State Trooper Warned Me

State Trooper Warned Me

This is a discussion on State Trooper Warned Me within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A couple of weeks ago, wife and I were traveling on I-15 south to central Utah to get a new dog from a breeder, we ...

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Thread: State Trooper Warned Me

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    State Trooper Warned Me

    A couple of weeks ago, wife and I were traveling on I-15 south to central Utah to get a new dog from a breeder, we lost our other family companion earlier this fall after 15 yrs. On the way we were talking and listening to the radio and the next thing I saw, a light bar in my rear view mirror. I looked down at my speedo and sure enough, I was speeding about 15+ over the limit. Limit was 65 and I was pushing 80 ... oops! So, I pull over right away, turn on the interior lights, get my wallet out with DL and CCW permit in hand. With my hands on top of the steering wheel, the trooper comes up on the passenger side of the car. He taps on the window and my wife rolls it down. "Drivers license and insurance please", he asked. I handed him my DL and permit and informed him that I was carrying a concealed weapon. The trooper asked where it was, I told him at 3 o'clock on my right hip. He asked, what kind of gun? I told him it was a .45 cal model 1911. "Oh, a colt?" he said. No, I said it was a Kimber ... "Oh nice" he said. I asked how fast I was going and he said he clocked me at 78mph. He asked me to sit still and he would be right back. He returned to the cruiser, ran my info and returned. The trooper handed me back my DL and permit and said, "I am giving you a verbal warning to slow down, your history is clean and I believe you just werent paying attention to the speedometer". He says, "The only reason I am giving you this verbal warning is because you are actually carrying a gun". He said, "More people should be carrying a concealed weapon these days". My wife was flabergasted. I'm sure her jaw hit her lap when he said this.

    Long story short, the trooper was pleased that I was carrying my handgun, commended me on my efforts to protect myself and family and let me go with a verbal warning. How cool is that?

    He was very professional and conducted the stop very well. Kudos to Utah Highway Patrol, your officer today showed himself as a class act.

    ETA: Utah does not require permit holders to notify LE that they are carrying. The officer reminded me of this and I explained to him that I thought he had every right to know who he was dealing with right up front. He appreciated the fact that I was honest and did notify him of my weapon. I guess I will continue to notify LE of my weapon no matter if it's required or not. I dont think it can hurt to tell them up front.
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    Wow, hearing this was a nice way to start my day. I've heard a lot of stories about pleasant LEO encounters where they paid no attention to the concealed carry, but never one who was actually openly pleased that someone was carrying. Thanks for sharing!
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    I had a similar experience with a Sc state trooper about 2 years ago, just gave me a warning after we had a short firearms discussion.

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    Thanks for the report.

    Glad to hear LEO’s in your area are pro 2A

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    Bad on you for speeding,but good LEO interaction
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    I'm impressed. Thanks for relating this story. It gives hope things will keep improving.

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    That's awesome! Shame on you for speeding though. None of the rest of us ever do that!

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    It's really nice to hear something good about our LEO's for a change. Thanks for sharing.
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    I am very impressed, My wife and I visit Utah quite often, thanks for sharing!

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    Those are the kinds of cops I enjoy hearing slow down.
    Adtually, I probably would have been the one 'passing' you.

    Stay armed...stay safe!
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    I believe that LEOs know that the THIN BLUE LINE of enforcement is stretched very thin, and folks who have CHLs and carry are a asset.
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    46 actually got stopped for going 78 in a 65? Around here you're liable to get shot at for going any slower than that. You usually have to be doing at least 80+ and doing something else stupid to get the Troopers attention.

    Sweet story though... I'm always glad to hear about more of few good people out there

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    That's how every interaction should go!
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    NICE! (Not the speeding, but the rest. BTW, in agreement with the trooper about your kimber, nice indeed.) I like to hear encounters like this one.

    Stay safe
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    Thanks for the post. Where were you on I-15? About 5 miles south of me on I-15, (MP 160) it changes to 75 and stays at that or 80 the rest of the way to AZ.

    Good stop, good interaction. The best way to have a good interaction with a LEO is to stay courteous. You did that, and he did as well.

    Cars have cruise for several reasons, the ONLY reason I use it is because I have a "lead foot". Cruise works great to keep me from speeding any more than I plan on.
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