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Can't carry while at work, suggestions / options as find myself not carrying after

This is a discussion on Can't carry while at work, suggestions / options as find myself not carrying after within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Fox pepper spray is good stuff. I have the personal pocket, IIRC. Wind can be a factor, but your other option is nothing. Something is ...

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Thread: Can't carry while at work, suggestions / options as find myself not carrying after

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    Fox pepper spray is good stuff. I have the personal pocket, IIRC. Wind can be a factor, but your other option is nothing. Something is better than nothing. I carry pepper spray, knife, and flashlight at work.

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    I've been carrying for going on 8 years and I couldn't carry at work either so
    my handgun stayed in a secured lock box.I also locked the doors every time I got out of my truck.My truck supplies are S&W 9MM 3 16 round magazines
    plus good quality pocket knife.The heat or cold didn't bother my gear at all.
    I too changed my carry ammo out at least two times a year.My thoughts on o.c.
    spray/pepper spray it be a large can and it would have to work better than it does on t.v..

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    Com safe in the're good to go...
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    ammunition is a sealed system. Condensation on the outside doesn't nessesarily condensation on the inside. Ammo is loaded in nice dry factories. Condensation can only form if there is moisture in the sorrounding air.

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    Don't leave oil or grease on ammo.
    Consider Kimber Pepper Blaster when guns not possible.
    Kimber PepperBlaster - Less Lethal Self Defense Personal Protection
    Tasers not so reliable if thick coat is in the way.

    Sometimes risking job, permit, and record might be necessary in a judge's eyes.
    A judge/jury can decide if legal-by-necessity; but don't count on it.
    If you must take that risk, separate the ammo from the gun.

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    I can't carry at work either. My pistol goes from the night stand to belt to COM pistol box in about an hour. Ya you bet temps effect your weapon, at the end of the day that pistol can be dam cold or hot (depending on the weather) when it touches my tender love handles as its being holstered.
    Other then that temp isn't going to effect your weapon. Temps can effect your ammo but most good factory ammo will be fine. In cold climates don't use to much oil on your pistol and all will be good.

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    As far as the pistol, it isn't the cold temperatures that can contribute to rust and problems, it's the temperature CHANGES. Make sure the safe you use has foam padding around the gun for insulation and you'll be fine. The biggest problem is the cold steel trying to freeze your hip off when you put it on!
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    Quote Originally Posted by treebark View Post
    By law I can't carry where I work. Because I am unsure what extreme cold would do to my ccw if I left it in the car all day (and extreme heat in August) and because 1/2 the time I end up just carrying it from drawer safe to the car and back again when I just go to work then home, I find myself not taking it with me.

    But then the other 1/2 the time I meet up with my wife or kids for dinner, shopping, etc. and I am then unarmed and unable to provide protection. I strongly dislike this.

    Anyone have any suggestions? What do you do if you are in similar circumstances? Need I worry about the gun going from extreme cold (single digits) after sitting in the car all day (or 90 and 100 degrees in summer)? If I do leave it in the car I have a feeling I should lock it up in a pacsafe or something.
    I am pretty much in the same position as you are on this with one exception.......I do go places after work, and I carry. It's darned near impossible for me to don a holster of any type while still on company property without being noticed, or caught on camera. Putting on a holster once in vehicle is another technicality that would demand a very high skill level, but might be easier with the right gear. However, I guess I just don't have the right gear, so I just carry appendix on an empty chamber with my Glock slipped into my waistband. None of my IWB holsters will go where they belong without me loosening my belt, and unbuttoning my pants. Doing all of this in the driver's seat of a vehicle causes a lot of commotion to say the least, but it's not impossible. I won't get into the ways and means my employer has displayed as to their wishes of no weapons on the premises, but I used to drive 62 miles one way to work, and there's absolutely no way I'm going that far without carrying, and I don't think they have any right to ask me to do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    I have a safe bolted to the floor of my truck, much stronger than a COM safe and only cost $35.00.
    I want two! What and where did ya get that wonderful looking safe?

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    temp extremes

    My friend is a scuba diver who carries a"bang stick" underwater for protection against sharks. ( a bang stick has a large caliber pistol cartridge in it which is activated by forcefully pressing the stick into the shark to "fire" it)
    He uses 44 mag ammo. Think about this: He dives to 90' with this and the ammo still works. That has to be about the worst extreme going.
    I have had guns in my cars here in florida and in NY state (the land of cold weather and high taxes) witgout any gun or ammo failures.
    However, they were all revolvers.

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