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This is a discussion on Why Carry within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry because I have seen true evil and I do not wish to be unaccomodating when I am graced with a visit by true ...

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Thread: Why Carry

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    I carry because I have seen true evil and I do not wish to be unaccomodating when I am graced with a visit by true evil.


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    We don't live in the same world our Parents and Grandparents lived in. It's unfashionable to be God Fearing anymore, or to have morals, or do the right thing. I remember the "Womens Liberation Movement". Now we have 12 year old girls dressing like hookers. I remember the "Civil Rights Movement" and now we have huge sections of urban areas a regular person couldn't go into and come out alive. Not to mention the folks who don't want to "snitch" while some crackhead runs rampant through their neighborhood killing, raping and robbing at will. I remember the "War On Drugs" and we have a whole new crop of them to go with the old ones as well as the full scale war just outside our borders deciding who's going to ship metric tons of it in. And we can't stop it because we are the #1 drug consuming country in the world. They're trying to teach "Gay Sex Ed" in our schools. They want to yank out the Ten Commandments from public places as well as outlaw prayer and then break their necks trying to install muslim footbaths. I remember seeing this documentary where these people said Elvis Presley was the devil because he moved his hips while he sang. Jeez, what were we thinking. Anyway, to answer your question I'll quote an old enemy Mao Tse Tung: "Power comes from the barrel of a gun."
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    I've always loved the following quote: "I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy."

    Something like that usually lightens the mood, then I change the subject. I normally try to associate with people that think the same way I do and rarely have to explain myself to others that way.

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    I know Im sort of alone on this subject but when people find out I carry, I enjoy talking to people about it and Im more than happy to explain why I carry, why its important. To me, if everyone (of the law abiding) carried all the time, violent crime would come to a SCREECHING halt.

    Not just anyone knows I carry, but I have friends who know and several have since gotten their CHLs as well. If we keep it too taboo of a subject to talk about how will new people find out about it? "Gun people" will always know but its important to me that concealed carry be something more well known to people who aren't typically into guns. I don't expect anyone to have to have an extensive collection of collectible firearms to need to defend themselves any more or less than anyone else. I had never owned a firearm in my life but I had a candid conversation with a friend of mine when we got on the subject of CC. It really got me thinking. I in turn have gotten other thinking. All because it wasn't treated as too taboo to talk about. And some people make the decision NOT to carry and I can respect that too. But at least they "tried those brussel sprouts before they said they didn't like them". An informed decision is always better than one made in ignorance.

    With that, I certainly wouldn't recommend having that conversation with just anyone. But if we never tell there will be fewer to speak out if this right ever is in dire threat of being taken from us.

    To answer the question at hand.

    I generally tell people that I feel each of us have a responsibility to protect ourselves, our families and children and perhaps even a friend who is with you and in immediate danger. A gun is just one of many tools that you could use and not everyone feels the need to carry that tool. The world is NOT a safe place as a general rule and while its important to not live in fear it IS important to be prepared.

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    First off arguing with someone over why you carry is a waste of time and breath. That being said, Ask them why they carry a spare tire in their car, or why they have a smoke detector and fire extinguisher in their homes. You may never need it, but when you do need it, there's no time to go out and buy one.

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    Because I want to and because I can...end of discussion.

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    I choose to protect myself and my family, you can choose not to...that's the great thing about this country...one can choose to be a victim, and there are plenty of dirtbags out there to take you up on it.

    Don't waste your time getting into discussions with friends and family over 2A. When you know where they stand and they dislike the idea of guns...let it go!
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    Quote Originally Posted by volfan View Post
    Have now been carrying for about 4 months and my new found interest has raised some eyebrows and questions from friends and family. I got into a discussion again tonight with some friends about why I carry. I don't feel that my answers were good enough for them but I tried my best. So let me throw it out to folks with a lot more experience then I have this way. We all talk and read about what to carry, how many to carry, and how often to carry etc? So why carry?
    JMO, but I would drop that mindset from the equation. Concealed carry is a very personal decision and something you shouldn't feel compelled to justify. If it was me, I would simply say, Just look at the evening news sometime. With todays violent crimes and the state of the economy violent crime can find it's way to anyone at anytime. You can scream and submit if you think that'll stop your threat, but I'll defend me and mine with something that gets results. Can I have some more turkey and dressing?


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    You've gotten some good response here. I like to lighten the mood a little, so my standard response is, "I carry a firearm because a police officer is too heavy to keep in my pocket." I also say "Just in case, the same reason I keep a spare tire, a smoke detector, and a fire extinguisher around. I hope I never need it, but some day I might."

    Also, I tend to dislike getting into arguments over this issue. If someone asks nicely I certainly will engage; if they ask combatively I tend not to.
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    I have found, as others have stated, that dicussing this with people who don't get it is a waste of time. I carry because I think it is my duty as a law abiding citizen to do so, and because I refuse to be a victim, and not fighting back is not an option.

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    Why argue your point? The ostrich-with-head-in-sand person just doesn't and will not get it.


    They live in a fantasy utopian dream world where things are just peachy and nothing will ever happen to them.

    Then, when it does, they still can't figure out what the crap just happend and why. Don't wast time trying to convince someone who thinks owning and carrying a firearm is really necessary.
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    I give them two reasons: Because brave men and women have bled and died to defend my right to do so. And, because someone has to protect all my Lilly-livered friends who go around with their heads in the sand.

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    The reasons for carrying are obvious and plain as the nose on your face. What isn't clear to me is why someone who gets himself licensed to carry a concealed weapon feels the need to make this known to friends and family. I prefer to stay in the "grey man" mode. Staying discreet about carrying a firearm is sensible and tactically wise.

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    My friends that know I carry all understand why and I've never been asked that question before.

    To my friends that don't know I carry (and they don't know for a reason) I would say "Bad things can happen to good people anywhere at anytime."

    I would hope they would understand that, being that in our safe little town, we've had a murder and armed robbery in the past two months.
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    I haven't even read the other responses but I can assure you this topic comes up quite often. How you respond will likely depend on who's asking i.e. some overzealous LEO vs. a friend or family member. With exception of a formal investigation, people who ask are at odds with the idea so your answer is not likely to satisfy their mindset.
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