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Reliability of pistols- review and testimony

This is a discussion on Reliability of pistols- review and testimony within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Kimber Eclipse Pro Target II (4" 1911 .45 ACP) - won't run reliably (nose dive feed jams) with any 8 round magazines except Tripp Cobramags ...

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Thread: Reliability of pistols- review and testimony

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    My reliability experience

    Kimber Eclipse Pro Target II (4" 1911 .45 ACP) - won't run reliably (nose dive feed jams) with any 8 round magazines except Tripp Cobramags even with ball ammo, despite multiple trips back to Kimber and one trip to Wilson. I now use Wilson mags with Tripp Super 7 upgrades. This gives it a stronger spring to compensate for fast cycling, better follower and 7 round capacity. In that configuration, it's been perfectly reliable with all ammo. Incredibly accurate. When the seer broke, I had Nighthawk replace all the guts with solid steel parts and do a trigger job. They do a great job. I call it my KimWilHawk. It's basically now a Nighthawk built on a Kimber frame with a Wilson reliability package. Other than still not liking most 8 round mags, it's a perfect 1911 now.

    Springfield XDm 9mm - never a failure with any ammo. Sights were poorly aligned at first, but Springfield fixed it and paid the shipping. Great service. It's pretty cool to be able to do 10 double taps in a row!

    S&W 99c 9mm - Doesn't run with Gold Dots (nose hangs up on bottom of feed ramp), but no failures with any other ammo. Amazingly accurate. Great little gun. Shouldn't have sold it.

    Ruger LCP .380 ACP - no failures so far, but fewer than 100 rounds through the gun. (Did they rip off the Keltec design, or what? The look incredibly similar.)

    Davis D-32 .32 ACP derringer - Had this gun years ago. What a POS. Light primer strikes resulting in FTF were common. Sent it back for repair, fired two rounds to see it work, sold it.

    I have more revolvers, than pistols. Never had an issue with any revolver using any ammo, ever.

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    I bought my Sigs because of reviews and the reputation Sigs have. I have never had an issue with either.

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    I've been a revolver man for 20+ years and just got into semi autos this past year. The wheelguns have always been 100% (Ruger Police Service Six 357 Magnum, S&W 442, S&W 49 (snubbie 38s).

    I bought an old Ruger P95 DC semi 9mm and it has been perfect. Accurate, reliable, durable, eats everything, and operates flawlessly. Great first auto.

    I bought a Taurus PT709 Slim a few months ago and have 500 rounds through it flawlessly. As accurate as my P95 from 50 feet and has eaten every type and brand of ammo I can find to feed it. It's been a great gun and it's now my EDC.
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    S&W M&P40c - 2 years old, 2 years of carry, approximately 4000 rounds (various manufacturers/quality), 0 malfunctions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TX-JB View Post
    You know I've must have been really lucky through the years with all my guns... I've owned approx. 70 handguns over the years and I don't recall ever having a problem with any of them. Now let me qualify this a little bit. I don't consider any new auto broken in and ready to use, until it's had 150-200 rounds run through it. Once it's broken in, I don't recall having any malfunctions with any of them. For a revolver I would consider 50 rounds for the break in period. Of course, I've never had any kind of problem with a wheel gun. These are all what I would consider duty/off-duty/SD guns. Nothing smaller than .380/.38sp. Here's a rough inventory of the guns I've owned over the years:
    (2) S&W 1st Gen.
    (2) S&W 2nd Gen.
    (3) S&W 3rd Gen.
    (16) Colt 1911's
    (2) Browning HP
    (2) Beretta 92's
    (4) Glocks
    (2) Rugers
    (2) Springfields
    (1) Kimber
    (1) Kahr
    After having shot hundreds/thousands of rounds through most of the above handguns listed above , including a Hi-Point, I have never had a significant problem with any of them. Are we doing something wrong?
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    For me the PT-92 has been great. 20+ years and going strong. The only problem was failure to go into battery. But I did not oil the slide, so that was "operator error".
    I also picked up an FEG-AP (.32 cal) A lot of fun and trigger reset is a dream. But I only have 250 rounds thru it.
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    Sig 1911 RCS, no problems with the gun itself, had FTF problems after about 150 rounds, turned out to be a magazine problem. About another 500 rounds thru it when I was forced to sell.
    Taurus PT1911, no problems with it.
    CZ75 P-01 several thousand rounds with no problems.
    CZ75 P-06 close to 2000 rounds with no problems.
    GP100, not much can go wrong with a revolver.

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    i've been carrying a Taurus 1911 regularly for a year now. i tested it before i started to carry it as my primary, by putting 200 rounds through it the day i bought it. it had one failure, a failure to feed. after that, nothing, and i've put a fairly high round count through it. it's also super accurate; i'm not sure if it's the gun, or inherent to the 1911 design, but getting 2" groups takes no effort on my part. i can count on it.

    i had a Taurus 85UL for awhile. it functioned flawlessly, every time.

