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Some random, miscellaneous observations about various stuff

This is a discussion on Some random, miscellaneous observations about various stuff within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As usual very informative.....I am never disappointed.....Good read Grady.......

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Thread: Some random, miscellaneous observations about various stuff

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    As usual very informative.....I am never disappointed.....Good read Grady....

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    I've dropped my spare mag twice in a fairly bad places. One was an outdoor concert with tons of ppl, cops around in an outdoor mall area. I scooped it up real fast and noone noticed or said anything. The other was my grandaughter's softball game, not on a school ground. No one noticed. The darn mags are more trouble that the weapon.

    I've noticed some malls in the Colorado area have in their code of conduct "no carring of weapon concealed or open with or without a permit" but the entrances are NEVER posted. In Colorado posting has no power of law. I wonder what a cop would say if they happened to get a glance of a CCW ? I am alway very confident of my CCW abilities.

    Sorry to hijack the thread, the dropped mags just got me started thinking about social settings.

    Is anybody as amazed as I am about what the sheep think is illegal? A friend was told by a loose associate that worked in a bank about a guy that had a CCW on and was sitting across from the bank employee (the one telling the story) and his jacket moved a little and the CCW was exposed. The employee said "your not allowed to have a GUN in a bank", the guy said sure I can, no you can't (employee), the customer showed his badge (he happen to off-duty LEO), employee goes oh. There is no laws in Colorado about not carring in a bank!!!!

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    you never disappoint, Grady. entertaing, and insightful, as always.

    as for the lady you terrified (), can you imagine if you'd been open carrying? she would have had to change her pants.

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    Good post,

    I have a PF-9, when new it was stiff to drop the slide release. But you were right, after about 300 rounds and many mag changes practicing, it is much easier now.

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    Great Post, Thanks for sharing.
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    Thanks Grady.

    Great post that I enjoyed reading. Merry Christmas to you and your's. Take care and stay safe.


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    Great post, good reading....Grady you always have an interesting spin on things...
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    Great info

    I didn't know how much I wanted to know the information you shared until I read it. Thanks.

    And maybe the woman just has bug-eyes
    Walk softly ...

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    Grady, that was about the coolest description of a week I have read in awhile, well with the exception of dropping that loaded magazine. LOL!

    I know about the Bersa. When I purchased the wife's Ruger LCP, the guy behind the counter let me see a Bersa in .45. Man, that pistol felt like it was made just for me and the price was like really good.

    He said, "I can write that up for you as well as the LCP".

    I was like, "Yeah, you could, but take this thing, put it back into the cabinet so I'm not tempted much further!" He laughed and complied with my wishes.

    Keep the posts coming, Grady, we love them!
    "A Smith & Wesson always beats 4 aces!"

    The Man Prayer. "Im a man, I can change, if I have to.....I guess!" ~ Red Green

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    I was always taught not to use the slide release unless I'm closing the gun on an empty chamber/mag. The thinking is that useing a slide release is a fine motor skill and can be tough in a high stress situation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hagfan72 View Post
    Great write-up.

    However, not to sound like a newbie, but what does "NPE" stand for?

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    hagfan72........NPE is a Non Permissive Enviroment....

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    Quote Originally Posted by armado View Post

    The Walmart incident showed that the lady was incredulous that you were at the pharmacy counter and that you had your own teeth, weren't on oxygen and were paying with your own money!
    Vietnam Vets, WELCOME HOME

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    Grady, I love reading your threads. You earn the "Yoda" title over and over again, my friend :)
    Don't frisk me, I am the weapon.

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    An observation of my own RE - She could not release the slide when locked open...

    Purely by accident, when I was at a local gun shop, one of the counter guys was showing me one of the new arrivals, and was commenting on how he did not like it because the slide release was wicked stiff, and he needed two hands to release it. When he handed it to me, sure enough it was stiff....until I dropped the mag and it was nothing to release the slide.

    Lesson learned - the slide will release real easy with no mag, or a full mag - not an empty mag due to the additional pressure on the slide lock by the mag follower (theory tested with a snap cap).

    Good post Grady

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