SC CWP'S Soars

SC CWP'S Soars

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Thread: SC CWP'S Soars

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    Thumbs up SC CWP'S Soars

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    Good article and video!

    Left Charlotte for rural SC 25 years ago and haven't looked back.

    Hats off to Abbeville, SC... 1 in every 36 residents have there CPW

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    Excellent, thanks for posting.

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    I don't know about now, but a few years Back Indiana was second only to New York for the amount of citizens per total with a permit. New York though. I dont' find it odd that we're second here, I know the majority of my friends pack daily. But New York still baffles me.

    I think it's wonderful that more citizens are getting armed. It can only server more purpose of making a criminals job more difficult.
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    Is it just me, or is a significant percentage of new members here (including me) from SC as well? It makes sense that there is likely a parallel...
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    I've noticed that more and more people I meet here in South Texas either have their CHL or are getting it.I believe I am partly responsible for at least 3 of my friends taking a class this weekend
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    I live in FL, SC is looking more like a nice vacation spot every day.
    Go SC!
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    I have family in Charleston and Goose Creek and I enjoy all the southern states.

    Nothing better than that southern hospitality..

    On a side note; I wish they wouldn't say that it's because they think Obama is gonna put restrictions on the CC permits so much. I personally think America wouldnt allow that typ of movement. IMO, there's a huge rise in the CC holders because allot of americans are seeing how through legislation the BGs were winning the battle, due to the restrictions levied on CC permit holders.

    In Georgia they just passed an amendment to the code where it's now legal to CC on public transportation. Good move in my opinion. I would've never rode marta before but now, no big deal. Same thing with the State Parks and some other events that restrict CC. The crooks and dirtbags know these restriction too, so IMO, it's like bringing the cattle to the slaughter house. I'm thinking the dirtbags would be in short supply due to the "is he armed, should I look elsewhere for a victim" questions that might plague these maggots, if the support was directed towards the law abiding citizens of america and less restrictions on americas CC laws. No matter what. The mentality of our law makers (THAT WE PUT IN OFFICE, mind you), "we'll just outlaw guns here and there, and for this and that reason" only works in one direction. The good people are disarmed and the dirtbags are still armed. It's a wonder that we're not all just warm and fuzzy all over with visions of bliss from that sound philosophy.

    Okay, rant over...

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    1. Marion: 1 permit per 30.5 residents

    Double digit unemployment and gangs plague Marion County. I'm glad to the good citizens take measures to protect themselves.

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    Hmmmm...since I live in Darlington County, number THREE in violent crimes per thousand people and am surrounded by three other counties, all of which are in the top FOUR counties that are violent in SC, I guess I made a good choice to arm myself!
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    I went by a cafe' the other day here in SC and on the billboard out front of the cafe' read "Sign Up For CWP Classes Here". That's pretty good when cafe's are offering the class.
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