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    Glock 19, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 35: No issues except when using G22 mags in the G23 with the X300 attached (round would not chamber properly).

    S&W M&P40 Fullsize: Had mag drop issues and 1300 rds. Sent back to S&W and the mag drops started again after 400rds.

    S&W M&P40c: No issues

    Bersa 380: All kinds of malfunctions. Couldn't finish a mag.

    Sig Arms (all models): No issues

    Springfield XD9, XDM9, TRP, Loaded: No issues

    Berreta 92FS, PX4: No issues

    H&K P2000, USP45, USP9: No issues.

    G19, G23, P2000 (9mm), LMT Defender 2000 (SOPMOD), Colt LE6920, Ruger 10/22

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    I have owned 20 guns in many years as a shooter.
    Colt, Smith, Rossi, Ruger, Charter Arms, Browning, High Standard, and even a Hi-point.
    All went bang every time, unless shooting older--surplus ammo.
    Except the Rossi which had a minor problem out of the box and the dealers gunsmith fixed it . However, this was 25 years ago

    The keys are:
    1. Learn the gun--some automatics will not tolerate a limp wrist.
    2. Break it in. Seeing many rounds go thru it builds confidence.
    3. Practice with it. Hey, lets get real here--You are carrying it for self protection, right? Be sure you can place your shots wherethey will stop the BG right now. You may not get additional shots if you fail....
    4. Clean and maintain it. Very important espacially in a semi-auto gun.
    5. Use good quality ammo. Cheap or surplus ammo is just that. With a semi-auto if it don't fire, you just can't pull the trigger again and bring up a fresh round, like you can in a Revolver.
    6. Seek assistance in getting a gun which suits your NEED and fits YOU.

    get a good quality gun from a reptutable manufacture with good ammo, and you will be satisfied.

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    Kahr P9 (early production) - At least one jam per mag, with the spent shell caught horizontally in the ejection port. Several trips back to Kahr could not fix it. Store refunded my money. Had a personal talk with Kahr engineers at my range a while later, and found that early P9's had issues with too much flex in the polymer frame.

    Ruger SP101 revolver - never an issue, but recently sold it. Never comfortable with only 5 rounds.

    Ruger Mk II .22 Target Pistol - Numerous jams and misfires, mostly due to cheap bulk ammo. Pain to take apart, clean, and put back together. Sold it. Replaced with an old used .22 Iver Johnson Sealed Target 8 revolver. No issues with that one! Best $149 I've spent on guns!

    Glock 19 - Only one issue feeding with Winchester Winclean ammo during the AWB era of 10-rd mags. Glock replaced the mag followers for free. Frame was recalled, but mine never malfunctioned in any way - got a free new frame! Thousands of rounds fired. Great pistol.

    Kahr PM9 (early production) - Oh boy...where to start. Barrel peening, slide peening. Failure to go fully into battery. Slide back came loose. Tap-rack drill with JHPs results in a jam. Kahr replaced it finally with a new one after numerous trips back to the factory. Still had the jamming issue if you tried a tap-rack drill. Sold it.

    Glock 26 - Flawless!

    Ruger LCP - Only issue was with PowRBall ammo - under recoil a sharp corner in the frame under the feed ramp cuts a "smiley" in the polymer nose of the bullet, jamming the pistol. Has been flawless with other ammo (Hornady Critical Defense and various FMJ). Like it so much, we just bought another one - one for my wife, and one for me!

    My current handgun stable thus consists of an Iver Johnson .22 revolver (for fun), a Glock 19 and 26, and two Ruger LCPs.
    The number of people killed because they didn't have "enough gun" is dwarfed by those who had none at all.

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    My Taurus PT1911 has been 100%,
    FNP-40 100%
    Sig P225 has been 100% although I've only owned it for about 5yrs and its 23yrs old.
    Taurus PT709, 4 FTE that was proably due to the WWB that I've heard they dont like.
    The FNP-40 is my favorite non-1911 and I have another FNP on order. Great pistols!

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    Russian Makarov (9x18) - 1800+ rounds - no problems or issues
    Stoeger Cougar 8040 (.40 S&W) - 2300+ rounds - no problems or issues

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    I have two xd9 service models with about 8k through them. Not one problem. My 1911a1 has had only a couple thousand rounds through it with no malfunctions as well. My wides xd9sc is new with about 800 ends and no issues with that firearm either.

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    These are all great posts that should give folks new to shooting some insight into pistol choice. It seems that most of the problems I've heard of come from "late model" designs and the pocket-pistols and using "non-standard" ammo.

    Any thoughts?
    NRA Certified Instructor (6 years)
    Former LEO/DOD Contractor
    Active Duty Marine (Martial Arts Instructor)
    Glock 17, Kel-Tec P-11, S&W Model 60, various rifles

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