sherriff’s department, even the courthouse. After they started using metal detectors at the courthouse doors, it became a nuisance, but if you had a reason to be there, they still allowed it. Then as times progressed, and states stated issuing CCL’s the state decided to limit carry to certain areas, and places, and most saw it as a good thing.

    I know here in Florida county and city meetings are prohibited places, but I have two friends who are county commissioners and they carry in meetings anyway.

    Florida does have one interesting law on the books:
    Advisory Legal Opinion - Whether identification technician is an "assistant"

    (b) Officers or employees of the United States or the State of Florida, or any agency, commission, department, board, division, municipality, or subdivision

    And this may be how they are legally allowed to carry

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    Missouri law states that it isn't a crime to carry in those places listed as "off limits"unless you refuse to leave if asked to leave.
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    The way I read the notice, is he is asking for permission for council members "ONLY" to be permitted to carry.
    I'd think what's good for the goose is good for the gander. As long as you have a valid CC permit. Why just the council members?

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    Question it would make Raymore one of the first cities nationwide???

    What the????

    Carry is legal in nearly every City Council meeting in Virginia. BTDT at a number. Last I remember, there were 40 "cities" plus I don't know how many towns where you could carry at all public meetings, unless they were held at a school or in a court house.

    How about your State?

    Is it really that rare?
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    Probably not a win or loss, maybe a tie...
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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    Charlene needs to get a clue. Attitudes like her's get people killed. The one irate person that does show up with a gun and points it at her may changed her attitude if she lives through it.
    I remember this shooting at City Hall in Riverside, CA. I had worked with Chuck in the Chamber of Commerce previously. I'm pretty sure everyone there had the same attitude.

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