"Why do you carry a gun?"

"Why do you carry a gun?"

This is a discussion on "Why do you carry a gun?" within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In a recent CCW class I attended, the instructor asked me that question. I responded with "It depends on the person asking and what mood ...

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Thread: "Why do you carry a gun?"

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    "Why do you carry a gun?"

    In a recent CCW class I attended, the instructor asked me that question.

    I responded with "It depends on the person asking and what mood I am in."

    Then we ran over the atypical responses of;
    A cop is too heavy
    It's my 2nd amendment right
    Because I can
    So I can defend myself
    ...and so on

    The conversation boiled down to what his response is after trying to figure out an absolute way to answer in as few words as possible...
    In case I need to shoot someone
    Which given my line of thinking with the implications of words being the difference between "Need" and "Have" (He might have said "have", I can not remember for sure).

    "Need" in this context would indicate an action available with very limited options, whereas "Have" would indicate no options left.

    Anyhow, how do you answer when posed with this question?

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    It's a dangerous world and I need to be just as dangerous as any BG I might run into
    "Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country,"
    --Mayor Marion Barry, Washington , DC .

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    i've actually used the "in case i have to shoot someone" line. my answer varies, but it's usually dependent on the situation, the person asking, and the manner in which they asked.

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    Read my signature.
    May we never forget those in uniform who protect us night and day in lands far away. And those in all wars who paid the supreme sacrifice in defense of our country. May God Bless our Troops and First Responders.

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    I don't want to die because I was helpless.
    “Monsters are real and so are ghosts. They live inside of us, and sometimes they win.”
    ~ Stephen King

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    All of the above-
    -Because I can
    -Because I have a duty to preserve the life God has given me within my abilities. (The rest is up to Him, but can I abdicate my part and act foolishly or negligently? Not in good faith.)
    -Because I am responsible for protecting my wife and children
    -Because there are bad people who may try to kill me and/or my family
    -Because cops are not obligated by law to protect me or my family
    -Because I have a calling/gifting as a part of a warrior class to stand for right and justice against enemies both foreign and domestic and have pledged my life to fight for such, both on and off duty.
    NRA Certified Instructor (6 years)
    Former LEO/DOD Contractor
    Active Duty Marine (Martial Arts Instructor)
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    Ah, the dreaded "why do you need or carry a gun?" question.

    First, they are baiting you into a discussion on how you do not need to go to that extreme because we have the police to protect us.

    Second, they live in a utopian world where everythings is just rosy. How are you going to argue the point that it is not?

    Third, it's really none of their business in the first place. Do you ask them questions on why they do what they do? I'm sure they have a valid reason, so do you and they won't get it even if you present it in a manner they could readily understand. Most people asking that question will not wish to be educated on the fine points of why we feel the need to carry a firearm.

    I just smile and don't answer the question. That makes the person even more confused and they usually drop the subject.
    "A Smith & Wesson always beats 4 aces!"

    The Man Prayer. "Im a man, I can change, if I have to.....I guess!" ~ Red Green

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    In case I need to shoot someone
    I think a more apt explanation for me would be "In case I need to shoot something". Two legged threats are not the only thing we face here. I regularly encounter rattlesnakes. Also mountain lions are real here, some bears as of late, and the occasional mean dog all pose threats.
    "Those who would give up essential liberties for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety" -Benjamin Franklin-
    NRA Endowment Life Member

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    Because I refuse to be at the mercy of those that seek to do harm.
    "Don't Tread on Me"

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    Why do you carry a gun?

    To allow me to have a better than average chance to survive a potentially lethal encounter with a dirtbag.


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    Because I refuse to be a victim, I will not go quitely into the night.

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    The reason I carry?

    To put it simple, as an American I have the right to defend my life and limb. Carrying a pistol enables me to do just that. Whether bear or BG a pistol will allow me the last line of defense enabling me to walk away from a very bad situation.

    Understandable that it is a very powerful dangerous tool indeed, I have taken the initiative to be trained not only how to SAFELY handle and use a pistol but also to know WHEN and HOW a pistol should be used.

    Above all I am responsible enough to practice situational awareness as much as pistol safety. I don't look for a fight, I stay away from situations that may turn bad. I am not police, I do not play hero.

    Did this answer the question?

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    I carry because when seconds count, police are minutes away

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    Short answer: To help protect the people I love.
    Long answer: All of the above.
    "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

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    Back in the 70’s when I was an auxiliary deputy, I was ordered to carry 24/7, and I got use to it and have continued ever since.

    But, let me also say this.

    Carry a sidearm, gives you options.
    Without you are “subject” to “whatever” with no choice.

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