Glock fans

Glock fans

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Thread: Glock fans

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    Aiken SC

    Question Glock fans

    What kind of Glock you carry? I carry a Glock 37 .45GAP.

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    Anchorage Alaska
    Usually I carry a Glock 19 but lately been carrying the 17.
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    I've added a Glock to my carry options, a G-36 I picked up used from a friend. It's easy to carry and packs a nice punch!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    A G37?!?!?!

    What, .45acp isn't expensive enough for you?!

    Just kidding! Good gun. I've been interested in the .45GAP for a while, but not enough spend the $$$.

    I'll stick with a 19, 21 & 36. Those cover most of my needs.
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    My "Old Trusty"- Glock 17
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    Last edited by Jeepin76; December 21st, 2009 at 07:31 PM.

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    Back home in Louisiana!
    "Just getting a concealed carry permit means you haven't commited a crime yet. CCP holders commit crimes." Daniel Vice, senior attorney for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, quoted on Fox & Friends, 8 Jul, 2008

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    Glock 27. It's been rock solid and was my primary carry gun for years. I'm still always dreaming of a smaller single stack Glock though (Kahr size).

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    G26 or G19...
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    holland ,Mi
    i carry a Glock 22

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    May 2009
    Omaha, Nebraska
    I carry a Glock 21 SF.

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    Cleveland, Ohio vicinity
    Got a 26 and 27 . . . love them both.
    "Kimbers are the guns you show your friends, Glocks are the guns you show your enemies."

    "the wounds of honor, are self inflicted."

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    Montana, USA
    I love my OD green Glock 30, 45acp
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    virginia beach
    G27 for my EDC
    CHP holder. EDC G27. I support VCDL, so glad to have them fighting for my rights.

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    G19 until yesterday. Now i carry a spanking new G29!

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    I am not a Glock fan.

    Never have been...never will be. With the ergonomics of a 2"x4 "and a look that is as ugly as sin itself, I just dont see me becoming a fan of it anytime in the near future.

    However, just so that I can speak with authority when badmouthing one, I will occasionally open carry a Glock 21 with 2 other magazines. I'll even let people see me wear it, just so I can not be accused of not knowing what I speak of when trashing them. I only do this in the interest of fairness and objectivity.

    Yes... it is hard at times and it is a sacrifice, but all of us Moderators have been known to go the extra mile to keep things moving along and because we love firearms in general. Its a dirty,nasty and sometimes dangerous job, but someone has got to do it.

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