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Does your ammo change with the weather?

This is a discussion on Does your ammo change with the weather? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Isn't the Critical Defense designed to resist plugging up with clothing and still perform? I see it like this, the CD penetrrates the big jacket ...

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Thread: Does your ammo change with the weather?

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    Isn't the Critical Defense designed to resist plugging up with clothing and still perform? I see it like this, the CD penetrrates the big jacket material and still expands, makes a bigger hole and incapacitates faster. The JHP plugs with clothing, acts like a ball round and makes an icepick hole.

    And even here in FL, I'm cold in this awful weather we're having. I'm at work, it's 54 degrees. Underarmor shirt, uniform tshirt and sweatshirt. (wooly hat too) This is awful. The only people not bundled up in this are the tourists and the recent transplants.

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    I don't necessarily change ammo, but caliber. I tend to carry my .45 loaded with 230gr. bonded Golden Saber more often than my .40 loaded with 180gr. GS's when it get's colder.
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    I also do this but I'm paranoid. LOL
    Really I tend to carry lighter guns in lesser calibers in Hot weather, not for ballistics but for ease of carry.
    FTX should be fine year round. So should PDX, Gold Dot, Golden Saber, get the picture. A coat and some long johns ain't gonna stop no bullet.

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    I carry Critical Defense in everything that it is available in (which now includes 357 and 45ACP) as I am impressed with the research and development of the round. I think that Hornady got this one right and so far have been impressed with the quality. I hope that I never have to see the performance first hand but in case that happens the CD is my choice until/unless something better comes along.


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    I dont, I run 180gr JHP year round.

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    Here's the way I see it.

    A HP round is designed to expand and create a larger cavity. If the bullet fails to expand, it effectively becomes a FMJ. As I recall, FMJs have been used effectively for a long time.

    Many advocate switching to FMJs in the winter to account for heavier clothing, but if your JHPs end up clogging and doing the same job, what's the point? At least your round is still more effective when un-clogged.

    I carry Remington Golden Sabre .45 185gr+P, which have the size of a .45, the weight of a large .40, and the velocity of a 9mm, a combination which I am very comfortable trusting my life to, regardless of the BG's attire.

    Quote Originally Posted by Superhouse 15 View Post
    And even here in FL, I'm cold in this awful weather we're having. I'm at work, it's 54 degrees. Underarmor shirt, uniform tshirt and sweatshirt. (wooly hat too) This is awful. The only people not bundled up in this are the tourists and the recent transplants.
    guess it goes to show you; "cold" is subjective

    Around here, if it's above 40, I dont even bother with a jacket, unless it's raining like today. Heck, around 50 degrees is when I break out the shorts. Until this warm spell, it was below zero.

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    Since I live in South Florida, I'd say "NO." I load MagSafe in my M642 cylinder and my back up speed load has more of the same. That's primarily for the short barrel accuracy issues. I bought the gun as mugger medicine and know it's intended use is going to be contact out to about ten feet, fifteen max. In this area I don't really have to worry about heavy jackets. If I were to move to a colder climate I think that yes, I'd probably move to DPX or HST or if I could find some of the original NYCLADs that'd be great. When I practice with this gun, I rarely if ever use the paltry sights. I concentrate on locking my elbows to my sides and first lay my trigger finger along side the frame indexing the target. Without moving my position I slip it onto the trigger and fire the cylinder rapidly. I tend to pause after the second shot to assess my hits and make tiny adjustments (really tiny) to the barrel for point of impact. The position of my elbows locks my body into a near perfect isosceles triangle. I've gotten pretty good at chasing the bullet holes and keeping my shots in the torso vitals. With other weapons having a longer barrel like my Sig P245 or my H&K P30 the close shots are faster and groups tighter. There, of course I have an option of engaging at a slightly longer range and feeling much more confident of good hits. In my 9mms I have a good supply of magsafe and my primary mag is loaded with them with the spare mag being loaded with Gold Dots or DPX. Now that I'm shifting back to a 45 (having lost my mass and weight via Gastric Bypass last summer) I'll be loading mostly DPX or Hornady XTP.
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    I run several different brands and different grains, but I don't really consider the weather in the GunShine State a factor in what I'm using at any particular time.
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    For me it may change my caliber carried but not the ammo itself. I will not leave the house with less than my .40 in the dead of winter. During the summer my 38 +p will do, sometimes.

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    Nope. When I carry my 1911, it's 230gr Federal Hydra Shok, and when I carry one of my 9's it's 124gr Remington Golden Saber. That's what I practice with, and that's what I'm familiar with. I am buying a Taurus PT145 Millennium Pro. I may go with a 185gr Golden Sabre because the short barrel on the 145 may not allow the heavier round to build up enough velocity to be effective. If that becomes the case, I may relegate the 1911 to home defense since it's well over two pounds loaded. In any case, I like to be consistent in the gun and SD loads, so I don't change carry ammo in a particular gin.
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    I'm with most folks here that about any .45 ACP will get the job done. But as of right now I'm carrying the Pow'R Ball 165gr + P in cold weather. On the cycle tests for my 1911 I was impressed with the destruction of the water jugs I was using for targets. I'm carrying the Hydra Shok's in warmer weather and also in my backup magazine for an extra flavor if needed.

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    I only "winterize" the snubs. Even though I'm in sunny AZ, the 'natives' (anyone here for more than 5 years) bundle up when the temp goes below 70.

    So summer ammo is 110-130 grain +P JHPs for the snub, whereas the "winter" load is 158 grain, +P lead SWC-HPs. Even if the hollow point plugs up, they still have decent penetration, and the SWC profile can cut tissues and blood vessels until it deforms.

    The 9s, 40s and 45s don't change ammo based on the season.
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    same ammo all year. no changes for me.
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    Yes and no - how's that for an answer?

    In .380, I alternate FMJ-FP and Hornady Critical Defense. However, I do that year-round. You could argue for all FMJ-FP in the winter in .380.

    If you carry less than a .380, it should be FMJ year-round.

    In 9mm and above, a quality JHP should work just fine all year long. As others have said, if it fails to expand, it would still act like FMJ.
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    I had never thought about winterizing my ammo. I need to look into this more. I carry a 3inch 1911 in 45.

    EX Soldier. I also, had the pluming re-arrainged last year. Down 155LBS.


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