Defensive hangun classes

Defensive hangun classes

This is a discussion on Defensive hangun classes within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'd like to consider myself a good consistant shot, relatively knowledgable about the types of guns that I shoot, and a good/responsible citizen worthy of ...

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Thread: Defensive hangun classes

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    Defensive hangun classes

    I'd like to consider myself a good consistant shot, relatively knowledgable about the types of guns that I shoot, and a good/responsible citizen worthy of holding a CCW. I get a lot of range time in and and am "mentally" on the defense. I HAVE NOT, however, attended any "formal" training in regards to defensive shooting techniques or tactical senerios. Doing so is one of my summer goals.

    Living in RI denies me easy access to popular schools like Thunder Ranch and others in that area. Do any of the members know of quality schools in or around New England? I am looking to seriously research any suggestions.

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    Welp, the SigArms Academy and LFI are located in NH. Both schools would be right up your alley in terms of Defensive Shooting schools. From RI, your only talking a couple hours or so of travel time. Very little time if you're looking to get some formal instruction and a coulpe of certs under your belt. My wife and I took the Handgun Intro class at Sig and I can recomend them 100%. Great class, great instruction, and a great firing ground makes Sig a hands down impressive place to get training. I haven't been to LFI (located in Dunbarton, NH), but from everyone I have talked to, it is also a very nice course to get into. It's taught by Massad Ayoob and a very high portion of the LFI-1 corse is devoted to range shooting and the thought process of SD encounters.
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    Try Smith And Wesson Academy in Springfield Ma.
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    Massad Ayoob's Lethal Force Institute classes came to my mind first. He has several classes, some of which are geared more towrd legal spects, some toward shooting, etc.

    His is a "traveling shool" and sets up at various places.
    Some others that do that are John Farnam's Defense Training International, and Louis Awerbuck's Yavapai Firearms Academy.

    I'm a Louis Awerbuck fan, and am lucky that he comes within 30 miles of me each year. I can't wait until August for this year's experience.

    Like you, I thought I could shoot pretty well, and had some mental aspects down. I had been shooting for 30 years, carried a handgun for at least 20, had won Highpower (rifle) matches and local Bowling Pin (handgun) shoots, and read every self defense shooting book I could get my hands on. But when I took my first class, I found that I didn't know much at all.
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    LFI 1 is excellent for the legalities as well as the shooting and safety aspects. Don't know about the others.

    Gabe Suarez runs a class in interactive gunfighting which is a real eye-opener, but I think LFI should be done first. Mas has a lot of excellent videos, some of which he uses in class. One reason for this is consistancy of presentation and a secondary reason is to, if necessary, have them introduced in evidence so that any jury that judges you will be run through LFI also.

    After that, go to Gabe's class. Reacting to an attack by the target rather than attacking the target in reaction to a buzzer is a whole different can of worms. ("Oh yeah! The gun won't fire if I don't disengage the safety! Oops!" - There won't be any "oops" in the real world). Gabe takes his classes on the road.
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    You've been missing out here. I'm in PRM and have attended 4 such classes in the past 2 years, all in Tyngsboro MA. Trainers that I have taken classes with are Jim Crews, Randy Cain and Gabe Suarez.

    Consider this an invitation to join us at a forum dedicated to those of us in the Northeast. go to the Training Forum and you'll see what's offered in our area for this year and next year. Jim Conway and a small group of his buddies are bringing these guys to our area each year. Disclaimer: I am a Moderator over at

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