Good story today...

Good story today...

This is a discussion on Good story today... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I went to Sheetz this morning to take advantage of the free coffee they have on Christmas. I had my hoodie on under a large ...

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Thread: Good story today...

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    Good story today...

    I went to Sheetz this morning to take advantage of the free coffee they have on Christmas. I had my hoodie on under a large Gortex hunting camo jacket. I was carrying my 1911 outside of the hoodie but covered with my jacket. The bottom of my holster was obviously sticking out the bottom of my jacket. I normally OC, but I'm a sloppy CCer when I do.

    Well a few town LEO's were standing outside chatting with a few locals drinking coffee. I went to go walk in thinking nothing of it, strong side facing the group. I guess one of the LEO's took notice of my holster. Apparently he had a good eye. He said "hey buddy" I looked up wondering who it was. He motioned for me to come over. I walked over thinking I did something wrong. He then said "Your holster is showing, I thought I'd tell you. I didn't want to yell it and give you away".

    I looked down and said "oh thanks, I'm not too worried about it anyway, I normally OC".

    He kind of looked at me and said "Oh... well it's good to see people carry, it makes our jobs easier"

    I chuckled and said thanks anyway and have a Merry Christmas, they said the same. I walked in the store and got my free coffee. It's nice to know that so many LEO are carry friendly. They didn't even bother to see my license to carry...

    Just a neat interaction I thought I'd share

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    Nice story of LEO's with common sense.
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    Thanks for sharing. Good story.

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    LEOs are people to LOL. Good story
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    In this political climate, the worm is turning.....


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    Good result. But -- why be sloppy when "concealing"?

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    KEWL that he pointed it out ..... rather than pulling you over and asking "why are you carrying a gun". Positive interaction ! ! ! is always best.

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    That went just as it should have!
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    Good encounter. Glad they didn't scare the "Sheetz" out of ya!
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    I'd say if you're going to CC, then CC. If you are going to OC, then OC. If you are OC'ing, everybody pretty much knows what you're about. If you're CC'ing, nobody has to think about it. But if you are doing sloppy CC, people need to think about it and decide if you are a sloppy CC'er or a Maurice Clemmons.
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    Great story! Excellent encounter and kudos to the LEO!
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    Very cool.

    Good on 'em!
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    I stop at the Sheetz here every morning on my way to work. My gun is always OC'd unless the weather forces me to wear a jacket. Most mornings there is at least 1 or 2 LEO from different departments inside or out front. I've never had any of them say anything to me about it.

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