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This is a discussion on Gun/work within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i don't sell bread but i'm in the type of buisness where i'm going in and out of stores all day. i'm bending over all ...

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    i don't sell bread but i'm in the type of buisness where i'm going in and out of stores all day. i'm bending over all day but not near as much as you are. i use a G19 in a supertuck and also worry about a manager asking about that bump on my side. i have thought of several things to reply with but the latest one is that it is a hidden tape recorder to record any conversation that i think could be going in the wrong direction so i will have proof of what was said. so far no one has asked about it so i haven't had to give a reason yet. i don't think an ankle holster will work either if you wear shorts to work most days like most of the bread guys do around here.

    you do need to find something that will work for you because i feel that carrying in our type of buisness is a need not just a want. your best bet may be a small 9mm or 380 in a pocket carry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BkCo1 View Post
    Kidden, What are Dutch rounds? Never heard of the phrase.
    Semper Fi
    It's a loading of JHP and FMJ rounds in the magazine. I start off with a hollow point round and follow it with a full metal jacketed round and so on. Some question the penetration of the .380 JHP, but with a FMJ round, that's a non issue.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RogerThat View Post
    OK, I've been wanting to ask this question for some time, but haven't had the chance.. This is my situation. I have a concealed weapons permit. I would wear it at work if I could. I have before for an entire day more than a few times. The thing is I deliver/merchandise bread, and contrary to logical belief my job isn't easy... I get up at 1:50am 5 days a week and the job is a race against the clock to get to all 12 stops a day and all stores receive product by certain times. All stores stop receiving at noon PERIOD...

    I'm bending over countless countless times over and over I'll even jog sometimes to get from my truck to the back door sometimes and even to the bread aisle if there isn't anyone in the store yet. Lately I've been keeping my handgun in a gun case/sleeve and leaving it in the work truck when I deliver. I'm only away from my truck about 15-30minutes at a time at any given time, and there are usually other bread guys parked around or right next to mine. I lock all my doors and even the backdoor of my work truck, and sometimes I'll put the gun sleeve in the back of the truck where the bread is in case someone does break in they wont be too apt to want to steal the bread I hide it under some empty trays sometimes as well.

    My question is what do you think I should do? Is what I'm doing stupid? Should I leave my gun at home even though I have a small 4 gun sized safe that I can't bolt down because I live in an apartment? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Also might I add, I live in the south its hot even now!! its about 75 degrees right now in December where I live, and I'm a big guy I sweat a lot as is. My biggest fear would be a store manager asking me to show me what the buldge is, and trust me I wouldn't put it past some of them to do this especially at a much more corporate store that much of us like to go to when we first get our permits. I have to bend over funny a lot when and if I do carry to help prevent printing
    Unless you are self employed or an independent contractor, the first thing to do would be to find out what your company policy is regarding carry. I would also add that there is a very high probability that some stores you deliver to either have signs posted or have a policy against carry inside the store.

    Even if customer can carry in the store, you are in effect acting as an agent for the stores you deliver to by agreement with the company you work for.

    The Castle Doctrine is not extended to a company truck since it is not your personal property and cannot be considered as an extension of your domain.

    It would be my strong opinion that you are taking a good amount of risk, even if the gun is left in the truck. The major risk being your job.

    Unlike armed guards, you are not issued to carry by your company.
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    If it's hot and humid I would also opt for a j-frame in a pocket carry. The best I've found so far is a bendable wire reinforced model by Milt Sparts (PCH-R). The wire border allows you to shape the holster for different size pockets in various pants, thereby providing a more form fit with light twills to heavy jeans. BTW: Nothing is perfect for any kind of carry, when its 112+. I'm from Louisiana and I currently live in the hottest region of Arizona, so I know a little bit about the whole hot carry thing'.

