Extra Ammo Long Trip

Extra Ammo Long Trip

This is a discussion on Extra Ammo Long Trip within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just curious what other folks do planning a trip by car for about 10 days all the states I am driving to reciprocate the TN ...

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Thread: Extra Ammo Long Trip

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    Extra Ammo Long Trip

    Just curious what other folks do planning a trip by car for about 10 days all the states I am driving to reciprocate the TN HCP so no issues there. Do you all carry extra ammo above and beyond what you normally do on a daily basis for a long or extended trip? If so how much?
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    SD ammo? Same as always.
    Range ammo? Lots, just in case I can get some range time in.
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    Usually 2 extra mags loaded and extra holster just in case of breakage. Nothing worse than pranging your carry gun against a concrete corner and feeling bullets fall out of your pants leg. Back up mags are small and pack well.

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    Yea, I'd take extra mags (loaded of course) in case of malfunction. Not sure if you need an extra box of ammo - the loaded mags should be ok. They're pretty small so you can take 3 or 4 easily.

    NC Bullseye - Good idea on the extra holster.

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    I would carry xtra mags along with a BUG just in case
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    Six full mags, just in case I run into a pack, BUG and six more. Now I feel safe, maybe!
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    For trips exclusively I'll wear my magazine pouch on the other side of my hip that holds two extra magazines. So right there that's 3 magazines with 22 rounds total. Plus I'll wear my bug so that's another 7 rounds. Plenty enough of ammo

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    I take extra ammo and a BUG on long trips.

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    Nope. Just what I normally carry. Full mag + 1 in the gun, a spare full mag. I don't really see a big difference between a long trip and a short run from home. If I have to use my weapon for any reason, it's going to screw up my day (and I hope the BG's day as well) regardless of how far I am into the trip. There's a real good chance I'm only going to have to pull my weapon once on a trip, if at all. And I pray it's the latter and not the former.
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    EDC plus 1 mag, my usual.

    When I travel, it's usually to states north of Va.

    And we all know about states north of Virginia. Md, NJ, NY. Not exactly gun friendly states.
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    Yup, I do carry an extra mag with me.

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    SML, VA
    I bring an extra main carry and a extra bug. If something breaks, I have a backup. Plus extra ammo for each.
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    I recently went on a month long trip, and multiple day trips for interviews recently; each time, I'd take my EDC G23 plus 3 extra mags, and a BUG--at that time a sig p232 and the extra mag I had with it. I'd also pack a few extra rounds for each--20 rounds extra after the mags is about what I took.

    Truthfully, I took too much ammo, IMO; but definitely take a BUG. I'd on occasion have to use it as my primary due to what I was in those places for.

    Good luck and have fun on the trip; be safe.
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    I usually carry a back up gun and two extra mag for both guns. Can't carry a whole lot on a motorcycle. Flying I cut down the extra mags.
    If I want to shoot I buy ammo at my destination. I don't carry as much as Grady though. I think he rents a semi when he travels.

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    If I am going more than a hundred miles from home I carry my primary and a BUG and at least 2 magazines for each, plus a box of SD ammo. My wife also carries, and will carry one extra mag. Her carry gun takes the same ammo and magazines as my BUG, so that simplifies logistics.
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