Outback Steakhouse (again)

Outback Steakhouse (again)

This is a discussion on Outback Steakhouse (again) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi All, From reading some already closed posts in this forum, I now realize that many people are aware of Outback Steakhouse's somewhat veiled anti-gun ...

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Thread: Outback Steakhouse (again)

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    Angry Outback Steakhouse (again)

    Hi All,

    From reading some already closed posts in this forum, I now realize that many people are aware of Outback Steakhouse's somewhat veiled anti-gun policies. However, I thought it may be interesting for you guys to see the letter I just sent out to them. I will post their (probably canned) response when/if I receive it! (Now that I have been alerted to Outback Steakhouse's corporate attitude towards CCW, I will never again eat at any of their restaurants, whether they are posted or not! )

    The Letter:

    Dear Outback,

    Please read the entirety of this short letter. Thank you!

    I normally quite enjoy eating at your fine restaurants. However, as my wife and I were about to enter your Hermitage, TN, Outback restaurant last Thursday, we were stopped at the door by a printed sign that requested that all legal concealed licensed firearm holders with a weapon must not enter the premises. Rather shocked, we turned and walked away to eat elsewhere.

    The posted sign at this Outback restaurant means to me, and to many other people, that:

    1. You do not wish to have anyone in your restaurant who has passed a comprehensive state and federal criminal check (confirming their lack of any criminal history).


    2. You do not want any customers in your restaurant who are responsible and law-abiding enough to actually pay attention to, and obey, such a sign (confirming their honesty and integrity).

    Why you do not appreciate customers that have been fully vetted by police and FBI -- and customers that actually obey your small anti-firearms sign -- is beyond me, but obviously I will not (and indeed cannot) eat at any of your restaurants that post such a notice at their door. While this may make some people at Outback Steakhouse Corporate actually relieved, others at your company may feel that losing honest patrons may not be the best fiscal policy, especially during this most difficult economic period.

    Happy Holidays,

    -Bill Calley

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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    I wasn't aware of that policy, or at least, I haven't seen that sign at my local OBs.
    Good letter, good points. Interesting to see if they respond and what that reply will say.
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    I was just about to buy gift cards for parents. My step Fathe just got his permit, guess I will try longhorns.
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    Do they have legal signage? (If that's required in MS)

    The Buffalo Wild Wings I go to has a sign on their door that says something along the lines of "All firearms are banned on these premises blah blah blah", which doesn't comply with the 30.06 sign, and they also do not have the big red "51" sign saying more than half their income comes from alcohol sales, so I carry in there anyway...but that's TX.

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    Maybe you could post their E-Mail address here so more people could join in.
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    I haven't noticed a sign at my local Outback. Could it be one stuck up by some local manager. Maybe he will get fired and we could have a support Outbacks night. Or it could be a corprate policy, then I will not go back.
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    In TN it just needs to get the point across with some verbiage. The only thing that does not count is the international circle with the line through it alone. It is a criminal offense to disobey a posting in TN and a judge just overturned the new law a few weeks ago so now nowhere that serves alcohol s legal.
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    A lot of Outbacks are ran by "managing partners" who are in minority owners in the local franchise. Something tells me that the "manager' instituted is own policy, independent of the company.
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    If I hadn't sworn off them years ago, I certainly would now.

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    Under an old Volkswagen somewhere in Florida
    Virginia, you can't CC in a place that sells alcohol for consumption (posted or not), but you can OC if it isn't posted (called "The Virginia Tuck" rule because many CC simply tuck their shirt behind their holsdter when they enter such an establishment). I mainly pocket carry, but I keep an OWB holster in the truck for this purpose (it happens to fit both the Snubbies and the Taurus Slim).
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    It's a moot point in Ohio. Any place with a "by the drink" liquor license is off limits. That's being worked on now.

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    Perhaps you could have added to your letter the fact that you will be sharing their coporate policy concerning 'law abiding' permit holders with the 35K members who frequent this forum.

    I applaud you for taking the time to write...more people should be willing to to that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rottkeeper View Post
    Maybe you could post their E-Mail address here so more people could join in.
    Count me in on that

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    That I did not know about outback. I ate at the longhorn here (In bartonsville) not long ago. I was half ass CC (yes, I throw my coat/jacket over my OC rig, its cold here in NEPA) and when I removed my coat i was OC and nobody said anything and yes, the waitress DID take notice of it as did the manager. But seeing as how I was dressed, I might have been mistaken for an Off duty detective/plain clothes cop without the badge?

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    Well written letter, can't wait to see the response (if any).
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