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This is a discussion on Baby Glock Magazine Extensions within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; yes i do. makes my g27 the same length as my g23....

View Poll Results: Do you use a magazine extension on your baby Glock?

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  • No.

    35 33.65%
  • Yes, the Pierce grip extension.

    32 30.77%
  • Yes, the Pierce grip extension with + loads.

    17 16.35%
  • Yes, with the GAP extension.

    16 15.38%
  • Yes, with another extension.

    4 3.85%
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Thread: Baby Glock Magazine Extensions

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    yes i do. makes my g27 the same length as my g23.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 10thmtn View Post
    I run the Pearce +0 pinky extension. I like having a full grip, but the Pearce still eliminates the part of the grip that prints - the bottom rear corner.

    I've thought about the GAP plates, but I'm concerned my fat fingers squished in there would exert downward pressure on the mag - not a good thing! With the Pearce ones, the pressure is rearward, not downward.
    The GAP plates provide a shelf for your finger by design-its what gives the GAP plates the incredible stability that is lacking otherwise, so no worries there in my experience. I use them on my G26 and after several thousand reliable rounds later, I can't imagine not having them now for the baby glock mags; they work that well.


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    I don't yet, but will be purchasing some Pearce (+0) extensions soon to try them on my G26. Will simply be a comfort thing because I shoot the gun just fine with stock mag bases.
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    I bought a G27 and my opinion was the same as many- If you're going to extend, then use a G23. At some point I read a thread about GAP, and I ordered a set... GAP floor plates are exceptional!

    Here's the deal- my pinky still folds underneath and it feels comfortable. I don't think Im any more or less accurate with or without the GAP plate. But what is great is drawing the weapon (especially from concealment.) The extension hooks on my ring finger for a fast controlled draw. Very important in a stress situation.
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    I did put Pierce grip extensions (w/o extra rounds) on the Glock-26.
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    OMO, But if Gaston wanted them there, he would of added them.
    They seem to make my pinky pull down, wierd, I didn't like it so I removed them all but one for the wife to try someday.
    So there they sit collection dust.

    On another note, I will trade the 7 I have for a Fort Know Defender safe they make in the larger model, if you will pay shipping on the safe, I'll pick up the shipping on the extensions.
    Do not pass this deal up, I am sure it wil go fast.

    I think I wil try the concealed controls though, but they seem pricey for a small piece of plastic. Oh well we shall see.

    Happy New Year Guys and Gals. Stay safe and carry always.

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    I still have two magazines for my G27 with the Pearce +1 extensions on them. The rest are stock. I had five total with the extensions, but last year, and after comparing the length of grip with the G19/23, and shooting more without them, I gave the others away here on the forum for others to try. I now carry my G27 without the extensions, and carry the ones with for spares.

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    I use the Scherer extensions without altering the capacity. I tried the Pearce and for some reason they were pinching the bottom of my ring finger. Being that my G27 is my only handgun at the moment, its the only one I get to use at the range and its just too painful (the next day) to put a couple boxes of ammo down range without the extensions. I'm sure a lot of this has to do with my short fat hands.

    I do not need them to fire accurately but I have been carrying with them on since they have not caused any additional problems with concealment.
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    VIP Member Array gottabkiddin's Avatar
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    I got one of the Pearce +0 extensions on my spare mag when I bought my G26. After a day at the range and a few hundred rounds DR using both, the factory and the extended mag. I found that I shoot just as well with the factory mag, and with little to no muzzle flip, it's the stock mags for me. MYMV.

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    Senior Member Array kahrcarrier's Avatar
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    Don't care for the feel the baby GLOCKs, but am a fan of their compact and full size offerings.

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    I have Pierce extensions on all my G27 mags and feel that I have a better grip on the gun . I haven't noticed any conceal problems since the gun is worn pointed down, so the Pierce grip is also pointed down. I'll try a GAP extension and see how it works.

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    I did some comparison photos over a year ago on the grip length of a G19 and a G27 with the Pearce +1 pinkie extensions. No issue for me concealing either the compacts or the sub-compact Glocks, but to some it could make it or break it. Here's the G27 w/mag extensions over the top of the G19.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
    ...If you start adding those you wind up with a shortened G19/23.
    Sometimes, that is all I want.
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    I'm experimenting with +0 Pearce. Kind of like them so far, we'll see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nutz4utwo View Post
    Nah. Negative on the extensions. The whole point of a little pistol is for it to be little :)

    I do carry G19 mags though as spares...
    I fully agree with nutz4utwo. A baby Glock is a baby Glock. I also carry the longer G19 mags as spares. Hooah!
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