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This is a discussion on BOB users within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by ppkheat Also what about those people who have homes near the school grounds (within 1000 ft) they can have guns in their ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ppkheat View Post
    Also what about those people who have homes near the school grounds (within 1000 ft) they can have guns in their homes.
    Yes we can! There is an exception to the 1000 ft rule for home owners. I can carry my long guns to and from the car to take them some where. I can have guns in my home. Now, if I park in the lot that is next to my driveway and I have a gun in my car then I commit a crime. That is why I do not leave guns in my wife's van; she parks on the lot; I myself drive accross it and park in the drive! I have a feeling if an LEO wanted to get technical that is criminal. I know that what a friend and I did after deer hunting one day was --- I forgot an got out of his car with my .243; he'd parked in the lot! As it happens I am in small town America and most of the LEO's would not worry about us walking from a car toward a house with a gun case. I usually carry the rifle in the hard case so as to keep the scope from getting bumped. We also tended to leave them in the cases when we went in to the resturant to eat brunch (we both hunted on an empty stomach and ate about 9:30 or 10am.)

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    Anybody used the Blackhawk line of bags?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ppkheat View Post
    AFAIK someone can drive their car with a gun inside through the 1000 foot school zone. I'm not saying you can drive it on the school grounds, but you can pass through the 1000 foot area going from point A to point B. Also what about those people who have homes near the school grounds (within 1000 ft) they can have guns in their homes.
    I live within 1000 feet of a school and I have lots of guns in my home. I also drive right past the school to go to my shooting spot. Also the road going by the school is the main road to get to the national forest where everyone goes hunting. I also shoot my bow in my yard alot. I do have a ccw permit. Am I violating any laws?

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    My BOB is also my vehicle survival bag. I frequently drive through the mountains in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado and it can snow in almost any month. I've got what I need for me and my wife to survive for 4+ days and the ability to make more water and take more food if needed. It's a waterproof internal frame pack with a padded belt and padded shoulder straps and several outer pockets. The top is a storage compartment with a magnesium fire starter, mini-LED light, 2-oz. bottle of earth-scented gun oil, water purification tablets, P-38, matches, compass, cap w/ LED's in the bill, whistle, boot laces (72"), a Leatherman tool and an additional knife (I have lock blade in pocket all the time). The outer compartments have several candles, and empty soup can, a bigger knife, small tent pegs, packed sawdust kindling sticks, hand warmers, two emergency blankets (aluminum-looking things), ponchos & first aid kit. The main compartment has TP, 4 1-liter bottles of water, a can of Spam, 2 12-oz. pouches of tuna, one 12-oz. can of ham, crunchy granola bars, sectional .22 cleaning kit (3-piece) w/ patches (can be used for fishing in a pinch), an 8x8 plastic tarp, a small spool of fishing line and a small box of small hooks & split shot, 100' of nylon rope (2-50 foot coils), last year's Rx eyeglasses, wool cap & gloves, extra undies & socks (all clothing is in double zip-loc bags) and a signal flare. There's probably more in the bottom, but the total weight (including the water) is 34 lbs. and would get lighter as time passed. I have my 1911 (in a holster) and 5 8-round mags with me at all times (2 on me, 3 in the truck) plus a box of 50 FMJ in the truck that can be thrown in the bag if needed. I change out the food and water periodically, but that bag goes in the truck anytime we go out of town. I've got enough in the vehicle to make it home or hide somewhere for a few days and will supplement what's in the BOB.

    I've needed my supplies a few times when I got stranded in two blizzards and a 12-hour road closure in the mountains. Good thing to have (and hopefully not need).

    This is almost like mine:

    Edit: oops...forgot the bottle of multi-vitamins
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