A Non-Encounter W/LEO (traffic stop)

A Non-Encounter W/LEO (traffic stop)

This is a discussion on A Non-Encounter W/LEO (traffic stop) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i took a drive to the ex's less than an hour ago, to drop off a X-mas present for my daughter; she's seven years old. ...

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Thread: A Non-Encounter W/LEO (traffic stop)

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    A Non-Encounter W/LEO (traffic stop)

    i took a drive to the ex's less than an hour ago, to drop off a X-mas present for my daughter; she's seven years old. this is the first X-mas i won't be there to see her open her presents, so i'm bummed about that. i arrived, present in hand, and her mother sent her out to retrieve her gift. my baby grabbed it, kissed me, and went back inside. i'm hoping to have her over for a few days, after X-mas.

    i drove off, irritated. as i drove, a patro lcar pulled up behind me. i stopped at an intersection, then drove through, and in a second, i had red and blues flashing in my rearview. i pulled over, and got all my papers ready.

    he walked on over, said hello, and asked for my papers. "do you know why i pulled you over?"

    "not really."

    "you ran the stop sign."

    "did i? i thought i stopped."

    "no, you kinda rolled it."

    "if you say so."

    he glanced at my windshield. "what's up with your inspection sticker?"

    "i haven't had the money to get my window fixed."

    "whaddya mean?"

    "my van got broken into a month or two back. i was told that i need to get a window to pass inspection."

    "i've heard of that. who told you that?"

    "a mechanic."

    "well, i'd try and get it done anyway. do you have any weapons in the car, sir?"


    "do you have any weapons in the van?"

    "i have nothing illegal in my van."

    he paused, and smiled. "that's not what i asked. i only asked if you had a weapon in there."

    "yes. i have a gun."

    "where is it?"

    "in a holster, where it belongs."

    "alright. you have a license for it, right? you need that if you're gonna drive around with it."

    "sure...here it is." i handed it over to him.

    "alright, let me go make sure your info is up to date. shouldn't be more than a few minutes."

    about five minutes later he returned with all my papers. "alright, you're good. listen, just do me a favor, and get this thing inspected. i hate citing people for dumb stuff like tags and inspections and stuff."

    "sure thing."

    "and watch you're stop signs!"

    i grinned an embarrassed grin. "will do."

    "good. have a happy holiday, sir."

    "you too, brother. be safe."

    "thank you, sir."

    i went home, with my money still in pocket, and my gun never left my holster. i never even got the 'just don't touch it' shpiel.

    and that, my friends, is how an encounter should go.

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    Things get easier over time with children and the ex. Experience here. Glad your Leo stop went well.

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    In my state when asked "do you have any weapons in the van?" I would have had to said "Yes" by law.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crankinNM View Post
    In my state when asked "do you have any weapons in the van?" I would have had to said "Yes" by law.
    there's no duty to inform in PA. i've found that it's sometimes wiser to not inform, if asked.

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    and that, my friends, is how an encounter should go.

    You admitted guilt right here
    "if you say so."
    Beyond that it sounds like a good stop.

    In Colorado you pretty much have to answer if they ask if you have any weapons in the vehicle

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    Quote Originally Posted by matdicdad View Post
    Things get easier over time with children and the ex. Experience here. Glad your Leo stop went well.
    I have been there.. when my kids were alot younger.... its been 25 years later after the divorce..... and yes it is easier.....

    Hang in there my friend......

    Oh by the way thats the way a car stop should go..
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    Wow, I hear you how relationships can leave you totally out of sorts when there's a breakdown. I've realized I'm a crappy driver when I'm wound up or all preoccupied after an emotional situation. Now I try to just drive a block or two away, stop, and calm down for a few. I actually caught myself running a stop sign years ago after an argument with a girlfriend!

    Sorry you only got to see your little girl for a few minutes today, that's gotta be hard and I don't even have kids yet! At least your LEO encounter went well and he was respectful.
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    My son got a ticket for "rolling thru" a stop sign. You got a nice XMAS present from your LEO for letting you go.
    Here is SC I have to tell a LEO that I have a weapon... which I've done but was never asked to show it.
    The folks here are also correct about the ex and kid thing. Initially I think the ex's use the kids as control. Make sure you get some holiday time in your final paperwork and as time goes by and your daughter gets older she will let her mommy know that she wants to see dad.
    Good luck.

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    Sorry about the kids issue. Not fun.

    Some years ago I drove taxi and made a left hand turn onto a 2-way street while at a red light at 2am while the only other vehicle was the police car right behind me. OOPS.

    He pulled me over (I had a fare in the car) and I handed him my OL with my carry permit behind it (Alaska requires that you inform LEOs when you are carrying and are contacted on official business). The officer ran my OL/permit and then let me go with a warning and never mentioned the gun issue.

    On another occasion, with a different officer at the same dept., I had to make contact and advised I was carrying and had a permit. The officer didn't ask to see the permit, but commented that, "all you cabbies should be carrying."

    Excellent experience and I passed that on once I joined another dept.
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    Sorry you didn't get to see your little girl open her present. Has to be tough on a parent.

    Regarding the stop--not to be nitpicky, but this is a public forum and I think one of the purposes is to discuss these types of things so that we can all discover together the best tactics, techniques, etc. as concealed pistol carriers.

    So...in that spirit...I think that if the officer asks if you have a weapon, you shouldn't screw around with deflective answers like "I have nothing illegal in my car." Just say "I have a CPL (or whatever the acronym is in your state) and am carrying a concealed pistol."

    Saying "I have nothing illegal in my van" is going to sound like you are playing games to most officers, and it really does nothing for you (especially if you're going to fess up when he presses the issue, which police will do almost 100% of the time) and may cause useless aggravation and suspicion.

    Have a great time with your girl during the part of the vacation she gets to be with you!
    A traffic ticket is formal recognition of a lapse in situational awareness.

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    Sorry for the 'situation' with the daughter/ex...but time heals all...hang in there.
    As for the LEO...sounds like a good guy. Oh yeah, better get down and buy a lottery ticket today.
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    Make better stops and all this would not have happened

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    Well at least the traffic stop went the way it should
    Good luck with getting the time you want/need with your daughter
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    I agree with Bm7b5. LEO's get enough deception from the bad guys.
    At least he read between the lines like you probably intended. Good luck with your parenting.
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    I would have said ''I have a valid permit and yes I have a handgun''. He never should have had to ask about the permit after the fact you said you had a gun.

    Other than that he gave you a good Christmas present.
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