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CW in Walmart parking lots

This is a discussion on CW in Walmart parking lots within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In case the other link to google didnt work (I thought it was funny as hell) Identities Revealed of IF Murder/Suicide Victims - KIFI - ...

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Thread: CW in Walmart parking lots

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    In case the other link to google didnt work (I thought it was funny as hell)

    Identities Revealed of IF Murder/Suicide Victims - KIFI - Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Jackson WY - Weather News Sports-

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    As a Walmart customer I carry concealed in the store every time I go. The laws concerning employer/employee and guns in vehicles on work property are not quite settled unless something has happened very recently. The last I heard, an employee MAY LEGALLY keep a weapon in his car on company property, regardless of company policy. But how many employees are willing to take the possible employment risk? We'll have to stay tuned to the courts, unless someone has heard of ruling updates.

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    I know each state is different, but in Utah, Walmart is forced to let employees have a gun in their vehicle. It's state law, no employer can refuse it.

    If someone were to be fired for that reason, the state would step in, or the newly unemployed would be able to sue Walmart, and get a nice settlement.
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    In Ohio your car is your own property. The issue came up for like schools and such that students, employees and the like wern't able to keep their CC in their car but Ohio now states that you can carry your pistol in your car and lock it up in your car.

    The Ohio castle doctrine also applies to your car... for instance you experience an attempted carjacking and you are threatened you do not have to comply or retreat. In fact if you believe your life is in danger and have no other choice you can legally respond with deadly force. Just don't back over the BG after you shoot him... that would be murder...
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    Quote Originally Posted by REVMAN View Post
    I was just told by a guy that works for walmart that he was given a paper that listed guidelines and it states no guns in your vehicle in the parking lot while you are working. Have any of you heard anything about this?
    Nebraska prevents employers from doing this.

    Even if your state allows them to have this policy, how would they enforce it? I'd say he should do it anyway and be discreet about it. They are not going to find out unless he gets careless.

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    I love anti-WalMart posts

    and I always wonder why people hate WalMart.

    As far as anti-military, One of the Walton son's was a highly decorated US Army Special Forces enlisted man who was assigned to Command and Control North (CCN) and made cross border insertions into Laos and North Vietnam. He earned the Silver Star and the Purple Heart when his recon team was ambushed and he was the only one still able to fight and direct helicopter evacuation into the landing zone. Before he died in an experimental aircraft crash, he established an Educational Fund that so far as spent $65 Millinion dollars on sending disadvantaged kids to college.

    Did you know WalMart Managers have direct authority to react and sip[port local emergencies. Road Warrior, in Illinois, when the shooting at NIU was going down last year, a local manager immediately began delivering food from the local WalMart store to the police, EMS and fire departments and kept it up for three days. He didn't need to ask permission, but when he notified the WalMart Operations Center in Bensenville, AR they authorized him to expend any amount necessary to support the local emergency workers.

    WalMart doed that in every single emergency. If you have had a tornado, fire or hurricaine in your local area, go ask the emergency workers if they received any support from WalMart. Road Waarior, WalMart supported the towns north of Springfield IL last spring when tornados ripped them up and in 1993, during the floods along the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers, WalMart spent almost $10 million dollars in relief supplies and donated their refrigerated trailers for local food storage.

    As far as their employees are concerned, there is no union. Biut if you work hard for the company, the company will reward you. My son was pushing carts in the parking lot as a junior in a high scholl just six years ago and is now a district manager. There are many people in my small rural town that are employed by WalMart and if WalMart wasn't here, they would not be working because there is nothing else.

    As far as firearms go, I have never seen any signs at WalMart forbidding concealed or open carry and I know of no corporate policy forbidding employees to keep guns in their cars.

    Ammo is sold at many WalMarts as are fioirearms. The only places that is not sold is where the local jurisdictions have put pressure or passed laws that forbids WalMart from doing so.

    As far as asking you to see your receipt, here's a surprise tip for you. There are actually people in the world that are perfectly capable of having a WalMart receipt in their hand and walking out with a stolen bicycle, TV or high value electronics equipment and making a living at doing it. Go on YouTube and search "WalMart" and "shoplifting" and watch some of the videos of what people attempt to steal.

    Sorry, off my rant now

    When the cute TV reporter asked the Texas Ranger why he shot the bank robber six times with his.45, he replied, ""Cause they don't make a .50"[/I]

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    well for our local WW, im not sure about the firearm in their vehicl policy, but I know for a fact that they cannot carry inside the store or carry on their person while traveling and conducting official WW business. I know the manager here and he told me that he cant even carry his personal weapon while he travels from one WW to another WW. Im sure that he does though.

