Best and worst of state laws

Best and worst of state laws

This is a discussion on Best and worst of state laws within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; (If this question has been asked and answered in an old thread, maybe somebody could point me to it, but otherwise - ) I'd be ...

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Thread: Best and worst of state laws

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    Best and worst of state laws

    (If this question has been asked and answered in an old thread, maybe somebody could point me to it, but otherwise - )

    I'd be interested to hear from you guys on two things:

    What do you dislike the most about your own state's handgun legislation, and how you would change it, and;

    What do you think your state does right on that same topic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sixsccw View Post
    (If this question has been asked and answered in an old thread, maybe somebody could point me to it, but otherwise - )

    I'd be interested to hear from you guys on two things:

    What do you dislike the most about your own state's handgun legislation, and how you would change it, and;

    What do you think your state does right on that same topic?

    Since your first question is two questions I'll separate them.

    1st Q: That there is any idea that restrictive handgun legislation is needed in the first place.

    2nd Q: Abolish current laws and adopt Vermont's. And install a law that everyone must be armed unless they object for whatever reason they can think up.

    3rd Q: Nothing I can identify at the moment.

    Tired of nit picking through laws intended to be oppressive to all people that aren't "the only ones" allowed to be armed.

    Most people seem to agree to restrictive gun laws that they themselves have already qualified for so they become someone who is willing to dis-arm others. They become... "the only ones" allowed to be armed. "People like me are OK... but not THOSE people".

    Whole lotta infringin' goin on these days...

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    the not carrying in a bar or bar area of a restaurant bothers me...if youre that irresponsible you cant control yourself you shouldnt be allowed to carry period...not that i would want more restrictions but wouldnt it be easier to say no alcoholic consumption while carrying and i could have a soda with some friends like i do anyway when i'm riding or driving?...

    not being able to carry in a police station or post office...i dont get it personally...if i was there to shoot someone i would probably carry in anyway...but weve been there...

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    I'm in CA. Before I start, is there a limit on the length of a post in these threads? Just checking before I might crash the forums...


    1 - Change CCW from arbitrary "may issue" to "shall issue" so it's a level playing field and not political football.

    2 - Either get rid of the mandatory 10-day wait for new firearm purchases. At least make that only for the first firearm purchase, with subsequent purchases either immediate or next day delivery, with immediate delivery for CCW holders since they've already gone through the background checks.

    3 - Can we please join the rest of the free world and start using regular capacity magazines instead of these neutered wonders? Granted, our fully loaded pistols weigh less but that means very little if you're in a fight for your life.

    4 - Bullet buttons are a joke. So are "listed" lowers. If the CA Dept. of Justice hadn't politicized the legislation by playing games, CA's gun laws might not receive the amount of ridicule they do. But then, CA's legislative majority has had its collective head up its backside so long that it thinks its dysfunctional ways are actually normal.

    5 - Is it 1,000 feet or now 1,500 feet "gun-free" zone around schools? It's going to be interesting how long this law lasts. CA has played the same distance game with sex offenders, effectively banishing them from some cities entirely. Apparently some are taking CA to court over this. (While I don't offer any sympathy to sex offenders or minimize the risk to society, the means by which CA tries to minimize that risk is legally questionable. CA has used that same tactic against gun owners too.)

    What I would really like is a Constitutional amendment in CA making the author, co-signers and all affirming legislators legally liable for legal costs when their legislation is found to be legally defective and/or unconstitutional. Make those legislators have to pay the legal fees out of their own re-election coffers. If they are no longer available, take those funds from their political party's election funds. Maybe that will make them think twice about the flood of "feel-good" legislation they pass that immediately gets stopped by the courts. A federal example is the 1998 Child Protection Act passed and signed by Clinton. It sounded so great, made wonderful PR but was obviously unconstitutional. Never got out of the starting gate. Why should the taxpayers continue to pay for this defective lawmaking? The ones behind these bad laws are guilty of legislative malpractice, and should repay the citizens for their incompetence.

