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Carrying someone else's handgun?

This is a discussion on Carrying someone else's handgun? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by rottkeeper Correct.... You must have it added before you can even pick it up from the dealer or private seller. That stinks. ...

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Thread: Carrying someone else's handgun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rottkeeper View Post
    Correct.... You must have it added before you can even pick it up from the dealer or private seller.
    That stinks. I'm glad VA has fairly reasonable gun laws. So if you have 10 handguns, you have to have them all listed to carry them? Is there a limit? What if you are a gun collector and have hundreds of handguns? Sorry for playing 20 questions...I'm just curious.
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    I actually called the CT Department of Safety about this question. My wife also has her CCW, but all of the guns are registered under me. They basically said that you can carry any legal handgun, but could the owner could be held liable/responsible if a crime was committed with it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sharpetop View Post
    You are good to go as long as the handgun is legally in your possesion. This is stated on your Indiana LTCH.
    At one time in Indiana this wasn't the case, you could only carry what was listed on your permit. I still have one of my Dad's old permits, and it cost a whopping $1 (course a buck wasn't easy to come by in 1944).
    Thank God times have changed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hellhound94 View Post
    ...Ohio gun laws, in general, are definitely easier to live with when compared to NIGHBORING states.
    No disrespect is intended as opinions are just opinions and you're certainly entitled to yours, but you must still be looking at some REALLY strange sort of map, indeed, if it doesn't show that Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia border Ohio!

    More likely though,you know very little about THEIR concealed carry laws in making that kind of comparison.

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    In my state it says nothing of the sort regarding carrying someone else's gun. If you are legal CWP you are legal. But common sense tells me no, I probably don't know someone else's gun. So I don't do that, for even more reasons than I will go into here, like what if it's stolen???

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    In SC you can carry any gun if you have a CWP and can conceal it.
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    My son and his family live in IN...if you are legal to carry, it can be any firearm...not necessarily yours.
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    In California we can only carry what is on our permits. We can only have 3 guns on our permits so if we decide to change we need to make an appointment with the sheriff's department, take the gun in for them to do their check, and then get a different ccw card that indicates which guns I can carry.

    I'm jealous of some of the other states rules!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockStrongo View Post
    So, if you go out and purchase a new handgun, you need to go have your permit updated to reflect that new weapon prior to carrying it?
    Worse than that.
    I lived in NY State a while back, and this is how it was back then. I can't imagine the state of victim ready making it any easier for an honest citizen to protect his family and himself.
    If you buy a new handgun, the seller (shop) will give you a bill of sale, noting your permit number, serieal, etc of the gun. You pay for it there. Then, you fill out a form and attach a copy of the B O S to it, and send it into the county judge.
    After its approved (don't ask) they send you a permit adenda with a tear off stub for the seller. When presenting this stub, then, and only then, can you posses the gun.
    In my 4 years in NY state, I carried the permit and 4 addendas because I traded guns a few times.

    You must have :the original permit and the addenda(s) for the gun(s) you have with you, even if they are in a range bag

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