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Reliability of pistols- review and testimony

This is a discussion on Reliability of pistols- review and testimony within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Sig P239, P226 Glocks - all kinds Exactly ZERO malfunctions after many thousands of rounds in IPSC competition and at the range....

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Thread: Reliability of pistols- review and testimony

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    Sig P239, P226
    Glocks - all kinds
    Exactly ZERO malfunctions after many thousands of rounds in IPSC competition and at the range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 21bubba View Post
    Who do I pay for the popcorn?

    Smith and Wesson M&P40 1000+ rounds and counting.. no problems
    NRA Certified Rifle/Pistol Instructor

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    Have never had any issues with any of the SIGs or Glocks that I have owned.

    My Kel Tec P3AT FTE a couple of times the first time I shot it at the range. However several hundred rounds later not a single issue and I trust this pistol. I believe it just needed to be broke in a little.
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    I have nowhere near the round count that some of you guys do. My first pistol was an M&P9 that I probably put 300rds through without a hitch. Had to sell that for monetary reasons and picked up a Taurus PT 24/7 PRO DS 9mm. I had 2 fail to feed problems the first time I shot it. Both times it was the last round in the mag the first time that particular mag was used. It's probably got 300 rds through it with no problems since.
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    I carry a Beretta 92SF.

    I had two stovepipes at the tail end of one day shooting about five hundred rounds of Wolf ammo. Other than that no problems through at least two thousand rounds. I did have a faulty mag that wouldn't properly lock back the slid at the end of a magazine, but that wasn't the fault of the Beretta.
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    Ruger P95DC - Nothing to report, ate everything I ever fed it without a single hitch. (approx. 4k rounds while I owned it)

    H&K USP .45 full-size V1 - I tried my hardest to make this thing STOP running. I even once ran some 70's mfg handloads my dad made, forgot, and found 30+ years later. Some of those cases were almost completely green. Not a problem in over 2k rounds. This was my greatest regret when I sold it.

    Springfield XD(M) - 600 rounds, 1 FTRB, 1 stovepipe. Happened pretty early on before I traded it (in the first 150 rounds, no problems after that.)

    Glock 23 - 1000 rounds, 2 stovepipes. Happened with an aftermarket magazine, replaced it with a factory mag, no problems.

    Para USA GI Expert - Ive only put 100 rounds through it, still in the break-in phase, 1 FTRB.

    I've been fairly lucky I guess.
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    HK45: No problems with JHP Gold Dots, or FMJs. ~40 JHP's and ~500 FMJ's downrange. I love it!

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    North Carolina
    Taurus PT92-Soon to be 23 years old. Multiple thousands of rounds and not one failure of any kind. Ever.
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    Seattle, WA
    My Springfield XD-9mm (4") has been flawless through 1500 rounds so far. Love it!

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    You know I've must have been really lucky through the years with all my guns... I've owned approx. 70 handguns over the years and I don't recall ever having a problem with any of them. Now let me qualify this a little bit. I don't consider any new auto broken in and ready to use, until it's had 150-200 rounds run through it. Once it's broken in, I don't recall having any malfunctions with any of them. For a revolver I would consider 50 rounds for the break in period. Of course, I've never had any kind of problem with a wheel gun. These are all what I would consider duty/off-duty/SD guns. Nothing smaller than .380/.38sp. Here's a rough inventory of the guns I've owned over the years:
    (2) S&W 1st Gen.
    (2) S&W 2nd Gen.
    (3) S&W 3rd Gen.
    (16) Colt 1911's
    (2) Browning HP
    (2) Beretta 92's
    (4) Glocks
    (2) Rugers
    (2) Springfields
    (1) Kimber
    (1) Kahr

    (5) S&W J
    (6) S&W K
    (4) S&W L
    (5) S&W N
    (2) Colt
    (4) Ruger Sec. Six
    (2) Ruger GP
    (2) Ruger SP
    (2) Ruger Redhawk

    I wish I still had 1/4th of these...
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    Baby Eagle Full Size .40 S&W - Carrying 15 hours a day, every day for over 2 years, IDPA shoots 1x month, 5 different name brand ammo, 2 SD ammo, 1 brand factory reman, and my own home cooking (reloads). Not one single problem that I did not create (bad primer seating in one batch of my reloads). I pull the trigger, it goes bang.

    No broken parts after 7.5k (estimate) rounds fired. The most accurate pistol I have fired (albeit limited - 5 different brand/models).

    My only gripe is the finish, but sweat and dust/dirt does have a tendency to wear the finish rather quickly (work environment).

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    I have a number of pistols. I shoot all of them on a fairly regular basis. I very seldom have a malfunction. If I obtain a gun which malfunctions frequently, I get rid of it. Why would I keep a weapon which is not dependable?

    As far as carry goes, my cold weather/layered clothing gun is a Randall Raider in .45 acp. I've had the gun for about 15 years and can't remember the last time it malfunctioned. Probably 5 or 6 thousand rounds through it.

    Light clothing/summer carry is a CPX-1. I must have gotten a good one, because I have at least 1000 rounds through it with no malfunctions at all.

    I just bought a PT145 and after I've put a couple of hundred rounds through it, I will replace the CPX-1 with it (providing there are no unexplained malfunctions). The primary reason is that I want the guns I carry on a regular basis to be the same caliber.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RebelRabbi View Post
    Glock's line would be great if someone wanted multiple guns using one standard system for many different uses i.e. CC, Duty, Field.

    All my Glocks run as expected 100%.
    Ruger LCP, 100% to date after several hundred rounds.
    Kahr, after break in 100%. Before break in, finicky chambering 1st round during manual charge, the round would nosedive.
    Taurus 24 7 .40, what Taurus I haven't shot that pistol in a while now, but honestly it's been 100% from day one, just not very accurate. I could go on, but there's to many to list and if they had reliability issues they usually don't stay in my inventory.


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    Wichita Falls, Texas
    Ruger GP100 4 inch - Never a problem
    Ruger GP100 3 inch - On the way, will let you know, don't expect any.
    Winchester 1300 Defender 12 Ga. Never a problem, works just fine

    Mossberger Persuader 12 Ga - New, no problem so far

    Rossi 38 - New, works fine so far.

    As you can tell, were a revolver family and always will be.
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    I have a Rock Island Armory 1911 Tactical and a Glock 27.

    No issues with either no F2F. Nothing.

    Just the occasional cleaning and lube and they're ready to go.
    Glock 27,Hi-Point .380, S&W 3913, RIA 5" Tactical

    NRA Member/Supporter

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