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    Your Vehicle is an extension of your home in Most states. Louisiana recently passed a law stating employers could not do that .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Road Warrior View Post
    Personally, I hate walmart and do not shop there.
    Easier said than done if you live in a place where WM is the only store in 50 miles that even sells toilet paper.

    But what can you do?

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    I don't know what their policy is for employees but none of our local WM have anything posted.

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    First off, I am not a Walmart employee or even a Walmart "groupie". The fact is that Walmart and SAMs have had the business sense to actually test the market base and modify to meet it. They have made available consumer goods in areas that just did not have those items available previously. There is also a certain amount of "autonomy" allowed to local Walmart managers. Our rural Walmart is very much attuned to our ways. I could wear a bruscedero double rig with Super Blackhawks into our local store and never hear a remark. In short, the store policies match the local culture.

    So far as the influx of "Chinese goods" goes, I recently ordered online from a to remain nameless firm, who advertised their "made in America" affiliation. The products delivered were made in Korea and Taiwan. Sad fact is , almost everybody sells foreign made goods, they just covered it up with labels ( i.e. assembled in America, marketed in America, etc. Walmart is just on the bandwagon, not the band leader.

    I shop Walmart because they offer me the best value for the price and they employ a whole lot of my neighbors who need work.
    Retired Marine, Retired School Teacher, Independent voter, Goldwater Conservative.

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    A friend of mine drives truck for WW and he can't CC while on the road either. So it doesn't surprise me that employees can't, either in the store or out in the parking lot. The only real personal beef I have with WW is the one time I rode my motorcycle there for some small-time shopping and the "greeter" at the door requested that I leave my helmet with them. I said, "I don't think so." I asked why, and they told me that they worry about people stealing things and hiding them in their helmets. I told them that as soon as they start collecting women's purses at the door that I would think about leaving my helmet with them too. I don't need some bozo losing or having stolen my helmet, which is by the way, a law here in California to wear one on a motorcycle. That's like asking someone to hold their seat belt and windshield while they shop and hope you get it back. The attempt at my helmet was kind of prejudice, don't ya think? So back to the OP, it doesn't surprise me in the least. But if Wal Marts "go with the flow" of the community or state trends, it's par for the course here in California anyways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BudMan5 View Post
    and I always wonder why people hate WalMart.
    It's human nature to hate and fear what isn't understood, and to take jabs at stereotypes. Sad, but true.

    For myself, any disdain I have for policy goes only so far as the policy. That's pretty much it, with me.

    An organization can have all the history it wants, but it's practical results that matter. If an organization's leadership chooses to take the position of an anti-family, anti-defense, anti-firearms type of group given the policies it promotes, then you'll get a certain segment of the population seeing that for what it is. The practical results are that such upstanding people are hounded and mistreated for a very bad reason. Don't want that? Then, don't alienate that portion of the upstanding citizens in communities where you do business. Pretty simple, really.

    As for the rest, I wish them success and a rosy future at being the best they can be, 'cause in the end it drives down prices for those daily-used items and provides a larger overall impact for that collection of goods they vend.

    As for it's low-price strategy, world-beating logistics focus, "sending" all manufacturing to China and the rest of it, it's an open playing field. Challenges drive innovation around the world, though at a different pace and depth depending on the circumstances. Other companies will have other areas of leverage and differing degrees of success at being able to excel in those areas.

    Partly due to the heavy weight forcing localized manufacturing of cars, Toyota, Honda and other car manufacturers have done well by firing up plants near to markets where it sells its cars. Wal-Mart's products, however, tend to be the daily consumables, supplies and general household items, which have become commodities. In any industry and business, you do what you can. It's not as though Wal-Mart can create manufacturing plants, unless it wants to get into the widget business. So, they excel where they have leverage ... and that's in the areas of logistics, sourcing, availability, pricing.

    No rant, so nothin' to turn "off."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xader View Post
    Easier said than done if you live in a place where WM is the only store in 50 miles that even sells toilet paper.
    Were there any stores there before walmart?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wjh2657 View Post
    Some of our Walmart employees, including some managers. do carry. Again, I think it is more locale than anything else.
    I saw the guy collecting/moving the carts from the lot carrying, last summer.

    I detoured my him. Let him know that his cover shirt had ridden up. He just covered-up and said "Thanks".

    No idea what the rules were but he was carrying.
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