I think this forum saved me tonight

I think this forum saved me tonight

This is a discussion on I think this forum saved me tonight within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I worked late tonight, until about 12:30, so I had been at work for about 12 hours. Exhausted, I knew we needed milk at home, ...

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Thread: I think this forum saved me tonight

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    I think this forum saved me tonight

    I worked late tonight, until about 12:30, so I had been at work for about 12 hours. Exhausted, I knew we needed milk at home, but didn't want to drive the extra 20 minutes to the better side of town so I stopped at what we jokingly call around here as a "Crack Kroger". The parking lot was mostly empty but I parked an extra aisle over away from the doors. I went in, got my gallon of milk and came back out. As I'm walking back to my truck, I see an SUV next to my drivers side, running but no lights. Two people were in the front seats watching me. Normally I would have just walked to my door and tossed in the milk as I was getting in but my spidey senses starting tingling big time. I'm used to seeing one person waiting, especially if in the passenger seat, but something about both seats being occupied with the engine running just felt incredibly wrong, especially since there were closer spots to the door available.

    Since I still had about 10 yards to my truck, I thought about all the vulnerabilities and what was a better way to get in my truck. As I continue to approach I went to the passenger side while constantly looking around me and put the milk in while reaching across and unlocked the drivers side. I continued to look around and didn't see anyone else or any other vehicles behind my truck for anyone to hide. It was all empty parking lot. This left me to focus on that vehicle and I noticed that the side windows were tinted so I could not see in. I almost headed back into the store but that would have put my back to them and I didn't want to do that. So, as I rounded the back of my truck I did what a lot of people here call a "Virginia tuck" I think. Open carry is legal here with my license so no problem there. I carry at 4 o'clock so they cannot see this. Assuming nothing happens, they will never know it.

    Just as I do so, a thug looking guy opens the REAR passenger door (so now that's at least 3 people in the SUV) and starts to get out, looking me right in the eyes and saying, "Excuse me do yo...."

    I interrupted with, "STOP, I have nothing you want!" As I'm saying this the front passenger door starts to open too. I've got my right hand hovering over my Glock which they can't see, and my left hand out in front of me. Someone inside the SUV said something I couldn't make out and he hopped back in while whoever was in the passenger seat closed their door as they drove off rather quickly.

    Everything about that encounter screams attempted mugging/robbery/car jacking or worse to me. I am thankful for everything I have read on here that has caused me to change my behavior. If I had tried to get in my truck like I used to, my back would have been towards them with a gallon of milk in my strong hand and I would have been screwed.

    So thank you to all the DC members whose constructive posts have caused me to change from a to a
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    Good SA!

    I don't know about the forum saving you, I think YOU did, using what you learned here perhaps.

    Glad you're OK.
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    Nicely done. Seems like the lesson from that is either drive the extra 20 minutes, or, as I often do, get up before anyone else who will need milk the next morning and get it then.

    Glad it turned out well. I'm guessing you won't be asleep anytime soon... :)
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    Glad it turned out well for you...Can't really think of any improvements you could have made to your reaction to the situation.... You did good...
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    Good SA on that one. Not much you could have done different once you started the walk back to your car, I think you did fine. NO one got hurt and everyone went home.

    Did you report it to the police, just in case any other car jackings occur they might have a second good description?


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    good job - get used to carrying almost everything in your support hand - train to get your fire arm clear of the holster with your firing hand.
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    Glad nothing happened and GOOD SA! The forum didnt save you, MAYBE things you read here did, but in the end YOU saved yourself. As usmc3169 said, carry everything in your weak hand to leave your srong(draw/fire hand) free.
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    Condition yellow FTW! Nicely done! Thanks for sharing!

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    And this is why we rarely hear about CC holders in the news. We stop the situation before it happens more often that not.

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    To me it sounds like you did exactly what you should've done, and it sure looked like they were up to no good as you stated.

    Goof Job!

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    Good moves and wonderful finish.
    They felt the force and didn't want the hassel.
    Let's hope those suspects drove straight home?

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    Ya those spidey senses have gotten me out of some potentially bad situations before. Never ignore them.

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    Excellent SA, glad your ok!

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    Nicely done.

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    Good job. Any question they were asking surely wasn't legitimate.
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