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This is a discussion on Spouse Getting It within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I don't much care if she gets it; but, let a big dog become a issue when we are walking, she asks if I have ...

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Thread: Spouse Getting It

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    I don't much care if she gets it; but, let a big dog become a issue when we are walking, she asks if I have my gun.

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    I guess I'm wondering how he knew you had your pistol? Maybe he asked, but I'm in he habit of not telling my wife if I am armed or not. Sometimes she asks, other times not. She put her arm around me at church this morning and noticed that "it" wasn't there, and asked why? The only reason it wasn't there was because my shirt was a little tighter than I would like..........too much holiday food I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nn View Post
    I don't much care if she gets it; but, let a big dog become a issue when we are walking, she asks if I have my gun.
    Now that's funny.
    My wife and I are both licensed to carry. She never carries but I usually carry 2. One of them acually is hers. If we go out shopping or dinning and I only grab one she will grab the other and say don't leave mine behind.

    Funny.... I'm blessed to have her....
    She's the reason my buddies wives are shooting now. When the girls go to the range we end up their personal loaders....LOL.

    Lots of fun and she never complains about me buying new toys.

    My advice is don't argue. Another gal can get thru to the stuborn ones. Since they love to talk. Let them talk for you.
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    On many levels, my wife understands and accepts that I'm always prepared and concealing a 45. She has her permit and guns, as do our boys. Yet on other levels, she has such a dislike for blast and recoil from early childhood balloon poppings that she prefers not to shoot. I've seen her natural pointing skills first hand. She knows we have airsoft and pellet pistols, but I prefer to let her take the initiative. It has to be a partnership: she gets to do whatever she wants, and I help.

    Rugergirl, when I don't drink in public, she knows that's because I'm the designated shooter. I'll tell her how great it is just to be out with her, and I can catch up when we get home alone together, when we can really enjoy. Sometimes an argument isn't about what it's about. Sometimes I have to drop what I'm doing and be attentive to a rant, before I can change the subject or get to the bottom of the real issue. Sometimes it works. At other times, storms will blow over, if I try not to take every gust too personally. Carry on.
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    In MHO, I think the guy just wanted a drink with his wife. As in all relationships the topic of the argument is rarely the only thing going on but is a point of focus.
    "I wish I would have done the hard things when they were easier to do."

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