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This is a discussion on Finally got it! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by BlackShadow0 Turned 21 a few weeks ago and I was finally able pick up my CW permit today! I'm pumped. Any words ...

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Thread: Finally got it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackShadow0 View Post
    Turned 21 a few weeks ago and I was finally able pick up my CW permit today! I'm pumped.

    Any words of advice from you experienced carriers?

    hang out over at Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association to learn the specifics of PA law
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    Congrats,,,,, cant wait to join you. My permit should be in in another week. My advice it to know the law. Also read every thread and post in the scenario forum

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    And the clan grows ever stronger! Congrats and be safe. Your right of passage is chronologically complete that's the easy part. Now you get to spend the next 50 years living up to, developing and demonstrating the maturity imbued buy the title "adult"... Soldier on and make the clan proud.
    I was raised and lived in central PA but moved to TN 18 years ago. The state used to have a strong firearms heritage with many gun clubs where you could practice and get good advice. I don't know about today but if these opportunities still exist take advantage of them. I did and still miss some good friends made during those years.
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    Congrats ! Now as others have had said, follow the rules, keep a cool head, get some good training & practice what you learn. Get a good holster and belt & stay safe. Carrying a gun is a great responsibility with potential grave consequences for any mistakes made. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!

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    Happy Birthday.
    And since you carry concealed this birthday needs to count for about 7 birthdays. You have to be mature, exercise good judgement and be responsible beyond your years. I remember when I was 21 and I had none of those qualities. Most 21 year olds I know don't have those qualities. Like everyone else said buy a quality holster and belt, go to the range and make sound decisions. My two cents.

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