    More to say... I tried the appendix carry (Thunderwear) but when the mercury reaches into the teens, it turned into a walking sauna!
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    As much as I don't like anything smaller than a 9mm, There are times when the phrase, "any gun will do if you will do" is applicable. It is better to carry a pea shooter .22 than nothing at all. Not that I'm advocating carrying a .22, but I think an LCP or P3AT in pocket carry would be a good idea. Or put the .380 in a supertuck.

    I wear a supertuck all day, every day. I spray pest control, so I'm in and out of homes and businesses all day with no one the wiser. I carry a Springfield XD subcompact.

    For your situation, the XD subcompact would print too much. But I think one of the small .380s mentioned above would conceal VERY nicely.

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    I can pocket carry my Keltec or LCP easily anywhere the law allows. Simple and no worries of a dropped or exposed gun, while all the while at the ready and easily accessible. Ankle carry can't provide that kind of comfort and peace of mind.
    Smart carry might also be worth a look, depending on what gun works for you.
    Also, if securing your gun in the truck is a concern, invest in a Center of Mass or similiar portable lock box. Cabelas also has them. Easy to secure inside the truck, using the supplied cable. They lock with either key or combination. You can put it in place or remove it in about 1 minute. I keep one under the front seat of my vehicle secured to the seat frame with the cable. I use it, when I can't carry the gun with me.

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    Your only option is a small pistol like a P3AT Kel-tek 380 with a nemesis holster in your pocket.

    Or I “hate” to say… since you live in South Florida with its tropical heat year round, you may be best gong unarmed.

    If a store manager catches you, and calls your company, I’d guess you’ll be terminated so immediately you won’t even make it back to work, before they are calling you.

    I worked for a company like that back in the 80’s, so I left my Colt 45 in the car, until I made it up the ranks to where I was the boss. Then I discreetly carried a Walther PPKs in a IWB in the small of my back. Mind you I had job offers all the time, and knew I could go to work else ware anytime I wanted.

    Before you carry at work think about this

    In today’s economic environment, I’d hate to be looking for a job, and not be able to have them call my past employment for fear they would tell my new employer why I was laid off.

    Sorry to say it but those are the facts.

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    I agree pocket carry or ankle carry if you are wearing long pants. (not like the guys that drive the "Brown" trucks).

    I have an older Bianci ankle holster that holds a snub nose really tight. It has a retention strap so I can run with it if I had to, it won't come out.
    I believe the newer model from Bianci is called a Ranger Triad.

    A snub nose in a pocket holster would work well also.

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    I carry my P3AT in a pocket holster sometimes, i also have a small frame Tagua IWB holster that i wear with it in the SOB area, deep concealment even in the summer time.
    Quote Originally Posted by rottkeeper View Post
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    pocket carry is my vote...anything on the waist is going to intrude with constant bending and lifting...ankle carry could be a problem up, in, down and out of the truck all day...

    the bulge on my belt line is an insulin pump if asked...not discusting and would tend to draw more sumpathy than anythign else...

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    Pocket carry is the common sense answer here.

    A 442/642, LCP, 3AT...whatever, it doesnt matter. I would think a smart carry would cause some issues when working in the heat. Ankle carry is to risky, and wont work if you are wearing shorts.
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    alright after reading all of everyones posts I've put together a few options. I don't necessarily want to buy a new gun just so I can carry it and leave my other 3 at home. I might do that later on down the road, but not right now. My other two options are going with a in the car safe I found on google that someone had mentioned and its probably the same one.
    You can lock the safe to the bottom of the seat of your car with a cable provided with it. In Car Gun Safe
    OR, go with a smart carry and or both, but I'm trying to not spend too much money here. Which one would be the better out of the two. Now I'm not only considering my safety here, I'm also considering the safety of my gun as well. So maybe no carrying is the only option but I would like to have it within close proximatey so at least I know I have one with me. Thanks for the responses, and more input is appreciated
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    pocket carry

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoadRunner71 View Post
    If I have ever heard of a situation demanding a small pocket j-frame, this is it. Pocket carry or possibly ankle holster. You don't have a lot of options otherwise.

    Good luck.
    +1 this is good advise.
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