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This is a discussion on Baby Glock Magazine Extensions within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm currently using the Pearce +1's on 3 of my clips, and the Glock +2 on another; I think I'm gonna try out the GAP ...

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  • No.

    35 33.65%
  • Yes, the Pierce grip extension.

    32 30.77%
  • Yes, the Pierce grip extension with + loads.

    17 16.35%
  • Yes, with the GAP extension.

    16 15.38%
  • Yes, with another extension.

    4 3.85%
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Thread: Baby Glock Magazine Extensions

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    I'm currently using the Pearce +1's on 3 of my clips, and the Glock +2 on another; I think I'm gonna try out the GAP baseplates though.

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    have the pearce grip extension....not +2

    don't think it affects concealing for me or the wife (she carries it 99% of the time), just not an issue for us, I know others disagree but it all depends on carry method, holster, cant, body know...all the stuff we have to deal with in carrying

    I don't use the +2 extensions, if I did I would replace the mag springs with ones designed for use with the additional ammo capacity instead of using the stock springs with the additional space and 12 rounds, not much more expense to buy the springs for some dependability and not screw up the original springs

    I like the pearce grip extension with my hands, shoots great, the GAP plates don't look comfortable to me, to each his own
    the GAP plates wouldn't serve the purpose of the pearce grips for me....something for my pinky to grab onto
    just like everyone gets the gun that fits them, so goes the grips vs no grips

    no matter what you get make sure it doesn't adversely affect dependability, control, and your accuracy
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    I have tried the Glock +2 extensions for the G27, mainly to allow the little finger to grip something. They work fine, and 11 rounds in the mag is better than 9, but the extra length works against the primary purpose of the subcompact, namely being as small as possible. So I no longer use the extensions. For spare rounds, I carry 1 or 2 full-size magazines containing 15 rounds each, so I have plenty of rounds anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JerryM View Post
    It is easier to grip, but it adds to the length of the grip and makes concealment a little more difficult.

    Accordingly I do not use it.

    I use the pierce grip extension, and I don't feel that the ability to conceal is affected much, if any at all. I mean we are talking maybe a half-inch or less. When Im carrying my G26 IWB I am never uncomfortable and no one ever knows I am carrying. Maybe that has to do with my holster, but the extension does not impair my ability to conceal.

    I feel more comfortable in my grip of the gun with the Pierce Grip extensions attached. I also enjoy the extra rounds of ammo that it allows. No complaints at all from me.
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    I use the pearce grip extension on my glock 26 but only on one magazine. I find when i'm using my IWB holster it makes it easier to get a grip on the gun because it rides nice and low in the waistline. If my shirts seem tight or is prone to printing the flushed base helps keep the printing down to zero.
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    I have Pearce grip extensions on my G29 mags, and Pearce +1 extensions on my G33 mags. No problems concealing either for me.
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