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New Year's Reslolution: Lose weight so I can carry more

This is a discussion on New Year's Reslolution: Lose weight so I can carry more within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am 6'4" and go 305 lbs. I carry it well, but I am just tired of it....

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    Weight loss

    I am 6'4" and go 305 lbs.

    I carry it well, but I am just tired of it.

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    I did that a few years ago. I stuck to it and lost 160 pounds.

    I can tell you, the world is a much better place when you aren't fat anymore. It is MUCH easier to carry all day. It is MUCH easier to conceal my gun, even a BIG gun.

    Then there is the fact that everything is better. Sleep. No pain in the knees when walking. Easier to find clothes that fit.

    I wish you good luck and stick to it. The pay off is way sweeter than any cookie or sweet treat you can put in your mouth. I would much rather look and feel the way I do now that enjoy a momentary treat and gain a pound or two.
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    It was my goal after the holiday parties to lose as much weight as my wife has, but it seems I need to have knee surgery very soon first. As soon as that is taken care of, I will start cardio activities again. I intend to change my diet and do upper body weight training right away, though.

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    Last year I lost about 15 lbs I am a type 2 diabetic so its hard to eat food that has no carbs etc. in them, so I bought one of thoes Chianese bamboo steamers & steamed all of my meat, fish & veggies in it, at first it tasts like crap but adding a little of Mrs Dash spice on them changed the flavor of the food to taste better since the holidays I put the weight back on & I will start over again on the steaming program, once again. & get down to a more better weight

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    Well, I don't really like new years resolutions, because well, they're called resolutions and too many folks don't stick to them. Resolution begins with RESOLUTE; firmly resolved, immutable.

    As for the actual "gut" loss, start simple. If you're being honest and you're out of shape, start with the basics, ie walking. Lots of running etc... early on will kill your knees if you've got a lot of extra weight(personal experience in this department).

    After a couple of weeks of regular say hour long walking, start throwing in some BASIC weight training, not hardcore, just start light and work your way back up. You'll know when to step things up, things that were harder, are now manageable(notice I didn't say easy). As things progress you'll find that the walking wont be enough and you'll have to start jogging short distances, and eventually longer. If you can get your weight down to a manageable level and your joints aren't shot you could start looking into something like a Crossfit type of routine and then you'll really start cutting it up. But don't start something like Crossfit unless you're already at a manageable level(like 20-30 lbs overweight), your knees etc... are ok, and you have regular checkups with your doc.

    That said...I'm on board for dropping 20 lbs. At 6'1 and 212-215 lbs(I flip flop), I clearly need to get my butt back in gear again, but I can't really run much anymore since my knees are pretty well shot, so I'm going to have to stick with day hiking and weight lifting. I may start back into something like crossfit once spring rolls back around.
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    I put on a few pounds during the winter months. I just call it my winter coat. It's getting more difficult to function like I did a few years back and losing the pounds seems to take longer too. Dang! Gettin older, I gotta make it to 2012 though.
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    My New Years resolution is to loose weight by watching more TV exercise programs

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    Hey Y'all: Weight is always open for discussion and resolutions. Per the purpose of this forum, I hope that thru this forum, the good advice I can glean from some obviously very knowledgeable and experienced CCW forum members, enhanced experience with all my firearms, and my ability to convince myself that I must remain a little calmer and mild manner as I go about my daily life knowing that I have the ability to injure someone severely, if not permanently, will make me a more responsible and capable individual in the rather difficult society we all find ourselves in today. Happy New Year to y'all and the hope that all we ever do is sit at a computer and write about "things".

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    well I SHOULD lose weight....but in the meantime..Perry suspenders for me,and pocket carry.I even got a"dress" pair of Perry's for church.
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    I've had the same New Year's resolution (to lose weight) every year of my adult life. I wish you better success at your efforts than I've had with mine!

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    Like TN_Mike, I was fat and lost the weight. If you're obese, you're far more likely to have your lifespan shortened by the attendant health issues than by not having a loaded gun on your person. Do the math.

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    I would like to lose some weight, make IWB easier. I also resolve to limit future firearms purchases to calibers I already posses. Running out of storage space for ammo.
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    I also don’t have a gut, but its not because of good health; rather its because I have my mothers’ high-strung metabolism. Of course, a reasonable low-fat, moderate carb diet certainly helps.

    However, I do believe in New Years resolutions! Any form of positive motivation is always a good thing! Ask any military leader, sports coach, or teacher and they will agree.

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    I have intentions of being healthier next year than I am this year. Last year 06/09/09 my wife and I quit smoking. It seems as if since them I have added a few pounds. I have gained an additional 10% of the weight I was when I quit. I am begining to get a belly which bothers me I come from a long line of alcoholic with beer guts. I dont drink so I dont want a gut another topic. Anyway. I have already increased pants sizes once. I am almost to the point of doing it again. My wife says the easiest way to loose an inch or two is to not carry my 26 IWB. I guess what Im babbling about it. I find it silly to take care of my weapon and train with it and rely on it to protect my family and myself yet I dont take care of me. Seriously I spend countless hours on gun boards and shooting and training etc to take care of my family and so I dont get killed. Yet I turn around an ingest junk that clogs my body what am I thinking. I must begin to exercise more and eat better. Im no good to anyone dead. thanks for letting me babble.

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    I'm going on "the commercial TV gut busters" program

    when I do watch TV, everytime a commercial comes on, I do 10 crunches and 10 leg lifts.

    My gut may not go away to fast, but it should be be rock hard by the end of the month

    There is nothing wrong with adding weight, as long as it's muscle weight, not fat weight

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