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There was a place called NY City, Where all the sheep lived squished, what a pity.......This was a magical place where rules of common sense and logic ceased to exist.....This was a land where Police Ticket books were more powerful than the Glock 17's they carried.....NYC is a disease....all of us that work there are infected.....the biggest criminal in NYC is NYC......bitter? Perhaps a smidge....$155 double parking tickets will do that to you.....
+1 for sure. There isn't a more gun fearing place on this earth. I am forced to live without carrying for 14 hours every Monday through Friday when I'm at work (I live in CT). When I am most at risk, I am unarmed. Guaranteed 1 year prison term for a handgun and a NYC permit.....? Better chance of finding yourself in Oz.
I would love to see someone publish the names of the people who do have NYC permits. Could be an interesting read.