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    To me, CCW laws are mainly one of the 101 things to do until the revolution (Clair Wolfe). That is, they make it legal for now (for the "right" people) to carry and protect themselves. But make no mistake, CCW laws are a major infringement of our right to keep and bear arms. At some point the government will move to confiscate all our weapons, and all this will become clear. They will use the CCW rolls to know where to get some of the weapons. Hopefully by then a lot of idiots will wake up and understand TYRANNY, finally. Or maybe not.
    Anti-gunners seem to believe that if we just pass enough laws, we can have utopia. Unfortunately, utopia is NOT one of our choices.

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    Few things I would change about Tennessee:

    1. No permit required for open carry or car carry.
    2. Allow us into restaraunts that serve alcohol. (We could, for a few days, until that judge....)

    Of course, I'd rather have Alaska's style of gun law if that were an option, and allow anyone who legally owns a weapon to carry it however they want, but with an option to acquire a permit so you can have out of state reciprocity. The way we're going, that may happen.
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    Yes, I agree about California gun laws. They suck.
    I am originally from California, but Never plan to move back.
    I like having my Concealed Pistol License; AKA CCW.
    I used to own a security company in California(PPO#11821) in the early 90's,
    and provided Executive protection,and even after going to the appeals board,
    was still denied a concealed weapons permit.
    Even with my extensive Training, etc.
    I had to use all the Gray areas of the Law, to get by, using my exposed weapons permit.
    Again, if your not a cop,or celebrity, or can afford to sue the city of L.A.
    which is very expensive to do every two years, your not going to get one.
    So, good rid-dens California, I value my life and safety more, then it's laws allow.


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    I would have to agree with everyone about being allowed to carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol, but on the flipside if it was passed and you were caught consuming while carrying immediate felony.

    We had an instance in Fayetteville many years ago where a guy flipped out and went into a local italian restaurant and shot the owner, owners wife, and a few other people including a guy that jumped in front of his young son. He used a shotgun only and had to reload in the middle of his rampage which would have been an opportunity for an armed citizen to end the whole rampage. Perfect example of the need for it beign allowed.

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    I don't believe in handgun restrictions. People with premeditated ill intent obviously don't believe in them, why should I?
    Healthy children will not fear life, if their parents have integrity enough not to fear death.

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    We pretty much have it made with gun laws here in FL. The 'being unarmed in the bar part of a restaurant' but being able to have a beer a few seats away while armed...what's that? Someone was smokin' sommin' when they designed that law, but I'll take it anyway...I don't do bars. We can carry just about everywhere, banks, and churches, etc.
    No signs, or they mean nothing is great.
    I don't care about OC, so the CC laws are fine with me. An accidental flash of the firearm because of the wind is not going to get me arrested.

    I also like the Castle Doctrine....but...
    I wouldn't change anything except for the ability to protect property, as the Texans are allowed to do.

    Gotta' love the GunShine State...
    Last edited by RETSUPT99; December 19th, 2009 at 11:48 PM.
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    No carry at church. It's like, if you believe in God you don't need or deserve to protect yourself. I say leave that up to the church.
    Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around laws. Plato

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    I'm in NM.

    I'd like my CCW to allow me to carry in establishments that serve alcohol for consumption on premises. Not because I drink, but because at present it's hard to take my family to dinner at family restaurants (e.g. Applebee's, Olive Garden, Red Robin...).

    I'd also like a strong castle doctrine statue and supporting case law.
    In the heat of the moment, what matters is what your body knows -- not what your mind knows.

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    Castle doctrine would be nice. I'm sure we'll see it eventually. Our permits are called LTCFs. Something is wrong when you need permission to exercise a right that is enumerated in not only the U.S. Constitution but our state constitution as well. Other than that, I have no real complaints about PA's restrictions as we have almost none.
    "In a republic this rule ought to be observed: that the majority should not have the predominant power." -
    -- Marcus Tullius Cicero

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    Utah is the best, no complaints... other than no Castle doctrine.
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    Get the U.S. out of the U.N.

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    Best things about CO gun laws are (a) no restrictions on carry in alcohol-serving venues, so we can go to any restaurant, (b) unlicensed carry in vehicles of loaded handgun is explicitly allowed by statute for any legal gun owner.

    Downers are (a) Denver prohibits open carry which is legal in the rest of the state with no permit necessary, and (b) in 2007 a democrat-controlled state government stopped recognition of nonrez licenses issued by reciprocal states.

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