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anyone have or use a holster shirt

This is a discussion on anyone have or use a holster shirt within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My dad and I both used the 5.11 holster shirt with another tshirt over top, it is slower drawing, but only takes one hand with ...

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Thread: anyone have or use a holster shirt

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    My dad and I both used the 5.11 holster shirt with another tshirt over top, it is slower drawing, but only takes one hand with practice. Also my dad either puts his Jframe, Bersa .380, or 1911 officers model. Though honestly anything bigger like say any full size is not gonna work.
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    I've got the 5.11 holster shirt
    use it only on occasion
    keltec P11 is the only thing I've carried in it and works good
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    I have a Kramer shirt. It does have it's place where very deep concealment is the issue, not fast draw. When I wear it I either carry my Taurus PT111 or 605. Both are light and small.

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    Agreed with Saber's agreeance.

    A holster shirt is IMHO an advanced carry method and tool.
    I have had one for several years and found it to be very handy for _dep_ concealment purposes.
    I would not though and do not use it with any degree of regularity.

    Run a search on this subject as there are many posts across multiple threads by formerly active member 'FedwifaSgi' who did use this as daily wear per his specific job detail. He was a huge proponent of the technology though as by a singular mfr., the same who I used and as I understand is no longer in business/taking orders.

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    I still have a week or 2 before I get my CCW.

    When ever I go to my sisters for dinner it's unavoidable that I will get ambushed by my nephews. This ends in a 30 minute wrestling match with me begging for mercy if they all jump in. I wonder if that shirt would be a good carry option for these situations?

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    I wonder if that shirt would be a good carry option for these situations?
    Sounds like leaving your weapon in the car is a good option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvmy40 View Post
    One of our distinguished members, fed_wif_a_sig has several posts and a video or two about different deep concealment shirts and their specific pros and cons
    I've tried to find those videos, but haven't succeeded...can you provide any more info about where to look? (I DID get a list of all of that guy's postings, but it was a VERY long list).

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    Check out this thread. Fed_wif_a_sig posted a good video (check post 9) he pulled the following from his UC Comfort 3XH. Not sure if the vendor is still ou there but it is a good depiction of this type of carry.

    Video is still active here.

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    Holster shirt

    Years ago, I was an Engineer for a TV station. Everyone got "evening"(3P-11:30P) "night" 10:30P to7A shifts, in turn. The station was located in a bad neighborhood. (They moved into a much better one just after I left them). One of our guys got knifed at the front door one night.
    I carried a J frame into and out of the building every time I went there, even during the day. I bought a corderoy sport coat at a thrift store, and sewed a holster on the inside of the left side lower area, just above where the belt would be. Very comfortable.
    The station management would get upset if they knew I had it, so as I came in, I would put the coat with gun in it, in my locker. I did not tell any others I was packing, although I knew some others were. Yes, I am fully aware they could legally fire me for this, but I made a decision about keeping on breathing instead.

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    I think they work fine in some circumstances... under a t-shirt in summer and wearing shorts for example. They work better on lighter / smaller guns, but will work on large guns as well. Make sure you get a tight fit so it will hold up the gun's weight. I don't even feel the gun there when I wear mine. I see it best as a spot for a back up gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boradriver View Post
    I'm waiting on my permit to come in, so I have been looking around at guns and holsters so I'm got everything picked out when I do get it. I plan on buying a glock 26 for my pistol.
    I just came across this Holster shirt and thought it looked pretty interesting.
    Holster Shirts

    Does anyone on here use or have one of these shirts? Any information you can give me would be great.


    I have several of these from a few different makers, and they definately have their place. Also, as others have stated, if you're planning on carrying a large weapon (I carry a Beretta 92FS in mine), you'd best purchase the shirt a size smaller than you normally wear to prevent it from beating up the side of your ribs.

    I do a lot of bicycling and can't really conceal much of anything inside or outside of a waistband, so they really come in handy at these times.

    Others have mentioned difficulty drawing from a buttoned shirt and having put velcro on them in place of buttons. That's a great idea, but to avoid having to modify my existing shirts, I bought several 5.11 "covert casual RAPIDraw" shirts that have fake buttons and just snap together. You can draw from those reasonably quickly. Still not as fast as say OWB, but pretty good.

    There's a pretty good video on the ABH site that illustrates drawing from a holster-shirt while wearing *something similar* to one of the 5.11 shirts:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keltyke View Post
    Sounds like leaving your weapon in the car is a good option.

    I don't think leaving my gun in the car is a good option.

    I think carrying when I can is a good option. I see nothing wrong with carrying at my sisters even though
    I know I'll end up rough housing with my nephews. As long as there is no round in the chamber.

    So you personally would leave your gun in the car? I don't recommend that. Its illogical to try and guess when you might need to carry since criminals don't make appointments.

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    I have a 5.11 Tactical Tshirt as well and it's a viable option under some circumstances but I don't believe it would work very well with a G26. I carry my S&W Airweight and a Speed Strip on the other side on occasion and it disappears pretty well as long as my dress shirt or golf shirt isn't too tight.

    My preferred deep conceal option is the Smart Carry with the snubby and the Speed Strip. For my G26 or G27 I like the appendix carry Galco tuckable in horsehide (which can work a couple ways) or my Inside Armor kydex at 3:30 strong side. The kydex takes some adjustment to find a 'sweet spot' and maybe a perfect sweet spot will never be found, but I'm also thinking my body will adjust after more time carrying this way. It is by far the preferred location for ease of draw with an untucked shirt, sweat shirt, fleece or Hawaiian shirt.
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    I've used the Kramer shirt. Got made by a hug.

    Much prefer the Smartcarry for deeper concealment, or a smaller pocket gun.
    The number of people killed because they didn't have "enough gun" is dwarfed by those who had none at all.

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