Multiple CCDW'ers and LEO

Multiple CCDW'ers and LEO

This is a discussion on Multiple CCDW'ers and LEO within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In KY we don't have a law requiring us to inform an officer that we are carrying concealed however i do know some states do. ...

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Thread: Multiple CCDW'ers and LEO

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    Multiple CCDW'ers and LEO

    In KY we don't have a law requiring us to inform an officer that we are carrying concealed however i do know some states do. I was wondering if multiple people, say in a car that stopped for some misc. reason, are carrying concealed do they all have to inform the police officer and hand over their CCDW card. I'm thinking it's porbably a yes but I just wanted to ask.

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    depends on the law i would think so but it might be driver only....
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    I say yes. In most states were you have to notify, it usually means if you come in contact with a LEO, not just drivers on a traffic stop.
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    Depends on state law. In Texas you have to inform if they ask you for ID. So, if the officer just asked the driver, then that's it. Now, if he asks if there are any other weapons in the vehicle, well then that another story IMO.
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    IMHO I think you should always tell the LEO. Even if your the passenger, make sure the driver tells the LEO. Legally I have no answer though. That is just my opinion.
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    Best Answer

    It varies by state...
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    Oh no, dont tell the LEO's your carrying! they are bound to drag you out of the car by your hair, throw you to the ground, kick you a couple of times and then throw you in jail. ;-)

    In Alaska if you have official contact with an on duty officer you are commiting a misdemeanor crime by not informing. Other states are different.
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    Ohio Revised Code specifically states that all armed occupants of a car must notify if the car is pulled over.
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    KY law does not require you to inform. As a driver I likely would as a matter of courtesy. As a passenger I would not, unless the LEO asked the driver if their were any weapons in the vehicle. Since most of my friends don't know I carry, I would prefer not to let them know unless absolutely necessary.

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    In SC, if you are asked for identification by a LEO, if you are packing, you MUST present your CWP card also. It's wisse to tell the officer you are armed and where it is.

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